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10 Tips to Lower Your Household’s Water Bill | Tips from Your Trusted Timberlane, LA Plumbing Service Provider

10 Tips to Lower Your Household’s Water Bill | Tips from Your Trusted Timberlane, LA Plumbing Service Provider

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The typical U.S. household uses over 300 gallons of water each day, with nearly 3/4 of that usage being indoors. The largest water consumption occurs in the form of toilet flushes, followed closely by taking showers and baths. This all adds up to a lot of dollars and cents spent on monthly water bills.

Thankfully, finding ways to reduce your home’s water bill in Timberlane, LA, is simple and it doesn’t require much of an investment in either time or money. A bit of planning and changing your existing routines can result in significant savings on your water bill, plus prevent the need for calling in professional plumbing service.

As a professional plumber in Timberlane, LA, bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of New Orleans is frequently asked about the best ways to save money on monthly water bills. Here, we take a closer look at the top 10 ways to do just that in Timberlane, LA.

Cut Shower Time

One of the easiest things you can do to reduce your water bill with quick results is take shorter showers. Each minute spent in the shower equals about 2.5 gallons of water. Particularly if you have a large family, instituting a 5-minute shower policy or something similar that works for your family will shave quite a bit off your monthly bill — plus reduces the likelihood of needing plumbing service in the near future.

…And Ditch Baths All Together 

Baths can certainly be a great way to unwind after a long day, and is an all-time favorite for young children, but consider this: A typical bath uses double the number of gallons as a shower. Instead, save bath time for special occasions only.

Let Your Dishwasher Do the Work

A typical modern dishwasher uses four gallons of water to wash a full load of dishes. By stark contrast, you use an average of 27 gallons washing those same dishes by hand. As an added bonus, because your hot water heater isn’t having to heat those 27 gallons of water, you’re trimming your electricity bill, as well as prolonging the time before you’ll need to call plumbing service.

Don’t Let the Water Run

We’re all guilty of it: We let the water run while we’re brushing our teeth, washing our face or hands, or shaving. The truth is, there’s no need for the faucet to be running while your hands are busy. Turning it off just for those few seconds each time will add up to significant savings on your water bill. Instead, fill a cup with water and use that for rinsing.

Wait Until You Have a Full Load

Appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers require the same amount of water regardless of how full they are. If you’re in the habit of doing several smaller loads throughout the week, try waiting a day or two until you have fuller loads to wash. Even a difference of one or two fewer loads over the course of a month can result in considerable savings. Plus, less wear and tear on your appliances will prolong their life and ensure you won’t need to call in plumbing service any time soon.

Stop Leaks in Their Tracks

Running toilets or dripping faucets aren’t just an annoyance, they’re sources of wasted water – and money. As soon as you notice one of these issues in your home, take action. Putting it off will only the problem to grow worse and turn into a potential issue requiring professional plumbing service. Make it a habit to check all appliances that use water on a regular basis. To make it easier, consider doing it when you change your home’s air filters. Small leaks can become tremendous problems in the home, so a bit of time and a few dollars now can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars down the line, not to mention the water savings in the shorter term.

In the event that you do find, or even suspect, a leak in your home, contact a professional plumbing service right away. Left unrepaired, a leak will get increasingly worse and continue to wreak havoc on your water bill.

Water Conservation Outside Your Home

About 1/3 of the water Americans use each day is being used in the yard outside the home, and much of that is used inefficiently because of different climates and evaporation.

In order to conserve water, reduce spending on water bills, and prevent the need for a plumbing service to come in, consider implementing these tips outdoors.

Rethink Your Plants

When considering plants for your yard, think local. Plants indigenous to your region are already accustomed to the climate, so they’re fairly foolproof – even for the most green thumb-challenged among us. Plus, they typically require a minimal amount of watering and maintenance.

Use a Rain Barrel

Rain barrels collect rainfall. They are inexpensive and simple to install and use, plus the natural rainwater is much better for your yard than anything coming out of a faucet. The collected water can be used to water plants, resulting in a significant savings on your water bill. The reduced strain on your water supply also lessens the likelihood you’ll need plumbing service.

Mulch Plants

Mulch acts as a natural insulator, so putting it on top of soil cuts down on the amount of water lost through evaporation. This simple trick is great for the environment and enables you to water your plants less.

Garden in the Morning

Watering plants in the morning while the sun is directly overhead high up in the sky prevents water loss through evaporation. Simply shifting the time of day that you water your plants will result in a water cost savings.

Using these tips in your Timberlane, LA, home can add up to considerable savings on your water bill. If you’re looking for guidance on further ways to save or suspect that you have a plumbing issue, contact bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of New Orleans for professional plumbing service.

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