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Water Heater Repair: What Are The Signs Of A Water Heater Going Bad? | Harvey, LA

Water Heater Repair: What Are The Signs Of A Water Heater Going Bad? | Harvey, LA

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Water heaters are one of the most used appliances in your house. There is an almost constant need for hot water while you are in the place, be it in the bathroom, cleaning the dishes, or running the washing machine. And like all other appliances, the water heaters, too, have a lifespan. Eventually, they will give way, and a time will come when you might need to replace it.

However, you can still extend the lifespan of your water heater with proper maintenance and water heater repair in Harvey, LA. But for that to happen, you need to identify the signs that your water heater might be slowly going bad. When the time finally comes, you will have a plan in place to replace the heater. Here are some of the signs you should watch out for.

Signs of Water Heater Failing

1. Lifespan of the Water Heater

The number of years you have been using the water heater should give you an idea about how long it is supposed to last. A regular, conventional water heater lasts for about a decade or a little more. Tankless water heaters can last longer with some maintenance.

If you have hard water in your area, then the mineral build-up could take away a few years from your heater, but that too can be avoided with regular water heater repair. The serial number printed on your water heater will let you know about its year of manufacture and tell you the age of your water heater.

2. Constant Leaking

If your water heater starts leaking, it could be a sign that it is nearing its end. While occasional leaks might be taken care of with regular water heater repair services, it could be a sign that the water heater is going bad if the leaks persist.

If you find that the wall behind your water heater is always damp, or water starts to pool below the heater, your heater is leaking. You might also notice water dripping from the tank, which is usually an indication that the heater has cracked.

Another reason for the water heater leaking could be a faulty TPR valve, which is responsible for maintaining the temperature and pressure balance in the heater. An expert technician from water heater services can fix or replace the valve if had started malfunctioning.

3. Murky Water

If you see your faucets letting out cloudy and murky water instead of clear water, then it could be an indication of some metallic deposit inside the water heater. In addition, if you also notice a metallic tang while drinking water or notice a faint metallic smell, it could indicate the metal body of the heater has started rusting from within.

While lighter mineral deposits can be taken care of with water heater repair services, if your heater has started to rust, it means that the heater is nearing its expiry. Excessive corrosion inside the heater is not just bad for your health, but it also consumes more energy as the water takes longer to heat up through all those layers of rust and corrosion.

It can also overheat the water heater leading to accidents, and the mineral build-up might also result in clogs that can stop your access to hot water and damage the other parts. Experts from water heater repair services in Harvey, LA, can tell you how long the water heater will last after that.

4. Inadequate Hot Water

If your water heater fails to perform its primary function, which is, heating your water, then it is an indication that your water heater might be failing. Your hot water might be depleted too quickly, or it might take much longer for the heater to heat your water.

The water temperature might not be rising as high as it usually does, leaving you with tepid water at best. Or worse, you might get alternate bouts of hot and cold water, indicating that the water is not heating up evenly or as quickly. You can call water heater repair services to look into the problem, but if the issues persist, it is usually an indication that it is time to think about a replacement.

5. Strange Noises

Noises coming from your old water heater are not entirely uncommon, but if they are too frequent, it could indicate that something is seriously wrong with it. Water heater repair services in Harvey, LA, can take care of most of the issues. Still, suppose you hear rattling and popping sounds coming from your water heater despite regular maintenance. In that case, it means that the components are slowly giving way, or your heater cannot handle the task of heating the water anymore.

The noises could be a result of minerals building up and hardening inside the tank. If this goes on for too long, it could eventually crack your water heater and cause an accident.

6. Expensive Repairs

Regular water heater repair services are not costly. Regular maintenance keeps many pertinent issues at bay and reduces your repair costs to a great extent. However, if you notice your water heater breaking down too often and needing frequent replacement of parts and components, then it is a sign that you should put it to rest.

Low water pressure is also an indication of a damaged heater. Or else, the cost of repair and maintenance will exceed the price of a new water heater, and it just won’t be feasible anymore for you financially.

Need Help With Water Heater Replacement? – Our Experts Are Here To Help

It would help if you did not ignore signs of water heater damage, or else it might break down completely, and you would be left without any hot water. It is ideal for planning so that you can do your research about which new water heater would be most suitable for your family’s needs and will be within your budget.

Our water heater repair experts from bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of New Orleans can help you with choosing the suitable energy-efficient model and installation so that you won’t have to worry about technicalities at all.

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