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Water Heater Repair And Signs Of Sediment Accumulation | Harvey, LA

Water Heater Repair And Signs Of Sediment Accumulation | Harvey, LA

Although water heaters are designed to last for a long time, they experience several plumbing issues that require water heater repair services. Such issues include corrosion, damaged components, and failing heating elements, among many other issues. Does your home get hard water from the water utility provider? Then your water heater might accumulate sediment within, a particularly damaging occurrence. When the minerals and other dissolved substances accumulate in the bottom of the water heater tank, they limit the heating efficiency of the lower heating element, meaning that the unit might not heat the water properly.

Therefore, you’ll get lukewarm water at your Harvey, LA home. However, that is just one of the issues that sediment accumulation in your water heater tank results in. The mineral sediment might make the tank start corroding, making it prone to leaks or even explosion. Fortunately, a repair technician can flush the water heater tank to ensure that these problems are averted. In this article, you will learn the signs that your water heater needs to be flushed and the benefits of doing so.

How Frequently Should a Water Heater Be Flushed?

A water heater normally requires to be flushed at least once every year to ensure that it is optimally functioning. However, this flushing schedule may be affected by the amount of mineral deposits in your water. If your home receives extremely hard water from the water utility provider, the water heater must be flushed more frequently. On the other hand, if you have a water softener installed or receive soft water, it can take up to one year before you enlist a water heater repair professional to flush the unit.

How Can You Tell Your Water Heater Requires Flushing?

There are various signs that you need to call a water heater repair technician to flush your water heater. The signs include:

Noises Coming from the Unit

When the sediment accumulates and settles at the bottom of your water heater tank, the unit works harder to heat your water. Sometimes, the water below the sediment boils, making the sediments rattle as the water heating unit struggles to ensure your home gets heated water. Do you hear banging sounds coming from your water heater? That is a sign of sediment accumulation and requires Flushing.

Increased Heating Time

Does your water heater take a longer time than usual to heat the same volume of water? Then the issue might be an accumulation of sediments or mineral deposits around the heating element. The heating element’s efficiency takes a toll resulting in a longer heating time. The water heater also strains to heat your water, meaning that you will use more electrical energy. Hence, have a repair technician inspect the water heater for sediments whenever you notice this.

Reduced Water Pressure

The mineral deposits from the hard water might narrow or even block the pipes that lead away from the water heater. Whenever this happens, the water pressure from the unit reduces. This might inconvenience the hot water activities in your Harvey, LA home, such as bathing and handwashing. Whenever you notice that your hot water has low pressure, enlist a water heater repair professional for further inspection

Discolored Hot Water

Is the water coming from the hot water taps discolored? That may be caused by the corrosion facilitated by the mineral sediment accumulation in your water heater tank. Call a water heater repair professional to inspect your water heater thoroughly whenever you notice this. The professional will also flush the water heater to ensure that all the sediments are removed.

Benefits of Flushing Your Water Heater

It Can Reduce Noises

Do you hear rattling, clunking, or banging sounds from your water heater? All these sounds may be caused by the accumulation of mineral sediments in your water heater. Do not think the water heater is out of the issue if they suddenly disappear. The buildup becomes intense after a certain time to the extent that the water cannot easily move through from the bottom of the tank.

Flushing by a water heater repair expert eliminates this issue, ensuring that the unit is silent and the water can flow seamlessly within the water heater tank. One of the scariest things is being woken up at night by the water heater’s frightening and loud sounds. If your water heater is producing these noises, that is a sign that it is most likely failing.

Cleans Out Sediment

Sediment buildup is the leading cause of water heater tank failure. If there is sediment and debris accumulation at the bottom of the water heater, then it becomes hard for the unit to heat your water to the required temperatures. If you use an electric water heater, the sediment accumulation might happen at your water heater’s electrodes, resulting in additional water heater issues down the line. Fortunately, most of these problems could be solved by having routine Flushing, inspection, and maintenance service by a professional repair technician.

Improve the Heating Speed

If the water heater is experiencing some issues, it will take longer to heat the water to the required temperatures. A buildup of debris and accumulation of mineral sediments in the water heater tank results in a challenging heat transfer process for the water heater. Hence, you will have to wait longer for the water to be sufficiently heated.

The accumulation of mineral sediments also reduces the heating efficiency of the unit’s heating elements, meaning that you might be getting lukewarm water. Unfortunately, this also means that the heated water will also become cold faster. Hiring a water heater repair technician to flush your system is the best way to resolve this issue and immediately impact the water heater’s productivity.

Reduce Energy Costs

The heating speed and energy cost are intertwined. This is because it takes longer to heat a tank that is calcified. Hence, it requires more energy to heat the same volume of water, resulting in a high energy utility bill. Whenever the unit has to work harder to yield the same results, you’ll see a strain on your finances. However, hiring a water heater repair technician to flush the water heater might save you financial troubles.

Call Us for Water Heater Flushing

Have you noticed either of the mineral sediment accumulation signs above with your water heater? The accumulation of sediments in your water heater can cost you a fortune. Fortunately, you can enlist a water heater repair professional in Harvey, LA to install a water softener or flush the unit. Call us today at bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans to ensure that your water heater is clean and operating optimally.

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