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When Your Cooling System Fails Our AC Repair Team Is Here | Harvey, LA

When Your Cooling System Fails Our AC Repair Team Is Here | Harvey, LA

At bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans, we provide top-quality AC repair. We also provide the information you need to get the most out of your cooling equipment and other comfort systems. We can help you recognize signs of AC repair problems and issues with your air conditioning system that need attention, and schedule an appointment or rush to assist you depending on what’s going on. We know that timely repairs don’t just get your system going again, they can also be an important part of getting the most out of your AC system for the long term. Since your AC operates as a system, when one part of it has trouble, other parts often pick up the slack and wear out faster as a result. It can be as simple as changing your air filter to keep your air handling system from working too hard, or cleaning your coils during maintenance so your system is more efficient and cools your Harvey, LA home more effectively. Poor performance can also be a sign of low refrigerant levels, and tending to that right away can help prevent expensive compressor damage. Responsive AC repair and maintenance care, and intelligent solutions for your AC problems can save you a lot in energy costs, repairs, and even premature replacement for your system. Let us show you how it’s done right.

Heading Off Trouble with Maintenance and Preventive AC Repair

Between our experience, observation, and test gear that tells the story, we have ways to find trouble before it leads to an AC repair call. Motors such as those that circulate cool air throughout your home tend to show signs that we can test for when they’re struggling to keep up at the end of their lives. Belts to drive the fans show visual signs of wear and aging, and we keep both motors and belts in our vehicle for quick repairs in most cases. If you authorize a few repairs like these during a maintenance visit, we can get you ahead of the summer demands on your AC system so you won’t have to pause and sweat when urgent repairs are needed. Other maintenance items like keeping the refrigerant sufficient for smooth operation help keep you cooler as well as giving the compressor what it needs to operate freely without wearing out quickly. Did you know? When your compressor in the outdoor unit starts howling, that’s a good time to take a break from cooling and call us for urgent service, way too little refrigerant can cause serious damage to it. Even if your supply is doing ok, our sniffer device can detect leaks and prevent future problems by getting your coils or other components repaired before they release too much of the valuable stuff that makes your AC work. By the way, during maintenance we clean your coils for more efficient operation, and if your system ices up, we defrost your evaporator coils. They may sound simple to do, but all of these require professional care to avoid accidental punctures of the delicate coils and expensive replacement or repairs and recharging of the refrigerant. You can also help avoid icing by replacing your air filter frequently.

Keeping an Eye, Ear, and Nose Out for Trouble

Air filter replacement is essential to avoid wear on your air handling system, which has to work harder when the filter is clogged. Since airflow slows when the filter is clogged, warm air doesn’t keep your evaporator coils from freezing the moisture they’re removing from the air as part of the cooling process, and icing forms. Slow airflow also reduces the effectiveness of your system, making it work harder to reach the temperature setting on your thermostat. Clearly, replacing your air filter, usually monthly unless you see trouble sooner, is one way you can be proactive for your own system. In addition, if you notice the sweetish smell of refrigerant, the odor of algae forming in your condensate drain indoors, or electrical smells indoors or out, those are good reasons to call our AC repair team to check things out. The screeching sound of the compressor struggling is a fairly obvious indicator of trouble, but you may hear buzzing, rattling, or other sounds, especially if they’re suddenly happening and didn’t before, and call us to check them. When your system can’t start, you may hear clicking as well as buzzing, and you might also notice that the fan on the outside unit isn’t working like it usually does, and call us for help. Our AC repair team can get your system starting reliably again, and also make sure the fan is blowing outside air over the coils outside to finish the cooling process that brought heat out from your Harvey, LA home to disperse into the great outdoors.

When is it Time for an Emergency AC Repair Call?

Any time that you need cooling and your system isn’t keeping up, or isn’t working at all, it’s time to give us an emergency call. We know that cooling can be important for health as well as comfort, and we’re here to take good care of you. If you notice odd odors including electrical or sweet refrigerant, it’s also a good idea to call because refrigerant isn’t good for you, and electrical trouble, especially with smoke, can get serious quickly. Since many AC systems are connected with furnaces for heating and cooling using the same duct system, one extra important concern: if you smell gas, shut down your system and take appropriate action, you may have a leak from the furnace entering the ducts.

Your AC Repair Experts in Harvey

bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans is ready with “let’s go” when your system says “oh no” and fails or is struggling to keep you cool. We know that life in Harvey, LA depends a lot on staying cool, so give us a call.

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