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7 Things To Consider When Planning An Air Conditioner Installation | New Orleans, LA

7 Things To Consider When Planning An Air Conditioner Installation | New Orleans, LA

Summer in New Orleans, LA, is very hot, with the average temperature reaching 90 degrees and higher. In addition, New Orleans is ranked as the American city with the highest relative humidity, making it feel a lot hotter than it actually is. Because it gets so hot during the summer, most people feel they need an air conditioner..

If you’re currently using window units to cool your home, you might want to consider a central air conditioner installation to make your life easier. Although window units can keep certain rooms in your house cool, they can also be inconvenient in several ways.

  • The units need to be installed at the beginning of the cooling season and removed at the end of the cooling season. Window units are heavy, and installing and removing them can be difficult.
  • You’ll need to find space in your home to store the indoor units, and if you live in a small house, this can be challenging.
  • Window units are designed to cool just one room, and you’ll need multiple air conditioners to keep the main living areas cool.
  • The doors need to stay closed when the window units run, making you feel cut off from the rest of your family. If you’re trying to cool the kitchen or living room and there isn’t a door, you’ll need to hang a sheet or blanket to keep the room cool.
  • You can’t open certain windows when it’s unseasonably cool to air out your home because of the window unit.
  • Window units tend to be loud when they run.

Central air conditioning keeps your entire house cool without closing doors, and you won’t have to worry about installation and removal every year. Also, central air units are whisper quiet, and you won’t need storage space.

Before an AC Installation, There Are Several Things You Should Consider.

#1 Budget

The first thing to consider before an air conditioner installation is your budget. You have to decide how much money you can spend before you start shopping around for air conditioners. You’ll need to include the cost of labor to install the system and any necessary ductwork and repairs. If you aren’t sure how much these things will cost, a professional in AC installation can help.

#2 Size

When planning an air conditioner installation, you need to consider the size of the unit and the size of your home. The size of the unit is essential to ensure it will fit in the area you plan to have it installed. Next, you need to consider the size of your house. If you choose an air conditioner that’s too small for the square footage, it won’t cool your home effectively. If you select a unit that’s too large for the square footage, it will cycle too frequently and won’t remove the humidity effectively.

If you need help figuring out the best size unit for your home, a professional in air conditioner installation can help.

#3 Quality

You may be tempted to choose the least expensive unit to save money; however, this isn’t always the best idea. Cheaper units are often of lower quality, often break down, and won’t last as long as a high-quality unit.

A professional in AC installation in New Orleans, LA, can help you find an affordable quality unit that won’t take too much for your budget.

#4 Energy Consumption

The cost to run the air conditioner is something you need to consider before an air conditioner installation. Some air conditioners consume more energy than others, and the EER rating will give you an idea. The rating ranges from 8 to 11.5, with 11.5 providing the most energy efficiency. Units with a lower EER rating are less expensive but consume less energy, saving money on your energy bills.

#5 Choosing the Locations

You have to choose the locations for the indoor and outdoor units before an air conditioner installation. Selecting a spot for the indoor unit is relatively easy, and most homeowners install the indoor units in the basement. If you don’t have a basement, a professional in AC installation can help you select a spot.

The outdoor compressor must be installed close to the house, and shaded areas are best. If the sun beats down on the compressor, it can overheat, causing the system to shut down. It would be best if you also tried to find a spot away from trees and bushes to prevent branches and debris from getting into the compressor’s fan.

#6 Ductwork

If there’s never been a central air conditioning system in your New Orleans, LA home, the tech will have to install the ductwork during the air conditioner installation. The installation will increase the final cost significantly and can take one to four days, depending on the size of your home.

If the former owners had central air, but the units have since been removed, the tech can inspect the air ducts for any damage and reseal the ducts to prevent leaks. This is less expensive than installing new ductwork and doesn’t take nearly as long.

#7 Maintenance

The tech will discuss routine maintenance when the AC installation is complete. It’s essential to maintain the unit every year before the cooling season begins to ensure it runs as efficiently as possible. In addition, a minor issue can be detected before escalating to something serious that could cause a complete breakdown when you need the air conditioner the most.

Call bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans

If you plan to install central air conditioning in your home and need a professional in air conditioner installation, call bluefrog Home Service of New Orleans. We’re a full-service plumbing company, serving customers in New Orleans for years.

Our HVAC techs are professionally trained and licensed and can work with you during every phase of the installation process. They also have the knowledge and experience to handle all HVAC services, including maintenance and repair.

To speak with a tech about a new air conditioner installation or schedule an appointment for any other HVAC service, give us a call today.

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