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Useful Plumber Tips You Might Not Be Implementing In Your Home (But Should Be) | New Orleans, LA

Useful Plumber Tips You Might Not Be Implementing In Your Home (But Should Be) | New Orleans, LA

By maintaining your plumbing system well, you may be able to cut down on the times you have to contact a plumber to perform a service call at your New Orleans, LA, home. Too often, people don’t think about their plumbing systems until there’s a problem like a leak or clogged drain. At bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans we specialize in plumbing maintenance, repairs, and installations. While we know that some plumbing problems can’t be warded off, we do know that a well-maintained plumbing system is associated with a longer life than poorly maintained systems. Here, we’ve assembled a few maintenance tips that we believe are important for maintaining your plumbing system and reducing the times you need to contact a plumber on our team to make a repair.

Inspect Exposed Pipes

You can manage your plumbing system maintenance needs simply by looking your pipes over periodically. When a plumber visits your house to inspect your plumbing system, they’ll look for signs of pipe discoloration or pipe corrosion. The discoloration is invariably due to a moisture problem. There may be a leak somewhere that’s dripping onto the pipe and causing it to rust.

Pipe corrosion is a problem that occurs as your plumbing system ages. Damage and decay is more commonplace on corroded pipes. If you notice this issue, you can contact a plumber to replace your decaying pipes before they can rupture, causing a leak and property damage.

Secure Loose Pipes

It’s not uncommon for pipes to break from their mountings. When pipes are not secured, they’re likely to rattle and shake as water gushes through them. When your pipes become noisy, it’s important to find out why. Look for exposed pipes that aren’t mounted firmly in place. Securing them is typically a cheap fix, and the parts to do it are readily available at any hardware store. If the problem is allowed to continue, the pipe’s joints can become loose with all the shaking over time, and that can lead to a serious leak. If you can’t determine where the rattling pipes are occurring or if you cannot access them, you can contact a plumber from bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans to tackle this problem.

Don’t Flush Harsh Chemicals Down Your Drains

Many homeowners think they’re doing their plumbing systems a favor by pouring commercial drain cleaners down their drain. While these cleaners are inexpensive and even available at the local supermarket, they are not good for your plumbing system. Yes, it’s true that debris can build up in your lines, and it does need to be cleaned out, but commercial drain cleaners are not a good solution.

In order to clear clogs and remove debris lodged in pipes, drain cleaners are formulated to produce chemical reactions that release heat. These aren’t the types of chemical reactions you want happening in your drains. The use of chemical drain cleaners can damage your pipes. Often, they aren’t even effective for removing clogs. If you dump drain cleaner down your sink and it doesn’t clear the clog, it’s going to sit in your drain until you contact a New Orleans, LA, plumber to clear the line. While sitting in your pipes, that drain cleaner is not doing them any good.

If you want to clear your pipes simply to ensure that no odors are likely to come back up into your home through your drain, you can pour a mixture of white vinegar and baking soda down your drain followed by hot water. Otherwise, you can invite bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans to professionally clean your drains every year or so.

Mind Those Tree Roots

Tree roots are a problem for many homeowners in New Orleans, LA. Tree roots getting into sewer lines is one of the most common sewer line problems. Once tree roots start growing inside the pipe, they’ll eventually cause a clog and could even cause the pipe to collapse. It’s important to have your sewer line rooted out annually if your sewer line has been impacted by tree roots before. In order to protect your lines better, avoid planting trees near them. If you notice that your home’s drains have become slow, you likely have a sewer line clog forming or there is some damage to the pipe. A plumber from bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans can assess the problem and make the necessary repair.

Prevent Other Drain Clogs

Nobody wants to experience a plumbing system clog. They’re inconvenient–and messy. However, that’s not all. Clogs cause pressure on your pipes, which isn’t good for them. Clogs and the ensuing water pressure that occurs in the pipe can weaken it and reduce its longevity. To reduce the number of drain clogs that occur in your plumbing system, be sure that everyone in your household understands what can and can’t be introduced to the drain. For instance, make sure kids don’t dump their uneaten cereal bowl into the sink. Over time, food debris can cause a major plumbing clog. You might want to install sink drain protectors that catch food debris before it can flow down the drain.

By effectively maintaining your plumbing system, you can reduce the number of repair calls you place to your plumber. bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans is a leading area plumbing company that can help you maintain your plumbing system and handle any repairs that come up. Every plumber on our team is licensed and insured and has the experience needed to deliver our services. If you need emergency plumbing repairs or wish to schedule a regular service appointment, contact bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans right away.

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