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Why You Need A Water Heater Repair Sooner Than You Think | New Orleans, LA

Why You Need A Water Heater Repair Sooner Than You Think | New Orleans, LA

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A water heater is one of the most important items in households today. Almost every person in New Orleans, LA, uses one to save the time and effort required to heat water daily. But what happens when all of a sudden it becomes faulty when you need it the most? Usually, homeowners don’t realize that they need water heater repairs until it’s too late.

Water heater problems can be avoided altogether if you take action when you notice the smallest trouble signs on the device. Here are some of the reasons you may need professional plumbers to fix your water heater.

Why You Should Repair First Before Replacing


Water heaters, just like any other appliance, wear out after prolonged usage, but what if there is a way to ensure the wearing out doesn’t happen fast? Yes, you can ensure your appliance serves you longer by opting for repairs instead of replacement.


Most times, the cost of a new appliance is more expensive than repairing an old one that can still serve you well. Normal routine maintenance can save the appliance from being damaged beyond repair.

Signs to Watch Out for in a Water Heater That are Often Neglected

These are the few signs we presume not to be harmful, yet they’re in the long run. If you encounter the following, contact a pro plumbing service for water heater repair at once.

Water Leaking From the Top or the Bottom of the Water Heater

When water leaks from a water heater, you may assume it’s nothing much, especially if the water heater still functions well. But the leak could be due to a major potential problem, such as a loose drain valve, cracked storage tank, or too much water pressure, hence the need for urgent repairs.

What safer way than to let professional plumbers handle it for you? Don’t take it for granted. It will save you from potential appliance damage enabling more years of use.

Not Enough Hot Water

If your hot water is not heating enough or reaching the same temperatures as before, even after adjusting the thermostat, there’s a problem. Just because the water is warm doesn’t mean it’s not faulty. The thermostat could be faulty, or your heater may have other problems that an experienced plumber can best advise on the way forward. Schedule a service call with qualified plumbers for water heater repair in New Orleans, LA.

Water Is Suddenly Too Hot

Sometimes the water may be hotter than usual, and this can be dangerous and inconvenient. It could be due to the water heater overheating, a sign that it needs to be fixed ASAP. The thermostat could be broken, the heater could be malfunctioning, or the tank could have sediment buildup that requires flushing. Ensure you get your water heater repaired immediately or flushed at least once in a year.

Takes Too Long to Reheat

You may have experienced water heating delay or water taking longer to reheat than usual. You might take it for granted simply because it will heat eventually, but there could be underlying issues with the heating elements or pipes that require a pro plumber to fix.

Dirty Brown Water

Rust and sediment buildup is the main reason for brown water from your water heater. This may be due to corrosion in the metallic pipes. If not fixed as soon as possible, the water can cause extensive damage to your water heater and call for a replacement. A water heater repair expert can diagnose this issue and help resolve it as soon as possible.

What Happens When You Don’t Repair Your Water Heater on Time?

Mold and Mildew Growth

When the water heater starts to leak and you don’t bother, it will continue and eventually damage the floors and walls by creating a breeding ground for mold and mildew.

Smelly Hot Water

When you don’t flush your water heater at least once a year, bacteria will build up and cause a horrible smell. Get a plumber to do maintenance as early as possible, and they can determine what kind of anode rod will get rid of the smell and last longer.

The Water Heater Can Burst

When sediments build up or the water heater is faulty and no action has been taken, it can burst, causing water overflow and plenty of damage to nearby objects. It can also lead to water and energy wastage because it will be hard to shut off. Don’t wait till then, get a water heater repair as quickly as possible. A plumber is your best option to flush and drain the sediment build up in the tank

Appliance Damaged Beyond Repair Over a Short Period

Your appliance won’t last long if you don’t repair it when faulty. A small problem can lead to a major problem that requires you to replace your entire system when a minor repair would have prevented it all. Water heater repair experts can help you resolve minor to complex issues and prolong your heater’s life.

Electric Shorts

When a water heater is not repaired, it can cause electric shorts and pose a hazard to you and your family. Electric shorts mean the system won’t be able to heat water anymore, and you’re likely to have to endure a cold bath.

Water heater repair is very important. It saves money, ensures durability, and provides safe water that is at your disposal whenever needed.

Reach Out to the Pros!

In case of any plumbing issues or signs of defects with your water heater, don’t wait till it’s too late to take action. An ounce of care is worth a pound of cure. Get in touch with the water heater repair professionals at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of New Orleans to get your issues resolved with haste. The experts have many years of experience and the resources necessary to keep your water heater operating at optimal efficiency.

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