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What Problems Require An Emergency Plumber Instead Of A Regular Plumber? | Timberlane, LA

What Problems Require An Emergency Plumber Instead Of A Regular Plumber? | Timberlane, LA

The plumbing system is paramount for your Timberlane, LA home’s safety, comfort, and convenience. Unfortunately, some homeowners don’t consider their plumbing systems until something goes amiss. Due to the intricate complexity of any home’s plumbing system, some hiccups and issues are bound to arise here and there, prompting a need to hire a plumber for replacements and repairs. Whenever the installation, replacements, and repairs of your home’s plumbing system are done by a professional and licensed plumbing service provider, you can rest assured that the system will remain operational at peak efficiency for an extended period.

Unfortunately, the plumbing issues might sometimes result in huge losses and damages and even pose a significant health risk if left unattended for a few hours. Whenever such plumbing emergencies arise, you should immediately call a plumber to come and address them promptly. Due to the sheer losses and impacts of the plumbing emergencies, homeowners should know what they constitute and be armed with an emergency plumber’s contacts.

Whenever they arise, there isn’t time to go looking for one, and you might make the mistake of enlisting the services of an unlicensed handyman. Promptly calling a licensed and experienced emergency plumber might mean the difference between a simple repair or an expensive restoration and replacement. It could save you a fortune in medical bills. So, what constitutes a plumbing emergency?

When Should You Call a Reliable Plumber?

A plumbing emergency can arise on weekends, after hours, or holidays. Calling a plumber during such periods could mean that you will have to incur additional charges on your repair bill. Hence, knowing what plumbing issues should be addressed immediately and what can wait can be the difference between keeping your hard-earned dollars in your bank account and paying for the emergency plumbing service. Generally, you should call a plumber whenever you detect a plumbing issue. However, some other issues must be addressed immediately to avert possible catastrophic damages and significant health risks.

Why Reach Out to a Plumber?

Burst Pipes

There are many reasons why the pipes at your home might burst, including a rapid change in the water pressure, blockages, and tree root intrusion. Other reasons include sudden ground movements or whenever the pipes are undergoing a freeze and thaw cycle. No matter the reason, burst pipes might result in severe water damage, not to forget the water loss and flooding at your home. They can also make your yard an ugly scene and affect your home’s structural integrity.

As a result, whenever you notice a burst pipe, you should first turn off the water at the mains and immediately call an emergency plumber. You should also turn off the power supply if the burst pipe is near your home. The professionals will use their experience and tools to promptly replace the affected pipe, preventing water loss and property damage at your home. These professionals leave nothing to chance to ensure that your normal operations at your home resume in the shortest possible time.

Sewer Backups

Sewing back onto a home is possibly the worst nightmare for any Timberlane, LA homeowner. This is because sewer backups can be unsanitary and messy simultaneously. You should immediately call an emergency plumber whenever you notice a sewer smell emanating from the drains, water pooling near your basement, or gurgling sounds whenever you pour wastewater into the drains.

Besides throwing a pungent smell and messing around with your home, sewer backups can also result in various hygiene-related diseases such as cholera, not to forget the stomach upsets caused by the toxic sewer gasses. The professional will come appropriately prepared and wearing protective clothing and promptly fix the sewer line and clean the drains to ensure that you do not fall victim to various issues caused by the back-flowing sewer.

However, homeowners are advised to h retain a professional plumber for a routing drain cleaning service, preferably once every year, to avert any clogs that might occasion sewer backups. After fixing the sewer system, the emergency plumber will use an inspection camera to ascertain that the problem is resolved.

Clogged Sinks and Toilets

Is your toilet refusing to flush or the sink not correctly draining? That could signify a significant clog down the drainage system. Whenever this arises, you cannot use these most significant plumbing fixtures of your home. Unfortunately, rather than enlist an emergency plumber’s services, some homeowners use tools such as plungers to resolve the issue. This is not only discouraging, but it could exacerbate the issue even further.

Hence, you should call a professional plumber specializing in emergency plumbing services to resolve the issue. These professionals have tools such as hydro-jetting equipment and drain snakes, not to forget their experience. They can remove the clog from the sink or the toilet without complicating the issue. Hence, instead of using the harmful chemical drain cleaning solution, call a plumber for a drain cleaning service to remove the obstruction.

Broken or Leaking Water Heater

A water heater is one of those appliances you cannot afford to have malfunctioning, especially in cold winter. Hence, you should leave no stone unturned to ensure it is efficiently functioning. This includes retaining a professional water heater repair technician for routine inspections and maintenance. However, like any other electrical appliance, the water heating unit can run into a problem such as a leak or overheating.

With the volume of water that the conventional water heaters store, a leakage isn’t an issue to take lightly. If a weakened wall causes the leak, the unit might explode. To avert this issue, you should immediately call an emergency plumber to fix the leakage and perform further inspections on the unit. The professional might recommend a replacement based on their finding, such as a weak water heater tank.

Your Go-To Emergency Plumbers

Do you live in Timberlane, LA, or its environs? Then trust us at bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans for any plumbing service. Our Plumbers are highly trained and licensed and have the required experience to provide emergency plumbing services. Whether at night or during the daytime, after hours or during holidays, we are here to help. Call our emergency plumbers today at bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans.

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