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5 Methods A Plumber Can Use To Repair Leaky PVC Pipes In Residential Properties

5 Methods A Plumber Can Use To Repair Leaky PVC Pipes In Residential Properties

Almost every homeowner will have to deal with a plumbing leak at one time. If you live in any house for some time, there’s a high likelihood you’ll experience a leak. Irrespective of where they occur, water leaks are aggravating, inconvenient, and, more often, costly to the homeowner.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipes are known for their durability and lightweight properties, making them a sustainable solution for plumbing, irrigation, and sewage. These pipes are usually white or cream and connected with couplings and solvent cement, which melt the surface layer of the material, bonding it together.

Most commonly, PVC is used as drain piping because of its affordability and ease of use. However, a broken PVC pipe will leak and malfunction. For example, if the pipe bursts below your sink, call a professional plumber immediately to investigate the issue.

PVC pipes may leak due to several reasons. Some common causes of leaky PVC pipes include:

  • Freezing temperatures: Even though PVC is resistant to freezing, it can still become fragile and malfunction under extremely cold temperatures. If you live in such climates, consider insulating the pipes to prevent them from freezing and bursting.
  • Improper installation: A PVC fitting improperly installed on the joining pipe can cause a leak to form. Water can seep through because of loose-fitting.
  • Wrong adhesive material: Using incorrect PVC cement can result in your pipes failing prematurely. Thus, when buying adhesive glue for your PVC pipes, ensure to double-check the label to ascertain that it’s designed for use with PVC. But again, even if you choose the correct glue, it will still deteriorate with time, calling for a repair.

There are two approaches plumbing contractors can take to address PVC damages. They can choose to repair the existing pipe to bring the leak under control. But if the damage is substantial, they may recommend pipe replacement. Various methods can be employed in fixing PVC pipe leaks in homes.

From fiberglass and rubber tape to epoxy putty and hose clamps, here is a detailed overview of each method.

1. Epoxy Putty

Repair epoxy is typically a viscous liquid or putty that can be used to fix leaks in PVC pipes and their joints. Essentially, epoxy putty plugs the crack, leak, or hole in the damaged pipe to create a new surface.

Just like with fiberglass wrap, the plumbing technician has to clean the affected area of the PVC first before repairing the pipe or joint. In most cases, the epoxy cures after a few minutes, after which the plumber can test the seal by letting water move through the pipe.

2. Fiberglass Resin Tape

Fiberglass resin tape or cloth is best suited for temporarily repairing a leaky PVC pipe to slow the damage. The fiberglass tape slows the leaking through a water-activated resin that hardens around the pipe after application.

Before applying the tape onto the pipe, the plumber will clean the damaged area using a damp rag, then wrap the tape around the area while it’s still wet. They’ll have to let the resin harden for about 15 minutes.

The advantage of this method is it’s relatively cheap and offers a quick installation over actively leaking PVC pipes. However, on the downside, this technique has poor adhesion properties. This may translate into more frequent repairs, costing you a lot of money in the long run.

3. Silicone Repair Tape

Silicone repair tape is a suitable solution for small repairs. It involves using rubber to seal leaks in a pipe. Like fiberglass resin tape, silicone repair tape includes a roll that can be wound around the affected PVC pipe.

But the difference is the tape adheres directly to itself instead of the pipe. Since the repair tape uses compression to cure a leak, your plumbing tech must test the pipe after repair to confirm the wrap is secure before you can start using the pipes again.

4. Hose Clamps

Hose clamps are an excellent option for fixing smaller leaks on small-diameter PVC piping. This pipe repair method utilizes compression to mend a leak like rubber and silicone repair tape. However, this only serves as a temporary repair solution, and you may need to schedule another repair too soon.

5. Pipe Burst Tape

This type of silicone repair tape exerts pressure and creates an air-tight seal between the pipe and the tape. This may amount to a near-permanent repair in some instances.

6. Pipe Replacement

Sometimes, the damage due to your PVC pipe can be beyond repair. In such a case, you must remedy the situation by installing a new pipe.

Avoid Costly Leaks By Contacting bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans, LA.

Are your indoor PVC pipes leaking? Or do you suspect sneaky leaks somewhere in your plumbing? A one-time call to bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans, LA, is all you need. Our leak detection and repair service team is ready to act and get your plumbing system back in order.

We offer affordable emergency plumbing solutions for burst pipes and sewer backups for residential and commercial properties in our service area. If you want to learn more or request a service quote, call us now!


The repair methods discussed in this blog will be useful for other pipes in low-pressure applications, such as PEX and ABS. Fixing your leaky PVC pipes in time is vital to avoid potential water damage in your home. Leaks can cause a spike in your monthly water bill and offer a favorable environment for mold or mildew to grow.

You certainly don’t want the issue to reach that point. So pay close attention to signs of a leaky pipe and contact a licensed plumber immediately for help. Don’t take the costly DIY route for your peace’s sake.

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How a Professional Plumber Can Help Maintain Your Drainage System

How a Professional Plumber Can Help Maintain Your Drainage System

Plumbing systems usually develop problems and stress out homeowners. The bathroom, kitchen, and toilet sinks start draining slower and may eventually block. Drains are crucial to removing waste and excess water from our homes and, therefore, should be maintained. Professional plumbing maintenance helps keep drains clear and in functional condition. To get the best plumbing service, ensure you choose an expert.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Plumbing Service Provider

To ensure better results, working on plumbing systems requires professionals. When you hire a professional plumbing contractor, you get to enjoy the following benefits:

You Save Money

Employing unqualified workers or working on your plumbing systems alone doesn’t provide effective solutions. As a result, the problems may worsen and cost more to fix. Hiring a professional contractor will save you money through quality services that prevent further damage. You’ll also not have to buy or hire work equipment since they have their own tools.

You Can Focus On Other Important Tasks

Fixing plumbing problems takes time, and that’s where a plumbing contractor saves you. The company assumes full responsibility for the repair and maintenance. This allows you to centralize your focus on other crucial matters like managing your business, spending time with your family, or gardening.

Your Property Is Protected

We often want to maintain plumbing systems to promote home value. The contractor covers the repairs through insurance if something goes wrong during the plumbing process. Professionals deliver permanent solutions, thereby eliminating the need for repeated fixes.

Detailed Diagnosis

A professional has the expertise to identify your plumbing issues and give you a detailed report. They also come up with error-free solutions skillfully executed. If your system has any other minor issues, you might have missed, a professional can identify them, and you can get them fixed before they worsen.

Access to Expert Advice and Recommendations

A professional always provides helpful insight regarding your plumbing system. These helpful tips play a considerable role in helping you maintain your system. Proper maintenance results in less damage and fewer repairs or replacements.

Tips for Choosing a Professional Plumbing Contractor

Hurriedly choosing a company to fulfill your plumbing needs may later result in more problems. You should choose a trustworthy expert that offers long-term results. Here are some tips to help you choose the right plumber:

Ensure the Contractor Is Licensed and Insured

Qualified licensed professionals ensure that you receive the highest workmanship standards. A license indicates that the service provider is well-trained and qualified. Dealing with an unlicensed plumber has too many risks and uncertainties. Licensed contractors know how to operate various types of equipment to get the job done right.

Ask How Long They Have Been Operating

Excellent services require a plumber who has reasonable experience working in the industry. Companies that have operated for a long time tend to employ highly qualified professionals to attend to clients. An employee with some years of experience has coped with many tasks and is less likely to fail to handle a difficult situation. Employees at bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans, LA, are knowledgeable and have experience in the plumbing field.

Inquire About Written Estimates

Written estimates allow you to see what you’re being charged for. A reputable contractor will assess your system before giving you a detailed estimate. This allows you to choose a contractor you’re financially prepared to work with. Ensure to ask whether the estimates combine labor and material costs. You also need to know a company handles unforeseen issues that may arise. An estimate in writing greatly helps to avoid misunderstandings.

Check Reviews and References

Most companies have a website where you can check out customer reviews. The internet usually intimidates a business to be transparent in service delivery. A quick Google search reveals past customer experience; therefore, most companies strive to get positive reviews. Reaching out to references gives you a view of the contractor’s quality of work. At bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans, LA, you are assured of high-quality services, as testified by past clients.

Compare Competition

Choosing a company that delivers more than others in the industry is essential. If a company has received awards voted by the industry and its clients, it’s a good company. You should also consider a company that participates in the community or shares its knowledge online.

Check Their Response to Emergency

Plumbing systems may experience problems when you least expect them. For this, you need an always-available professional, day or night. In case of flooding at your house during weekends or holidays, the company should have standby personnel ready to help you. The company should offer a means of contacting them during emergencies, and staff should always be available to pick up the calls.


It’s more convenient to hire a locally available contractor. You can easily visit their office for more engaging communication when you need them. Also, during an emergency, it’s easier for a company within your area to reach you quickly. Local plumbers are also more conversant with the local plumbing systems since most plumbing systems in an area are similar. Local customers rely on bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans, LA, for quality plumbing services.

Background Checks

The right plumbing company should not only fix the problem but also check the entire plumbing system in your house. This will help ensure that there’s no impending problem. Clients of bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans, LA, benefit from thorough system checks done by the company.

A Well-Maintained Website

A company website is often the first point of contact between a company and its clients. You should choose a company with an informative website, with information about business hours and their services. The presence of an informative website shows that a company cares for its clients and is transparent about its services.

Our company, bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans, LA, offers high-quality plumbing services. We have experts that are qualified to provide you with excellent customer service. We quickly respond to local customers and offer effective plumbing services. For more information, visit our website or call us today.

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Proven Plumbing Tips That Prevent You From Calling An Emergency Plumber

Proven Plumbing Tips That Prevent You From Calling An Emergency Plumber

All homeowners want to save money on their plumbing, and thankfully we have just the right tips for you. Read this article for proven plumbing tips that lets you avoid a costly plumbing emergency. Feel free to get in touch with an emergency plumber if you have more questions.

Helpful Tips for Homeowners

Below are the proven tips that ensure you get to avoid costly water damage. We’ve put this list together because we understand how expensive plumbing repairs can get, especially when it involves leaks. Read the tips below to prevent water damage.

Protect the Pipes at All Costs

The plumbing pipes carry your water, and when they break, it’s going to be a very big and stressful problem on your part. Not to mention expensive. So the first thing that you need to do is secure your pipes. Are they well insulated? Were they properly installed? How old are your pipes?

When winter comes, all homeowners must take time to protect their pipes so that they don’t freeze and cause a lot of damage. All you need is to just to insulate all exposed pipes outside and inside your home. Include pipes installed in the basement. If you don’t insulate or protect them, these pipes can actually expand and burst. When this happens, you can expect a fortune in repairs and restoration costs. Flowing water can also prevent water from freezing, so you might want to slightly open your faucets to let warm water flow through the pipes. Don’t turn off your heating as well so that your entire home stays warm. The heated air can also help warm the pipes.

If you have older pipes at home, consider calling an emergency plumber for an inspection. It would be helpful if you can replace old pipes with modern ones as the latter are less susceptible to damage and rust. Don’t attempt to replace these pipes by yourself, though. Always get professional installation.

In addition, we suggest you also periodically check your water pressure and ensure they’re at normal levels. It should be between 40 and 60 PSI. Low water pressure (lower than 40 PSI) can indicate a leak in your plumbing. You need professional leak detection so that a plumber can locate the leak and fix it for you. For high water pressure (above 60 PSI), get a water pressure to correct the problem. Otherwise, it’s going to really strain the pipes and cause a lot of damage. Get in touch with an emergency plumber if you still need more assistance.

You can also protect the pipes by avoiding chemical-based drain cleaners. These types of cleaners are bad news for the pipes. They don’t just damage the pipes, using these cleaners may also harm you if you’re not careful. An alternative to a chemical-based drain cleaner is vinegar and baking soda. Better yet, why not get professional drain cleaning services to ensure your drains are clean and healthy?

Protect the Water Heater Tank

A leaky water heater tank that’s stored in the basement is a major plumbing emergency. The first thing you need to do when this happens is to not panic. Instead, turn off the water and drain the water heater as well to prevent further damage to the plumbing. And then the next step is to call a licensed plumber to check on your unit and fix the problem.

Leaky water heater tanks are usually caused by sediment that has built up inside the water heater. You need to get rid of this sediment build-up, or it’s going to cause a lot of problems, not just leaks. When it accumulates, your tank will have less space for hot water, which means you might lose hot water constantly or the water will start to fluctuate, causing a lot of frustrations. And keep in mind that inefficient water heaters will also consume a lot of energy, so you might end up with higher utility bills.

You can get rid of sediment buildup by draining the tank. All you need is to remove all its water content. Ideally, you should do this once a year but more than once if you have hard water in your plumbing (sediment will build up faster with higher levels of hard water in your plumbing). If you never drain the water heater tank and sediment stays inside the tank, it’s going to also eventually damage the tank. It will start to leak water, and you’ll have to completely replace this. It’s going to cost you a lot of money. To prevent this from happening, take the time to maintain the water heater. Adhere to your schedule.

Better, call licensed professionals to check on your unit. Regular checkups can help you avoid problems that will cost an arm and a leg. For those who want to avoid leaks in the basement, though, another option would be to install a tankless water heater. Talk to us so we can educate you more.

Contact bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans, LA Today

Do you need an emergency plumber for your home or place of business? We’re always available to help. As a plumbing company committed to top-notch plumbing service, bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans, LA, can assure you that our team will do all repairs promptly and permanently. We have all the tools we need to ensure all issues are fixed, and your plumbing is in excellent shape. We offer a lot of residential and commercial plumbing services including leak detection, professional drain cleaning, and routine plumbing inspections.

Feel free to get in touch with us today or contact us to set an appointment. We are always happy to help you anytime.

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Reasons You Are Hiring A Plumber Frequently to Fix A Leaking Water Softener

Reasons You Are Hiring A Plumber Frequently to Fix A Leaking Water Softener

Water softeners are vital appliances in most households as they help to remove the impurities in hard water, leaving it soft and safe to use. However, despite their importance, these systems can malfunction and cause regular water leaks on your property. A leaky water softener can lead to significant losses, especially if the leakage is not resolved timely. That’s why you might hire a plumber frequently to fix the issue. But why does your water softener keep springing leaks even after numerous fixes? This blog post explores some common reasons you have recurring repairs on your water softener due to leaks.

A Punctured Brine Tank

If the water softener leaks from the bottom, it indicates that the brine tank has an issue. The brine tank holds the salt used to regenerate the resin beds. If the brine tank is punctured, water and salt can leak and damage the surrounding area. Call a plumber to address the issue immediately if you suspect the brine tank is punctured. Avoid trying DIY methods trying to fix the leak, as you might cause more damage. For example, most homeowners are always tempted to use epoxy to contain the leak. However, this is only a short-time remedy, and it can accelerate your unit to malfunction.

A punctured brine tank may sometimes indicate a problem with the water softener’s overall functionality. For instance, if the tank is overfilled, it may put more pressure on it and cause it to puncture. In this case, you will have to adjust the water softener’s settings.

Damaged or Worn-Out O-Ring in the Bypass Valve

The bypass valve is a water softener component that lets you control the water flow through the system. It has O-rings that create a tight seal that prevents water from leaking from the valve. As the water softener comes to the end of its life (which is between 10-15 years), the O-rings become worn out or damaged, causing leaks. If you notice water leaking from the bypass valve, call a plumbing professional to inspect the O-rings for any signs of damage. The expert can replace the O-rings to prevent further leaks if they are damaged. They should lubricate your O-rings occasionally to remain in good condition.

Worn-out Rotor Valve

If your water softener leaks from the top, there are a few culprits, one being a worn-out rotor valve. A rotor valve is the water source of the water softener and helps control the regeneration process. If your water softener is outdated or experiencing some damage, it can cause the valve to crack and leak. If your water softener is leaking, inspect the rotor valve for any signs of damage. Sometimes, the damage may be visible from the outside of the valve, while in some cases, your plumber will have to disassemble the valve for proper inspection.

If the rotor valve is seriously damaged, it must be replaced immediately to prevent further leaks and restore your water softener’s efficiency. Because inspecting or replacing the rotor valve can be complicated, it is good to seek expert help.

Leaking Drain Line

A water softener’s drain line runs near the top of the unit or further up. It will be hard to miss when your water softener leaks from the drain line. If the drain line is clogged, it causes issues with the regeneration process and puts too much pressure on the water softener, leading to leaks.

When a drain line is clogged, the plumbing might have an issue. If a drain line is not installed properly, it could cause leaks and wastewater backflow into the water softener. This will contaminate the system and damage the softening resin. To prevent issues with the drain line, contact a plumbing professional to install it properly. Also, your professional can ensure it is free from clogs or obstructions. In addition, regular maintenance and cleaning will help prevent clogs and other issues with the drain line.

Leaking Water Softener Hose

With proper maintenance, a water softener hose can last for years. However, as with all water softener components, the hose can wear down over time. If the hose leaks due to old age, damage, or excessive pressure, you must hire a plumber to repair or replace it. A leaking hose allows unsoftened water to bypass the resin bed and enter your home’s plumbing system, leading to scale build-up in your fixtures and appliances. It is crucial to have the hose and other connections inspected regularly to enable the water softener to work smoothly. Regular inspections allow minor issues to be spotted and fixed before damaging your water softener.

Should I Get a New Water Softener for My Home?

If your water softener is over 10 or 15 years old and experiencing leak issues, it might be time to replace it. Old water softeners tend to leak more than newer models. If your water softener is old, it will need frequent repairs or become more expensive to maintain. Purchasing a new water softener will save you water, use less salt, and improve the performance of your plumbing appliances and fixtures. However, if you have a newer model experiencing leaks, call a professional to repair it, as there might be something wrong with one of the components.

If Your Water Softener Is Leaking, Call the Professionals to Fix It

Always avoid fixing a leaking water softener, which might cause other problems. Dealing with cracked resin and brine tanks, worn-out O-rings, and damaged rotor valves are the repairs you should leave to an expert. If you need your leaking water softener fixed, call us today at bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans, LA. We have qualified experts who know how to inspect and repair leaking water softeners to prevent further damage. Our experts can do it all, whether it is a clogged drain line, replacing the resin tank, tightening connections, or replacing faulty valves.

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10 Concerning Signs You Need a Professional Drain Cleaning Service

10 Concerning Signs You Need a Professional Drain Cleaning Service

Your home drainage system is crucial in ensuring a comfortable and safe environment. A well-performing drainage system that flushes out wastes from toilets and sinks prevents water and moisture from seeping into your home. Although they are designed to withstand constant flushing for waste disposal, drains can get clogged causing inconveniences and serious health hazards. If it has been a while since you have had a drain cleaning or are experiencing slow drains, the time to service your drains is long overdue. A professional drain cleaning service can help remove blockages and clear clogs and backups.

Here are some signs you need a professional drain cleaning service.

Foul smell

If you notice a strange smell from your drains, contact a professional to clean your system. Bad smells are typically caused by a build-up of food particles, soap scum, and grease deep inside the drains. Strong odors could also emanate from a sewer line backup or decomposing matter in your trap. A foul smell can make using your sink, bathtub, and shower difficult. Besides, the gases coming up through your drain may cause a bad taste in your mouth and other health problems such as nausea and headaches. A professional drain cleaning company will promptly identify the source of the odors and fix the issue.

Slow drains

Does your water take unusually long to drain? Slow drains are a common issue caused by a blockage. Experienced plumbers will clear the blockage and prevent any further issues. The professionals leverage small cameras to inspect the drain and pinpoint the exact place of the blockage. They will then deploy hydro jetters to blast through the blockage and clear the drains.

Gurgling noises

Strange sounds and gurgling noises deep inside your pipes are a sign there is something wrong with your drains. Gurgling sounds occur when something is preventing water or air from flowing through the drains. As air travels through the pipes, air bubbles form, creating a gurgling sound. If something is blocking your pipes, the sink, toilet, or shower drains will make that gurgling sound. Call a professional plumber to assess your plumbing system and fix it.

Standing water

A slow drain will ultimately cause your water to pool or stand in the sink, washing machine, or shower. This issue is caused by clogs that create tight blockage inside the pipe where little or no water passes. Unlike slow drains, standing water is a more severe problem that may cause slip-and-fall accidents and mold growth. Stagnant water also carries foul odors that spread into the bathtub, shower, and even your living room. Apart from polluting the air, smells can cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems once inhaled.

Increase in fruit flies

The foul smell from your drains attracts flies and other bugs into your home. Fruit flies, in particular, are a severe issue that catapults overnight. If you notice a sudden increase in fruit flies, it is a sign of a massive build-up of food waste inside your drains. Hire a drain cleaning service to clean the drains and eliminate the flies effectively.

Puddles in the backyard

For many homeowners, connecting puddles that form in the backyard with problems in the drain systems is hard. However, this issue could be a sign of a clogged drain system that requires professional plumbers’ attention. Inspect your backyard regularly and mentally note where puddles usually form and where they don’t. If you notice unusual puddles, take it as a sign and call a professional drain cleaning service right away. Puddles in the backyard are usually caused by debris such as sticks, twigs, and leaves that get stuck inside to cause blockage. If not fixed, it can cause significant damage to your home foundation and your landscape.

Your toilet is backing up

If your toilet is backing up or flushing slowly, it could be due to blockage from things that get flushed down. Paper towels, sanitary wipers, and napkins don’t break down quickly, and when these items are flushed, they may get caught on tree roots in the sewer line to cause a blockage. Call a professional to clear the blockage and restore the ultimate functioning of your drains. They have top-notch tools and equipment to complete the job efficiently and quickly.

Rust builds up in your drains and toilet bowls

With time, natural minerals in the water start accumulating on the pipes’ surfaces, especially at the joints and bend. These minerals cause rust, especially in homes with iron pipes with ferrous ions. When the iron is exposed to saltwater and humidity, rust forms in metal drain pipes. Rust is a major reason behind the clogging of drains. Iron cavorts in pipes form bio-films that cause blockage and create perfect ground for pathogen growth. If you notice discolored water from your taps, rust is accumulated inside your drains.

Low water pressure

If you turn on the faucet or shower and the water pressure is low, it is a sign of clogged drains. Apart from causing untold inconveniences, low water pressure can damage your plumbing system if not resolved quickly. Don’t attempt to fix the issue on your own. A professional drain cleaning company leverages modern equipment such as drain snakes and cameras to clear the clog and restore normal water within no time.

Rising water bills

A dramatic increase in water bills may be a sign of a plumbing leak. Leaks can occur in fugitive locations, including underground or behind walls. Inspect your drainage system for stains, low water pressure, or running water sounds. If there are signs of leaks, call a plumber to find the source and fix the problem.

Get in Touch With Professional Drain Cleaning Solutions

Your drains’ daily performance indicates your plumbing system’s overall health and functioning. If you notice any warning signs mentioned above, call a professional plumber from bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans, LA, to resolve the issue and prevent more damage to your home. Our licensed and insured technicians leverage their vast experience and top-notch equipment to quickly and effectively clear your clogged or blocked drain. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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