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Have You Been Making a Blocked Drain Worse without Realizing It? | Insight from Your Trusted New Orleans, LA Drain Cleaning Service

Have You Been Making a Blocked Drain Worse without Realizing It? | Insight from Your Trusted New Orleans, LA Drain Cleaning Service

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Drain blockages are frustrating. The worst thing about them is that it’s rarely a one-off issue. If you’ve been battling with your plumbing, it’s probably fine for a few months; then the problem gradually works its back into your life. In many cases, the solution is to call in a professional drain cleaning service to clear the congestion using specialist equipment and then implement preventative measures. People in New Orleans, LA, are too busy to be fighting with their drains every few months, so we’ve put together a few handy tips to stop the blockage from coming back.

Why Are Your Drains Getting Blocked in the First Place?

There are so many different items that cause drains to get blocked. Some might seem more obvious, while you might never have realized others were causing an obstruction. Many bits and pieces end up down the toilet or sink that shouldn’t be, and this is usually at the root of overflowing or stinky pipes. Here are some of the main culprits a drain cleaning service can help you to unclog. Once you know what’s caused the issue, you can prevent it from coming back.

Nail Clippings

Nail clippings are made of the same material as a horse’s hooves. Alpha-keratin is a strong material that takes an incredibly long time to break down. When they get caught up in the bunch of goop and gunk that ends up down the drain, they can be a major contributor to blocked drains.

Wet Wipes

People often keep a packet of wipes next to the toilet, which seems harmless. However, these tissues aren’t made from the same material as toilet tissue. They’re usually a mixture of natural fibers and plastic, which can remain in your pipes and the sewers for a long time. This type of obstruction usually requires a professional drain cleaning service to clear it.


Many modern diapers claim to be made of natural fibers, but this doesn’t mean they’re flushable. One of the leading causes of drain blockages is dirty diapers because they don’t degrade water. Always throw them away in the trash.

Debris and Leaves

If you always keep the drains inside clear of anything that could cause a blockage and make sure they’re nice and clean, you may have to look outdoors for the solution. Fallen leaves and debris from plants and trees can build up in drains and lead to blockages inside. Try to get outside regularly and clear any leaves, especially in the fall.


The longer your hair, the more likely you are to end up with a build-up in your bathroom drain. It’s actually made from the same material as finger and toenails, but it poses an extra risk because it gets tangled up with other problem items. If you believe your drain is clogged with hair, you may need to call a drain cleaning service to use a plumbing snake or dismantle the pipe.


You may not be squashing eggshells down the sink, but even throwing them in there before putting them in the trash can lead to a blockage in your plumbing. Eggshells take a very long time to break down, so make sure they’re going straight into the trash.

Feminine Hygiene Products

There seems to be widespread confusion about which feminine sanitary products you can safely flush down the toilet. The answer is, none. Ensure you have a trash receptacle next to your toilet so any feminine hygiene products can go in there instead of blocking the drains.

Regular Hygiene Products

Q-tips, cotton wool, make up wipes or anything of this nature should stay far away from the toilet bowl if you don’t want to be calling for a drain cleaning service. These items often contain plastic, and even cotton wool alone doesn’t break down in the water, which leads to dreaded clumps in the drain.

Coffee Grounds

Not many people in New Orleans, LA, these days can go through the morning without a cup of artisan coffee. Sadly, it also seems that not many people know that you should dispose of coffee grounds in the trash or recycling instead of down the kitchen sink.

Be Careful with Food Waste

If you don’t thoroughly scrape your plates before rinsing them in the sink, you can end up with food and grime obstructing your plumbing. You may think little bits of leftovers are okay to flush down the drain, but this is one of the leading causes of blocked drains.

Keep Grease Away from Your Plug Hole

If you keep putting grease down the drain, it’s likely to form a mini fatberg and hold onto other items that go down the drain. Congealed fat, hair and food waste are the most common items found by drain cleaning services.

Call a Drain Cleaning Service Instead of Using Drain Unblocking Chemicals!

While trying in earnest to rid yourself of your drain blockage problem, you may have turned to store-bought chemicals. Often, these items do more harm than good. So, if your blockage is bad enough that you’re unable to deal with it alone, get the help of a drain cleaning service.

Drain Cleaner Gives off Toxic Fumes

If you’ve got a family, you should be extra careful of using a chemical drain unblocker. They tend to give off fumes that are unhealthy and lead to irritation of the eyes, nose and throat. These fumes can stick around for longer than you might expect.

Drain Unblocking Chemicals Are Often Ineffective

While the packaging may make all sorts of claims about being an instant solution to all of your blockage’s woes, it’s usually a short-term fix that doesn’t rectify the overall issue.

Chemical Drain Cleaners Can Damage Your Pipes

These chemicals are usually made from strong acids that can erode your pipes and lead to a substantial and costly repair bill down the line.

Call a Professional Drain Cleaning Service in New Orleans, LA, Today

If you need the help of a drain cleaning service in New Orleans, LA, get in touch with bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of New Orleans at 504-229-4848 today.

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