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Water Heater Repair: What To Do If Your Water Heater Trips The Safety Switch | Harvey, LA

Water Heater Repair: What To Do If Your Water Heater Trips The Safety Switch | Harvey, LA

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Homeowners may occasionally face an issue with water heaters. For instance, it may be a wiring issue or a problem with the tanker. You know for sure that it is time to call a water heater repair service in such situations. But there may be times when your water heater trips the safety switch.

Are you unsure of the next steps? When your water heater constantly trips its safety switch, it can be a sign of an underlying problem. It could be a potentially dangerous one as well.

It is essential to call a water heater service in Harvey, LA, as soon as possible. Read on to be aware of the steps to take if your water heater trips the safety switch.

Causes and Solutions

For dealing with the issues at hand, it is pivotal to understand the causes. When you identify the cause, it becomes easier to handle the problem appropriately. You cannot simply turn the water heater on.

The following are the common causes and solutions of the issue of water heater tripping the safety switch:

Wet Electrical Lines

Your water heater could be tripping the safety switch because of wet electrical lines. There may be a leak in some pipe connecting to the water heater. Water can slowly keep dripping onto the surrounding electrical lines.

When water comes in contact with electrical lines or any electrical component, it can be dangerous. The leak may be because of a gasket failure. It is crucial to repair or replace it as soon as possible.

Solution: If you find any wet electrical lines near the water heater, do not make any contact with them. Since the safety switch is used, your water heater automatically turns off. Call a water heater repair service immediately as only professionals can tackle the risky job.

Faulty Thermostat

A thermostat is a crucial element of a water heater. Each water heater features two thermostats, and the upper one has the reset switch. For water to heat up optimally, the thermostats control the heating elements.

When the water attains the right temperature, the thermostats are responsible for switching off its heating elements. At times, any one of the thermostats may turn faulty. It constantly remains on and is unable to switch off any heating elements. Your water heater then trips the safety switch.

Solution: It is essential to identify which thermostat is faulty. You can then replace it. Contact a water heater repair service in Harvey, LA, to check the thermostat’s functioning and replace the malfunctioning one. Professionals will also inform you if it is necessary to change the heating elements as well.

Bad Breaker or Bad Wiring

Sometimes the issue may be an electrical one. For example, your breaker may be wearing out due to excessive load. Or it could be an older model that fails to remain energy-efficient.

Another common problem is loose wiring. Whenever a wire turns loose, it produces excess heat. It can lead to substantial safety hazards. However, your water heater is equipped to avoid any such hazards. It immediately senses the excess heat and trips the safety switch.

Incompatible wire metal connections can also be a reason for your water heater to trip the safety switch. For instance, your home may have aluminum wiring, but your water heater may have a copper one. To work compatibility, they need a lug connector.

Solution: Call a water heater repair service to inspect your water heater and its functionality. If the need arises, your plumber will refer you to an electrician.

Malfunctioning Heating Elements

The heating elements of your water heater may at times be the culprit. When a heating element fails, it burns out. You can identify this issue when the water does not heat like usual.

However, there are also instances when the heating elements malfunction. For example, it may face a short circuit. It may be because of water exposure through a crack in its metal casing. When this happens, the power continues to flow within the heating element despite turning it off.

Heating elements continue to turn up the water temperature. After reaching a specific temperature, your water heater trips the safety button.

Solution: It is essential to replace the malfunctioning heating elements. Contact a water heater repair service at the earliest for the job.

Faulty Safety Switch

Does your water heater repeatedly trip the safety switch? The chances are that the issue lies with the safety switch itself. Every water heater’s safety switch functions to cut off the power supply to the device as soon as it senses excess heat.

The water temperature cannot exceed a specific limit. However, your safety switch may eventually wear out. It may fail to note the water temperatures accurately. As a result, the safety switch may soon cut the power supply even with low water temperatures.

Solution: The safety switch is located with the upper thermostat of your water heater. To replace a faulty safety switch, you have to call a water heater repair service. They will replace your upper thermostat with a new and efficient one.

How to Identify the Cause?

You are now aware of the different causes that make your water heater trip the safety switch. But, how to identify the cause for your particular issue? You can start by looking for some signs.

Faulty heating elements cannot heat your water as usual. The same applies to faulty thermostats as well. However, other causes may be difficult to identify instantly. It can also be risky, especially if any electrical elements are involved.

To avoid the risk and any hazards, call a water heater repair service. They can inspect and repair the issue efficiently and safely.

Let the Professionals Handle the Job

You can rely on a professional water heater repair service in Harvey, LA, to evaluate your water heater. Contact bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of New Orleans today for efficient and reliable plumbing services.

Our licensed and experienced plumbers are readily available. We ensure to fix any issues with your water heater with our expertise.

To book an appointment, you can call us at 504-229-4848. You may also visit our website for more information on our water heater repair services.

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