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Why Your Water Bills Are Going Up Every Month And What A Plumber Can Do | New Orleans, LA

Why Your Water Bills Are Going Up Every Month And What A Plumber Can Do | New Orleans, LA

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Like other bills, you need to pay water bills every month. But what bothers you is when you need to pay an unbelievably high amount of bills in a month, and it keeps on increasing!

So are your water bills increasing every month? If yes, then why and what to do about it? Plumbing system leaks are one of the common reasons for excessive water usage. You can call a professional plumber in your home to check if there is a defect in the leaky faucet.

Here are some of the possible reasons for your increasing monthly water bills:

Plumbing System Potential Leaks

All plumbing system leaks do not lead to a big problem, and thus you fail to realize them for long. While some leaks are severe and thus, you should fix them immediately. Take help from a plumber to fix such critical leakages.

Toilet Leaking

As toilet leaking wastes a lot of water, it escalates your bill. A defective flapper drops the water levels and increases its utilization by filling and then refilling. Call a professional to check water line connections and if there is any crack in sealants.

Is your toilet running long after flushing? There might be a leak. Low toilet bowl water, hissing, and humming are other signs of toilet leaking.

Faucet Leakage

Leaky faucets caused due to problems in the handles or deeper portions surge your water bill instantly. You can find good plumbing service providers in New Orleans, LA, and other surrounding areas to identify and fix the leakages quickly.

Irrigation System Leaks

Water pipes below the ground and irrigation lines hidden in landscaping may start as a slow leakage and become a severe issue.

If you can’t detect any irrigation system leak, get in touch with a plumber for help.

Water Pipe Breakage

Can you see a high amount of water in your yard or a drastic increase in your water bills? You may have a broken water pipe caused due to its poor condition and underground creature interference.

To fix this type of leakage, you need to hire a professional plumber. The expert will arrive at your place with the right equipment to solve the problem.

Obsolete Toilets and Water-Exchanging Fixtures

As toilets and water-exchanging fixtures (such as showerheads and washers) grow old, they waste gallons of water and increase water bills. Hire a proficient plumber to upgrade these fixtures and decrease your bills.

Use WaterSense certified products to upgrade toilets/fixtures and encourage water efficiency. You can find such great verified products in New Orleans, LA, and nearby places.

Water Utilization Fluctuations

The change in water utilization in your home predominantly affects your water bill. You tend to overlook the fluctuations of water utilization to focus more on other important everyday activities.

When you are aware of water utilization, you can control it as and when required.

Swimming Pool Filling Refilling and Topping Off

Do you have a swimming pool in your home? Then you must know the cost of filling at the start of the season, refilling when draining it, and topping it off as required. Instead, you can use a solar panel as a pool or wind barriers like decorated landscapes to decrease evaporation.

With a plumber’s help, you can maintain chemical balance and water cleanliness, it decreases filtering and backwashing. So, you can fix all leakages and save water bills.

Water-consuming Items

Besides the swimming pool, there are other water-consuming appliances such as a freezer, dishwasher, hot tub, and washing machine that increase your water bills.

It is advisable to buy WaterSense certified high-efficiency equipment to save water bills in the long run.

Poor Water Wasting Habits

Bad water-wasting habits can lead to excessively high water bills. Some of such everyday poor habits are – keeping the tap on when brushing your teeth, taking showers for long, washing dishes by hand, and not filling laundry loads to the assigned capacity.

Stop doing these things immediately if you do any of them to reduce water usage and bills.

Summer Vacation

During summer vacation, all your family members are home, leading to increased water usage due to more showers because of hot weather, bathroom time, laundry, and dishwashing. Thus, your water bill tends to increase during the summer.

Put time limits on showers and use disposable plates, glasses, and silverware to reduce water usage.

Freezing Pipe in Winter

The temperature drop in New Orleans, LA, and other nearby areas causes freezing pipes. So, you need to take steps to prevent busted plumbing.

Choose a sink farthest from the water supply, so it rubs via all the pipes to the end. You can also add foam insulation around pipes and install dome covers around spigots.

What to Do If Your Water Bills Are High

Here are the two key things you can do to reduce your water bill:

Identify Leaks or Extra Water Usage

Check if there is water below sinks, damp areas, and ceiling watermarks. If you can hear running water and dripping that run long after the flush, call a professional immediately to fix the issue.

Conduct a House Meter Test

Perform a house meter test by turning off all water suppliers and discontinue their usage. Ask your family not to use water. Note the meter readings and wait for 15 to 20 minutes.

Recheck the reading. If it shows water use, there may be a leak in your home unless your meter is defective. Call a plumbing service immediately so they can identify and fix leakage in your home.

Contact a Professional Plumber Today to Save Water Bills

To combat the increase in water bills every month, you should contact a professional immediately. bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of New Orleans is one of the best plumbing service providers. Their areas of expertise include leak detection, drain cleaning, plumbing. They come with highly experienced plumbers and drain experts who are always at your service and just a call away.

So, reach out to a reputable plumber today to identify and fix the issue that increases your water bills.

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