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Your One Stop Shop For Expert Air Conditioning Repair And Maintenance | New Orleans, LA

Your One Stop Shop For Expert Air Conditioning Repair And Maintenance | New Orleans, LA

When you call us at bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans, you don’t have to know what’s wrong, just that you have trouble and need air conditioning repair right away. We’re experts at narrowing down the problem and addressing it quickly, so you can relax and know your AC system is in good hands. Our technicians are focused experts, arriving with a vehicle stocked with parts and test equipment so we can make most routine repairs in one trip. All we need from you is how your air conditioning system isn’t meeting your needs, from underperforming to consuming more energy than it used to, making strange noises and smells to simply not starting up. We’ll take it from there, following a well-defined diagnostic process and using manufacturer information to ensure that it’s back in proper working order as it should be. Our air conditioning repair experts work on every make and model and are carefully trained in both older AC types and the latest models. It’s easy to count on us for your air conditioning repair needs in New Orleans, LA, as well as maintenance. This helps avoid unexpected repairs and AC problems.

Maintenance Puts Our Experts Hands-On with Your Entire System

When we provide pre-season maintenance, our AC repair experts get a chance to inspect your system from end to end, looking for problems that could cause failures or excessive wear, performance issues or inefficiency. These are people from the same team that provides repairs, so they know what they’re looking for from past experience with similar models. They also get a chance to make adjustments and updates that they wouldn’t normally do during a targeted air conditioning repair visit, such as cleaning the evaporator coil and condensate drain which would be out of scope for an outdoor unit service call. Our air conditioning repair team works their way from one end to the other, cleaning from winter’s ravages and small animals nesting outside. They check for refrigerant leaks that can not only reduce performance but also damage the compressor. Inspection and testing of the electrical components ensure reliable operation every time the system starts during the summer, and cooling fan motor reliability to keep the condenser system able to disperse heat efficiently that has been transferred from inside your New Orleans, LA, home.

Repairs Help Reduce Wear as Well as Get You Cool

The classic example of how a small repair helps avoid many types of wear and damage is replacing the air filter. It’s a simple air conditioning repair, or really a maintenance item, but it helps keep the air flowing freely and avoids excessive wear on the air handling system motors and fan belts. The same goes for any other issues in the airflow system, such as blocked vents and intakes or excessively dirty duct systems. Airflow issues also can result in icing of the evaporator coils inside, resulting in a lack of cooling and, if not properly de-iced by a professional, possible damage to the delicate coils. Our air conditioning repair experts can locate even pinhole refrigerant leaks, and by taking care of them and restoring your refrigerant can let your system relax and not overwork due to the inefficiency low refrigerant causes. As we mentioned, very low refrigerant also leads to compressor wear or damage. These are just a few examples of how repairs can reduce damage and avoid wear, and they’re reasons why noises, performance problems, and other issues can also be reasons for emergency repairs, especially the classic compressor screech that indicates there’s serious trouble. We want to keep your system in great shape for the long term, so we’re ready to respond whenever damage is possible, in addition to times when your system has already started failing or is inoperable.

Ways to Reduce Wear on Your System and Increase Your AC Efficiency

Repairs aren’t the only way to improve efficiency in your system. Changes to your system such as zoned duct systems can help your system work less hard when you don’t need cooling throughout your home, using multiple thermostats to focus on the areas where you’re currently spending time. Smart home thermostats take that even further, including more scheduling and occupancy information, features such as smart shades, even weather information that indicates how much sunshine is heating your home. Newer AC systems also use dual-stage compressors and other features that adjust your cooling more smoothly, and also cut back the need for full-strength cooling when the system is just trying to keep the temperature right. Some homeowners with older systems find that it’s right for them to replace their AC system earlier than would be usually indicated so they can enjoy the reduced repair costs and increased energy efficiency of new technologies and save substantially on their monthly operational budget for their air conditioning system.

We Make it Easier to Keep Up with Your Air Conditioning Care

Customer service is an important part of our overall home services business, whether we’re scheduling a maintenance visit, answering questions about what new systems have to offer, or providing urgent AC repair to get you cool again. Our customer service team ensures that communication goes smoothly, you know who’s serving you and feel safe that our expert has arrived and is clearly identified, and we make sure that you aren’t left waiting and wondering. When you call us, you know that you’re getting expert service that’s timely.

Your AC Repair Experts for All your Service Needs in New Orleans

bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans provides experienced, dedicated diagnosis and air conditioning repair for homeowners in the New Orleans, LA area. Our years of experience pay off in single-visit repairs whenever possible, along with expert preventive care that helps avoid both unexpected air conditioning repair needs during the summer, and long-term damage to the system from unnecessary wear. Count on us for all your HVAC needs, we’re the one number to call. Reach out today!

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