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Keeping Showers Hot With A Top-Notch Water Heater Repair Company | Harvey, LA

Keeping Showers Hot With A Top-Notch Water Heater Repair Company | Harvey, LA

The best way to start the day is with a hot shower, but if the water that flows from the shower head is just ice-cold, that positive sensation quickly fades. You do not want to wait for a plumbing company to open if you are having trouble locating a water heater repair company that is open on the weekend.

Does that business have numerous five-star evaluations from customers, and how positive are the comments? It is fortunate that the community can rely on bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans. Our highly skilled specialists are available day and night to handle your water heater repair. Have a look at all of our online customer reviews and see what your neighbors say.

Red Flags

There are many warning signs that you need a water heater repair in Harvey, LA. A few of them include inconsistent water temperatures, hot water shortages, banging from the water heater, leaks and low water pressure. If you notice any of these symptoms call us for an emergency water heater repair.

Varied Water Temperatures

Your water heater is broken if the temperature of the water fluctuates from one moment to the next. Using cold water is uncomfortable enough, but being blasted by really hot water can be dangerous and scolding people, potentially harming them.

Water temperature fluctuations are frequently caused by scale buildup within an electric water heater’s tank, which covers the heating element. This problem is more common in areas, like Harvey, LA with hard water. Minerals in the water will accumulate as an insoluble scale inside the pipes covering the working parts. Ultimately, resulting in a necessary water heater repair.

A broken temperature control valve and a broken dip-tube, which transfers cold water from the top of the tank to the bottom, are two more reasons why water temperatures fluctuate. A broken valve and dip-tube are both replaced during a water heater repair. To avoid any scale build-up clogging the pipes, you should have your water system descaled at least once a year or install a water softener.

Hot Water Shortage

A thermocouple, which is a safety feature included into the pilot light of gas water heaters, is there for your protection. The gas that heats your water heater is ignited by the pilot light, therefore a broken thermocouple will restrict or shut off the gas supply valve. There is little to no hot water as a result.

But a heater that is too small is the major cause of people not having enough hot water. The water heater from when you originally moved into your house might be outdated. Perhaps your family has grown, and during that time, you’ve increased the demand for hot water.

When everyone wants to take a shower and all the appliances are in use, it undoubtedly has trouble keeping up. The water heater can shut off if it can’t keep up with the increased demands. If the water heater is switched off and on too frequently, it can malfunction and require water heater repair. The best alternative is to have a new water heater installed.

Choosing the properly sized unit for your present and future demands is crucial. If an undersized unit doesn’t provide enough hot water, choosing another one will just lead to further irritation. Since we are experts at installing new water heaters, we can advise you on the Harvey, LA unit that will work best for your requirements and price range.

Bumps at Night

A water heater will make some noise, like any piece of machinery, but any unusual noises require further investigation. The presence of insoluble scale that has built up on the heating element is typically the cause of any crackling and hissing noises coming from the heater.

Because the coating of scale works as an insulator, it is more difficult for the heating element to transfer heat to the water surrounding it. In order to supply the hot water you want, the element must work harder as a result. The element increases your energy costs and increases your expenses. Additionally, it is more prone to overheat, burn out, and require a water heater repair or replacement.


Water leaks are frequently caused by a defective valve or a loose connection, and these issues are simple to resolve. A rusted tank may be the cause of a leak, necessitating a total tank replacement. Whatever the source, you should call us as soon as you see a leak. Water is an extremely damaging element that may seep through floors and walls, costing you a lot of money in repairs.

Low Water Pressure

Minimal water pressure throughout your property is another sign of a leak. Since a leak can happen behind walls and under floors, your water bill may increase unexpectedly before there are any other obvious indicators of a leak.

Turning off all of your water-using appliances and checking that all the taps are closed is a tried-and-true method of finding out whether you have a leak. There should be no movement on your water meter if there is no leak. If it does move with the water shut off, then you must contact us right away, so we can assist you in finding the leak and fixing it.

Routine Maintenance

Water heaters are often fairly durable pieces of machinery despite all the work they do, but they occasionally malfunction and require water heater repair. Maintaining your water heater annually is the best way to keep it safe. This guarantees that everything is functioning and provides an opportunity to fix issues before an emergency occurs.

Why Call Us Instead of the Other Guys?

We’ve been providing top-quality services for many years. We’re known and trusted, and we’re ready to answer your call 24/7! Our work is fully guaranteed and all of our crew are licensed and insured. Give us a call at bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans to experience our affordability and commitment separating us from the pack!

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