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4 Signs You Need A Drain Cleaning Service | New Orleans, LA

4 Signs You Need A Drain Cleaning Service | New Orleans, LA

There is nothing worse than finding a clogged drain, except for maybe finding a clogged drain that has sewage backup inside of it. No matter which way you slice it, finding a clogged drain is always a tiresome problem which is why you need to call a drain cleaning service in New Orleans, LA right away. They will quickly get your drain cleaned and your sinks back to normal working order in a short time. Even more importantly, they can identify the cause of your drain clog, so you don’t have to worry about it happening again.

One of the most frustrating things about drain clogs is that they can come back if you never figure out why the drain clogged in the first place. Therefore, you can call a drain cleaning service out, remove the block and go on with life, only to find your drains clogged again in three months. This is not any way to live, and it is certainly not the way anyone wants to deal with their home plumbing system, which is why you need to make sure you hire a licensed plumber that is ready to get to the root of the problem.

Some people think they can skip the drain cleaning service and use drain cleaners from the store, but this is usually not the best move. Not only will this not help with the situation long-term, but it won’t tell you why the clog formed and it will tell you how to fix it. Sometimes they can even eat away at your plumbing system from the inside out since the corrosive materials cannot tell the difference between the plumbing and the clog. With that in mind, the smart move is always to call a plumber for help in your New Orleans, LA home.

However, sometimes it is best to avoid a drain issue so that you don’t find yourself calling an emergency drain cleaning service. While some drain clogs are unpredictable, such as when your toddler flushes a rubber duckie down the toilet, other times are a bit more predictable and, therefore, can be troubleshot in advance. The following is a list of four signs that it may be time to call for help. While there may be other signs, this is a good guide to help you get started and alert you to the impending possibility of a clog.

Standing Water in the Shower

One of the top signs that your bathtub/shower is starting to clog is if you notice that there is standing water while you are in the shower. If you are in the shower, the water should wash over you and down the drain, but if the drain has a partial blockage somewhere along the lane, it may settle in around your feet instead of going around the drain. If you wanted a bath, you would just take one, so if your shower is slowly turning into a bath, it is time to call a drain cleaning company.

Most of the time, this happens because of a clog near the drain that is caused by hair or soap residue. So if you have a trap in the drain, you might consider checking it and cleaning it out before calling a drain cleaning service. Sometimes this works, but sometimes the problem is farther down in the drain. If it turns out the issue is hidden farther in the drain, then you need to call a professional and let them get to the bottom of it before you take a shower and discover the water has stopped draining altogether.

Drains Are Moving Slowly

Similar to standing water, if the drains in your New Orleans, LA home are moving slowly then there may be a partial blockage to blame. A partial blockage will allow drains to empty, but at a reduced rate since the pipe way is not completely clear. Many times if you have a partial blockage and your drains are slowly emptying, you will hear gurgling or see bubbling, which is the air that gets trapped by the blockage attempting to escape. This is another sign that you have a clog that needs to be busted out by a drain cleaning service.

If only one drain in your home is draining slowly, then it is probably a local clog and only affecting the pipes directly near your drain. However, if you notice that multiple drains in different areas of your home are having similar issues, then you probably need to call a drain cleaning service sooner than later because this increases the chance that your drain clog is in your main line and a full obstruction is likely imminent.

Foul Odors in Drains

Another sign that you have an impending sewage issue is if you notice that a sewer-like smell is wafting out of your drains. When there is a partial or full blockage in a drain, the sewer gases cannot run out of your home, so just like a backup,the gases come back up your pipes and into your home. You should never ignore foul odors near a drain because they are a clear sign that something is happening under the sink.

Continuous Clogs

If you have a drain that is periodically getting clogged or dealing with what seems like a continuous stream of clogs near your basement floor drain, there is a good chance that you have something hiding in your sewer line like an obstruction, damage, or tree roots that need to be properly identified and then treated by a drain cleaning service.

If you notice any of the above signs or are currently dealing with a clogged pipe and need a drain cleaning service, give bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans a call, and we will get to the bottom of it quickly.

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