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4 Signs You Need A Drain Cleaning Service

4 Signs You Need A Drain Cleaning Service

Coming home to a clogged floor drain is literally no one’s definition of a good time. No one wants to deal with cleaning sewage off their floor or calling a sewage company, which is why it is better to stay ahead of the curve with proactive drain cleaning. Many people find that a scheduled drain cleaning service is the best way to deal with stubborn clogs or plumbing bellies that might result in back-ups. Sewage is simply a part of owning a home, but mastering the natural sewage flow of your home can help save you from a lot of stinky situations.

So what does mastering your sewage system look like? Well, it involves recognizing that there are sometimes factors that are outside of your control. For instance, if you have a large tree in your front yard and the roots are invading your sewer main, there is not a lot you can do about it. Even if you paid thousands of dollars and had the tree removed from your yard its roots would live for many more years and continue to cause problems. This is where using the information you have can be to your advantage.

As noted, you cannot do anything about the tree that is causing the issues, but you can do something about the problem. You can talk to a drain cleaning service about the problem and get on a recommended maintenance schedule so that you snake the drain and prevent a full blockage. By cleaning it out periodically and removing small roots, you don’t have to deal with a clog that is so large that your sewage is sitting on the floor of your first floor. Everyone can benefit from avoiding that scenario.

Of course, this is just one way of many that you can experience drain issues. When most people think about drain blockages they automatically think about their sewer line, but every drain in your home can clog if you don’t have healthy drain habits. You might notice a drain that is starting to drain slowly or start to smell sewage coming out of your kitchen sink. All of these are signs that there is a clog that is going to drive sewage up your line eventually. The trick is learning to recognize these signs so that you can do something about them in advance.

While a plumber can help you solve a lot of these problems, they can only help you if you call them out to your home. Therefore, the key to avoiding a messy drain issue is knowing the right time to call a plumber. To help make that process a little easier, we have created a list of the four biggest signs that you need to call a drain cleaning service. If you recognize any of the signs on this list, make sure you reach out for help to avoid a messy disaster down the road.

Water is Starting to Pool

One big sign that there is a hidden partial obstruction buried deep in your drain is if you notice that water is starting to pool around your feet while you take a shower or in the drain while you are brushing your teeth or washing your face in the morning. Water that is pooling signals that the water cannot drain out of your sink or bath as fast as it comes in. This is a significant issue, and it won’t go away on its own. What it will do is eventually seal off completely leaving you with a full sink or bath which then turns into an emergency instead of just an annoyance.

Sewage Smells from Your Drains

Another clear sign that something is going on with your drains is a sewage smell wafting out of them. What you actually are smelling is the bacteria that is sitting in a clog. Many people think that they can wash bleach or citrus peels down their sink to counteract this smell, but until you deal with the partial clog the sewage smells will persist. Masking the problem does not solve the problem, so instead of concentrating on the smell, concentrate on what the smell is trying to tell you.

Gurgling Noises from Drains

Finally, if you notice gurgling noises coming from your drains or notice that your drains are starting to bubble, this is a big sign that you have a partial blockage in your drains. This is not something that you want to ignore as it indicates that trapped water is able to bubble upwards. Get it checked out before the water is trapped for good and neither air nor water can escape down your pipes.

Visible Signs of Sewage

Sometimes despite your best efforts you can have a sewage backup, which is a definite sign that you need to call a drain cleaning service. Even if the sewage seems to recede after the initial backup, you need to call for help because if you don’t do anything to change the situation it will be back. This tends to happen when there is a partial obstruction that pushes sewage backward as new sewage attempts to blow forward. After the initial backdraft, the drain will clear but there will be signs of swage hanging around. It is only a matter of time before the clog seals off and you have a much bigger mess to deal with.

Worried about the health of your home plumbing system? Do you think it is time you had a professional check out the health of your drains? Contact bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans today to schedule a visit. We will be glad to make sure your home plumbing is in perfect working condition.

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Recommendations From An Experienced Plumber On How To Prevent Water Damage

Recommendations From An Experienced Plumber On How To Prevent Water Damage

Have you ever called a plumber to fix leaks in your home? How much did it cost you? Depending on the problem, plumbing leaks can cost you a fortune in repairs and replacements. Thankfully, you can actually avoid it. Read this article to learn effective plumbing tips from an experienced plumber. We’ve gathered helpful tips to avoid costly water damage. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have questions or clarifications:

We recommend you do these:

Insulate the water heater pipes – If you have exposed pipes both inside and outside of your home, the first thing you need to do is protect them especially when the temperature starts dropping. Because when it gets really cold and you still have unprotected pipes at home, the freezing temperatures can cause the water inside the pipes to freeze. This will lead the pipes to expand and then burst. When they start to burst, you will have no choice but to call a plumber to fix it. Remember, leaks can damage the structural foundation of your home and can also lead to mold growth. You need to avoid leaks like the plague; it’s the one thing you wouldn’t want in your home.

One of the most effective ways to avoid leaks is to protect the pipes. Make sure they’re well insulated. Additionally, you need to also watch out for the water pressure in your home. When the water pressure gets too high, consider getting a water pressure regulator to regulate the water pressure in your home. Otherwise, too high water pressure will only severely strain the pipes and will cause a lot of damage. You might want to also replace old pipes as they might be more susceptible to damage. Go for PVC or copper pipes because they’re more durable. Speak with a plumbing expert if you need more help.

Other ways to protect the pipes include not using chemical-based drain cleaning in getting rid of a clog. Instead, get professional drain cleaning services when you’re unable to resolve a major clog. Our team is equipped with drain cameras to help us see the interior of the pipes and assess the damage. It will also help us resolve the problem effectively and efficiently.

Maintain the water heater – If you have a water heater tank, one of your major responsibilities is to take care of the unit. Neglecting water heater maintenance can lead to catastrophic water damage that might cost you your home. To start, schedule flushing of your water heater at least once a year. You need to ensure the sediment build-up is removed or it’s going to cost a lot of problems with your unit. Your water heater will also work harder, consuming more energy as a result. When the sediment stays inside the tank, you will also have less space for your hot water. You might notice fluctuating water temperatures or you’ll keep losing hot water. The only way to resolve this is by draining the water heater tank at least once a year. You may also have to drain the water heater tank more than once when there’s low water pressure or when you have hard water in your plumbing. The minerals can build up faster when there’s low water pressure.

In addition to draining the water heater, it’s also necessary to hire a plumbing expert to professionally inspect the unit and ensure it’s still in good condition. You need a professional to also check if your water is still clean.

Never neglect water heater maintenance for it might lead to water heater leaks. You will have no choice but to replace the tank when it starts to leak water. It will be a bigger problem when the water heater is stored in the basement for you will have no choice but to call restoration companies to prevent mold growth.

Get repairs right away – Have you noticed problems with your plumbing appliances or fixtures? Never postpone getting repairs. Remember, plumbing emergencies don’t occur overnight. They happen because the homeowner neglected their plumbing. If you keep postponing repairs, the plumbing issue might progress into something bigger and more costly. If you want to avoid a more expensive repair, we highly encourage you to always get professional help ASAP. Never wait for it might be too late.

Hire licensed professionals only – When you’re getting the plumbing set up, it’s crucial to only hire licensed plumbing experts only to ensure the appliances and the plumbing pipes are properly installed. Imagine when the pipes or the water heater aren’t installed properly – you might wake up or come home to a flooded home or basement.

Install Leak Detection Devices

If you’re worried about leaks, consider installing leak detection devices to get alerts every time the device detects emergencies or leaks in your plumbing. Just make sure they’re properly installed and are working. Also, make sure the leak detection devices are connected to your gadgets to continue receiving alerts. Talk to us if you need more information about them or when you’re ready to install them in your home.

Contact bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans Today

Do you need a plumber to help with inspections, repairs or installations? You’ve come to the right plumbing company for help. As a trusted and reliable plumbing company, rest assured that all of your issues will be resolved promptly and permanently. We specialize in repairing and installing major plumbing appliances and fixtures. We also offer emergency plumbing services to cater to clients who need urgent repairs. Additionally, our team also provides professional leak detection service and drain cleaning services.

Call bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans today for an appointment.

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Signs You Need To Call An Emergency Plumber

Signs You Need To Call An Emergency Plumber

The plumbing system plays a very critical role in your house. In addition to ensuring that you have an uninterrupted supply of clean water in your house, it makes it easier, safer, and more convenient for you to manage the wastewater produced in your house. Therefore, when it has a problem, it can cause inconveniences and safety concerns. For example, if your water heater has malfunctioned and water coming from it is too hot, it might put your family in grave danger. Similarly, if you have a slab leak, it can put the structural integrity of your house at risk if not repaired promptly. Therefore, although some residential plumbing issues can wait to be fixed another day, most plumbing situations you might run into in your home will need to be addressed urgently. However, this does not mean that you should panic and start fixing them yourself. Instead, you need to have a professional emergency plumber you can trust to promptly address any plumbing emergency. Here are the signs that should prompt you to make a quick call to your emergency plumbing repair service.

Smell of Raw Sewage in Your House

The smell of raw sewage coming into your house is usually the first sign of a sewer backup. The sewer is where the wastewater from your home goes. When there is a sewer backup in your house, the wastewater will instead flow back to your house. But even before you can see the wastewater oozing from a manhole, you will notice the foul odor of raw sewage. However, this unpleasant odor is not the most worrying thing about a sewer backup in your house. This is because, in addition to the foul odor, a sewer backup might expose your family to the risk of contracting serious infections caused by the pathogens found in the wastewater. However, it is important to remember that sewer repair may require a permit from your city, and therefore, trying to fix the issue on your own may put you at loggerheads with the local authorities. Therefore, when you notice the smell of raw sewage in your house, you need to make an immediate call to your emergency plumber.

No Water in Winter

If the weather is too cold and you have noticed that there is no water in your house, there is a good chance that your pipes are frozen. In winter, temperatures can plummet, putting the water in your water pipes at the right of freezing up, especially if your HVAC system is struggling to keep up with the cold weather. Unfortunately, the formation of ice in your pipes will make it impossible for water to flow through the pipes. Therefore, a frozen pipe might cut off your house from the main water supply line. Besides, since water seems to expand as it freezes, it can put your pipes at risk of cracking. Therefore, if you have noticed that the supply of water in your house has been cut off by a frozen water pipe, you need to call a professional emergency plumber. In addition to quickly fixing the issue to restore the supply of water in your house, the plumbing contractor might help you improve your pipe insulation to prevent the issue from reoccurring in the future. As such, working with a professional plumbing contractor will not only restore the supply of water in your house but also protect your pipes from possible damage.

A Burst Water Pipe

Many problems can cause a water pipe to burst. For example, if it passes near a tree, the roots of the tree might damage it and cause it to burst. Besides, if the ground is shifting for some reason, the pipes running through it could burst. But whatever the cause of the problem might be, it can have several serious consequences, for example, it can cause massive wastage of water, which might hurt your pockets through increased water bills. Besides, a burst pipe can cause flooding in your house, which might lead to serious water damage. Lastly, if a water pipe bursts for whatever reason, it might cut off your home from the main water supply line or even cause a severe drop in water pressure in your house. Therefore, when you face such a plumbing situation, you will need to place an urgent call to your emergency plumber. An experienced plumber should understand the seriousness of the problem and ensure it is addressed swiftly and promptly.

A Blocked Toilet

The toilet has to be one of the most important plumbing fixtures in your house. As such, if it blocks, it can cause serious inconveniences. Indeed, after flushing a blocked toilet, the water will fill up the toilet bowl and eventually spill over to the floor of your bathroom. This will have the effect of creating an extremely nasty plumbing situation, which might also make your bathroom unusable. Therefore, when your toilet blocks, it must be fixed immediately. However, if you try fixing the toilet by inserting sharp objects like wires, you could end up damaging the toilet, which might cost a lot of money to repair or replace. Therefore, if your toilet is blocked, you should make an immediate call to your professional plumber to get the issue resolved quickly without putting your plumbing infrastructure at risk of getting damaged.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, the importance of having an emergency plumbing contractor on your speed dial cannot be overemphasized. This is because although emergency plumbing situations are rare, they can cause serious inconveniences and dangers when they occur. If you need a reliable plumbing service provider you can trust to help you address any emergency plumbing situation you might run into, bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans is your best bet. Feel free to call us today to learn more about our company and the services we are known for.

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Why Are The Dishwasher Spray Arms Not Spinning? Here Is A Plumber's Explanation

Why Are The Dishwasher Spray Arms Not Spinning? Here Is A Plumber‘s Explanation

Dishwashers are incredibly handy household appliances that help us save time and energy by cleaning for us. However, there are times when dishwashers do not perform their main function – cleaning the dishes. One common issue that homeowners encounter is when the dishwasher’s spray arms are not spinning. This can be a frustrating experience, especially when you have a lot of dirty dishes waiting to be cleaned. This blog post will discuss why your dishwasher spray arms are not spinning and how a plumber can help.

Malfunctioning Water Valve

One of the reasons your dishwasher’s spray arms are not spinning is the water valve malfunctioning. When the water valve fails to function accordingly, it can result in inadequate water flow, preventing water from getting into the dishwasher; therefore, the arms lack something to spray or have poor cleaning performance.

If you suspect your dishwasher’s water valve is malfunctioning, turn it off and check if the inlet valve is correctly positioned. In some panels, the front panel has to be removed to gain access to the valve. That is why it is advisable to contact your plumber to come and assess and fix the issue.

Clogged Spray Arms

The spray arm is located at the bottom of the dishwasher. As a result, it can become clogged with old food remains, mineral deposits, and other debris that may accumulate inside the small holes of the spray arm, which can block water from getting out through the arm if left unattended.

When you have a dishwasher that has served for a long time, it might be time to clean it. It is because when the water flow in the spray arm gets blocked, it can lead to an imbalance in the spray arm which prevents it from spinning or makes it spin irregularly, resulting in poor performance.

Clogging in the spray arm can also reduce water pressure inside your dishwasher, resulting in poor cleaning. Ensure you have your spray arms cleaned, and check on the dishwasher’s filter to ensure it is not clogged with food or other substances.

Worn Out Spray Arms

Another reason your dishwasher spray arm is not spinning might result from worn-out spray arms. It is the first component of a dishwasher to be affected by age. Wear and tear occur due to regular use, detergents, hot water exposure, and dish contact inside the machine.

The bearing can become loose as the spray arms become worn out. It can make them wobble or become imbalanced, preventing the spray arm from spinning correctly. Nevertheless, the nozzles on the spray arm can deform or become enlarged, minimizing the effectiveness. Ensure you have the worn-out spray arm replaced by a professional plumbing services provider to have the correct replacement parts.

Malfunctioning Overflow Float Switch

An overflow switch regulates the amount of water that is entering the appliance. It allows less water during regular cycles and more water during heavy wash cycles. It activates the switch to shut off the water supply when the water rises too high, which helps prevent overflow.

The component may experience a malfunction, and it can fail to detect accurate water levels. It, in turn, causes the dishwasher to overfill or underfill, resulting in the spray arm not spinning effectively. Also, when the overflow float switch malfunctions, it can stick to a new position, preventing the dishwasher from filling or overfilling, which can cause the spray arm not to spin or result in poor cleaning performance. Contact a professional plumber to have it repaired or reinstalled.

Broken Spray Arms

Another possible reason your spray arm is not spinning is the broken one. The spray arm has a central hub that joins it to the dishwasher’s water supply. It rotates the spray arm during cleaning activity. When the spar arm gets fractured or broken, be it the axle or the hub, it loses its rotating ability making the spray arm remain stationary or incorrectly spinning. It, in turn, results in poor cleaning within the dishwasher.

Have the broken arm replaced with replacement parts that match your dishwasher functionality. Also, make sure you contact your professional technician, who will be able to diagnose further and accurately give the required repairs and replacements.

Blocked Dishwasher Hoses

Dishwasher’s hoses can get clogged from time to time. It is because dishwashers recycle the water used to save on water, aside from dirty water entering the inlet. Food particles can accumulate, blocking the hoses, which in turn prevents the circulation of water with enough pressure to be able to spin the dishwasher’s arms effectively.

Oils from foods can also accelerate the hoses clogging significantly. Therefore, ensure you have the clogged hoses removed and cleaned if the spray arm does not spin after cleaning the hoses. Contact a plumber to have your dishwasher checked.

Circulation Pump Impeller Failure

The impeller is a small plastic blade that spins fast to drive water through. It, in turn, forces the water to get through the dishwasher’s arm resulting in a spinning effect. It may function independently from the motor and pump, allowing you to handle it separately from other parts.

However, debris can block the impeller, which may prevent it from moving. The impeller may also get damaged, losing some of its fins or breaking. It, in turn, makes the system lose its pressure; therefore, water won’t be strong enough to spin the spray arm. To fix this, ensure the impeller is replaced if it is separate, or you may need to replace the motor assembly and the pump altogether.

We are the Plumbing Experts to Contact

If you need plumbing service for your dishwasher, contact us at bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans. We are knowledgeable about kitchen plumbing fittings and have the working experience to guarantee a reliable plumbing service in your home. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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Professional Drain Cleaning Services: An Essential Maintenance For Your Home

Professional Drain Cleaning Services: An Essential Maintenance For Your Home

Taking care of your home includes maintaining clean drains. That helps to prevent numerous problems such as blockages, unpleasant odors, and water damage. Regular upkeep sometimes requires the expertise of professional drain cleaning services to tackle stubborn clogs and accumulated dirt effectively.

bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans boasts quick and effective services that ensure drain clogs are eliminated, and water starts flowing as usual immediately. Our licensed and insured plumbers rely on advanced tools and techniques, such as hydro jetting, to thoroughly eliminate all kinds of debris from your drains, leaving them sparkling clean and functioning efficiently.

Common Causes of Clogged Drains

Clogged drains can be caused by a variety of factors, including:

  • Hair: Hair is one of the most common causes of clogged drains, particularly in bathrooms. Hair accumulates over time, forming a ball that blocks the drain.
  • Soap and detergent buildup: Soap and detergent can accumulate in pipes over time, contributing to clogs.
  • Grease and food waste: In the kitchen, grease, fats, oil and food waste can build up in pipes and cause blockages.
  • Mineral buildup: Hard water can cause mineral buildup in pipes, eventually leading to clogs.
  • Foreign objects: Non-flushable items such as wet wipes, cotton balls, and sanitary products can cause clogs.
  • Tree roots: In outdoor plumbing systems, tree roots can grow into pipes and cause blockages.
  • Poorly installed or designed plumbing: Pipes that are poorly designed or installed can also contribute to clogs and other plumbing issues.

Signs Your Drains Need Professional Cleaning

While regular DIY drain maintenance can help to keep your drains clean, they still require professional services now and then. Here are some signs that you need to contact a drain cleaning pro:

Slow Drainage

If wastewater takes longer to drain from your sinks, showers, or tubs, it could indicate a partial blockage. While minor clogs can be resolved using home remedies, stubborn blockages need professional intervention to prevent complete blockages and damage to your pipes.

Foul Odors from the Drains

Unpleasant smells from your drains often indicate trapped, rotting debris or a sewage backup. A thorough professional cleaning can rectify the issue, leaving your drains odor-free and functioning optimally.

Gurgling Noises from the Drains

When the air gets trapped in your plumbing system due to obstructions, it can produce gurgling noises. These sounds are typically a warning that a clog is present, and if ignored, it can cause severe blockage in the sewer line.

Water Backups or Overflows

Water backing up or overflowing from sinks, toilets, or showers is a significant indication of an issue with your drains. Backflows can harbor bacteria and mildew growth if left unaddressed or cause contamination and water damage to the floors, carpet, and furniture.

Frequent Clogs

Experiencing frequent clogs is another indicator of an ineffective drainage system. Fat and grease accumulation, tree root intrusion, or foreign object blockages are often to blame for this. In these cases, professional help is essential to identify and clear the root cause of the problem.

Clogged or Overflowing Toilet

A clogged or overflowing toilet can not only be a nuisance, disrupting your daily routine but also pose health risks. Hiring a professional to handle this problem ensures a timely and effective solution, keeping your plumbing system in top condition.

Benefits of Professional Drain Cleaning

Here is why engaging a professional drain cleaning service is an excellent choice for your home.

Thorough and Efficient Cleaning

Professional drain cleaners use advanced tools and methods to clean and unclog drains. These devices are typically unavailable to the average homeowner. They include:

  • Hydro jetting: This high-pressure method uses water jets to blast away debris and eliminate blockages quickly and effectively.
  • Drain snaking: A flexible, specialized tool designed to break up and remove clogs, including deep-seated obstructions.
  • Safe chemicals: Chemicals specially formulated to eliminate organic material, such as soap scum and food particles, are used to clear clogs.
  • Camera inspection: In some cases, plumbers may use a small camera to inspect pipes and locate the source of a stubborn clog.

The result is thorough and efficient cleaning that you can trust.

Prevent Blockages and Damage

Regular professional drain cleaning helps identify and remove blockages before they become severe. This proactive approach can prevent the following:

  • Damage to plumbing fixtures, reducing the likelihood of costly replacements.
  • The need for emergency plumbing repairs, which can be expensive and inconvenient.

Eliminate Foul Odors

A clean and well-maintained drainage system helps to eliminate foul odors and prevent the buildup of noxious gases. You’ll enjoy a fresher and more pleasant home environment with professional drain cleaning.

Improve Drain Efficiency and Lifespan

By keeping your drains clean and well-maintained, you can expect better performance from your plumbing system, including:

  • Faster draining, which means less standing water and reduced wear on pipes.
  • Longer lifespan for your drainage system, saving you money on future repairs or replacements.

Health and Environmental Benefits

Neglected drains can lead to numerous health hazards, including bacterial contamination and serious illness. By taking advantage of a professional drain cleaning service, you’ll be protecting the health and well-being of your family, as well as doing your part for the environment by minimizing the impact of wastewater pollution.

Expert Advice and Recommendations

Professional plumbers not only take care of your immediate drainage issues but can also provide valuable advice on avoiding future issues. This might include recommendations on good maintenance habits, tips on which products to avoid, and guidance on how to keep your drains in top condition.

You Can’t Go Wrong with Professional Assistance

Engaging a professional drain cleaning service offers numerous benefits that make it a smart choice for homeowners. They can help maintain efficient, clean, and hazard-free drains, extend the life of your plumbing system, and prevent costly damage. With expert support and guidance, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your drainage system is in good hands.

Schedule professional drain cleaning with bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans today.

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