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Why Do I Need an Emergency Plumber? | Harvey, LA

Why Do I Need an Emergency Plumber? | Harvey, LA

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You never want to have to call for an emergency plumber. You just want to enjoy your day. Plumbing shouldn’t cause you stress but sometimes you won’t get that lucky. You may think that getting a plumber is only if you don’t take care of your house but that’s not always the case. Here are some common things that can cause you to call an emergency plumber.

A common issue that hits hard and is not expected is flooding in the home. A sink or tub flows over, or water is standing in the basement is something that easily can be a detriment to the home integrity. causing stress to foundations, basements, drywall, plaster, studs, and your belongings. Calling for an emergency plumber in this situation makes sure that the water damage won’t get out of hand. The last thing you want is to be forced to move or renovate a house because of water damage.

Another issue you could experience is not having hot water flowing to your tub, shower, washer, dishwasher, or sinks. all of these appliances need your hot water operational for either completing their task or for your personal sanity. While most of the time you may think you need a new hot water heater a plumber would be able to diagnose the issue and let you know what is the actual cause of the problem.

A more standard call for these plumbers is actually for clogged toilets and drains. You may think you can get this taken care of but a lot of the times a plunger and a container of drain cleaner won’t fix the problem. Calling for an emergency plumber will let you not have to deal with the problem you can see while they fix the problem you actually have. The issue may be deeper than you see and you could be damaging your plumbing with that drain cleaner.

What about when a pipe breaks? This may sound like a stereotype but pipe breaks happen all the time and you usually can’t tell when something happens until it throws water all over the house. This definitely qualifies as an emergency and needs to be fixed quickly before it causes even more issues with your plumbing or your belongings. It doesn’t matter what kind of material your pipes are or how old they are either, unfortunately. If something is defective, or aged, or worn from water and environmental quality it can happen to you.

How about during a renovation? Sure, you may have a plumber on call but if something goes wrong during another task you could also have an emergency plumber at the ready to either assist or lead a restoration of services to keep you from going back to square one. This also works in relation to new construction, as your blueprints and designs may cause problems that will lead you to have extra experts at the location to keep your construction on track.

An item you may not think about calling for an emergency plumber is for gas line work. Yes, your utility company or provider can help you turn the service on and off but a plumber can help you properly replace the lines or assist in the restructuring of your lines in the house to better meet your needs. If you have a gas leak your utility company or provider may actually call a plumber to help them identify the issue as well.

Every house in Harvey, LA has probably had a leaky faucet at one time or another. That constant dripping waking you up in the middle of the night, or it’s getting to you enough that you found out you were paying so much more for your water because of the waste, or you just happen to notice one day and you won’t stand for it. Calling up a plumber who will come out and inspect the issue and give you a fair and honest deal is important to get the job done right and restore your sanity.

One of the biggest time-wasting activities in the house is waiting for your pots to fill. It also can cause issues with your ability to take a shower or fill a tub. That’s low water pressure. A plumber can deal with this pesky inconvenience at any time and let you know the best way to resolve the issue to get you flowing at full power again.

Have you had a toilet that doesn’t seem to stop filling the basin? Maybe it’s some issue that you weren’t expecting. That long waiting period can be costing you money as well as it usually means water is leaving the basin as it’s also filling. That’s not good. Having an emergency plumber come in is a great way to ensure you get it dealt with.

Have you ever had issues with waste water coming up from the drains? We’re talking more than just your toilet or the sinks not draining. What about your basement foundation drains or sump pumps? Those problems could also be reviewed and corrected by calling a plumber. Getting these smelly issues under control will also help you stay healthy as sewer waste can cause bacterial infections and leave residue in the areas it has come in contact with.

Some people also have portions of their plumbing they don’t use. This can cause it’s own set of problems called dry rot. If you suspect a portion of your plumbing is experiencing dry rot you should contact an emergency plumber before using it again just to make sure that the area is safe to operate and won’t cause you problems when the water starts flowing again.

When you’re in need of an emergency plumber reach out to the friendly and helpful staff at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of New Orleans, LA. They cover the Harvey, LA area as well and will do the best job the first time, ensuring you get the problem resolved.

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