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Use Air Conditioner Installation In Addition To These 9 Tips To Cool Down Your Home And Keep It Cool | New Orleans, LA

Use Air Conditioner Installation In Addition To These 9 Tips To Cool Down Your Home And Keep It Cool | New Orleans, LA

An ideal home temperature isn’t always about making you comfortable. A suitably cooled home can help reduce stress and promote mindfulness. If you have an AC, the tips below can help lower your energy consumption. For homeowners without an AC, these tips can make you more comfortable throughout the hottest days of the summer. Call us if you need air conditioner installation for your home in New Orleans, LA.

Tips to Make Your Home Cooler in the Summer

Cover the Windows 

During the day, we recommend covering the windows to block off the heat. You can also cover your windows with black-out drapes when the sun is shining. Better yet, add an extra layer of insulation to your windows. It’s important to cover and insulate the windows as 40 percent of the heat enters through them. Installing energy-efficient windows is even better. 

If you have an air conditioner, insulating and covering the windows can keep the cool air in. Your unit won’t have to work harder, helping you conserve more energy. Homeowners with no AC that wants a cooler home should consider getting an air conditioner installation. Speak with our technicians for assistance. 

Create a Cross Breeze

Do you have windows in the shade? You may open them during the day and open the windows on the opposite side to create a cross breeze. Doing this can keep the hot air from building inside your home. 

While this tip works, you can also consider getting an air conditioner installation for your home. Whether you want a window-type or split-type AC, our technicians can help you install it. 

Open the Windows at Night

The temperature at night is usually cooler so it’s best to open the windows. You can do this if conserving energy is one of your goals. Consider installing fans, to stay more comfortable. 

If you prefer closing the windows at night, then get an air conditioner installation to sleep comfortably. Speak to one of our technicians in New Orleans, LA, to help you decide which type of unit to purchase for your home. 

Change the Direction of the Ceiling Fan 

In the summer, the ceiling fan must be turned counterclockwise to create a cooling breeze at home. If you don’t have an AC, we suggest getting an air conditioner installation to have a more comfortable home and conserve energy. Turn on the ceiling fan so that your AC won’t have to work harder and use up a lot of energy. 

If you have other rooms, make sure to also close the doors especially when you’re not using the bedrooms. Otherwise, your AC will have to work harder to keep you comfortable. For questions about air conditioner installation, please contact our technician.

Ditch the Incandescent Light Bulbs

Are you aware that incandescent bulbs emit more heat? If you’re still using them, consider replacing these types of lights with LED bulbs. The latter is more energy-efficient — you can save money and your home will be a little cooler. LED bulbs emit 90 percent less heat compared to their counterparts. 

Another way to cool your home is to turn off the lights. You can also get an air conditioner installation to stay even more comfortable. But make sure to hire a licensed technician to help you properly install the unit. 

Improve Ventilation

Install an attic fan to help cool down your entire home. Heat rises and will increase your home’s temperature without ventilation. Running a ventilation fan in the attic can help pull cool air up and cool your entire home. You may also get an air conditioner installation if you want to stay more comfortable. Speak with one of our technicians for assistance. 

Avoid Using the Oven 

In the summer, we recommend not using the oven and other heat-producing appliances. Your air conditioner will only work harder and skyrocket your energy bill. Should you decide to use them, turn them on in the evening, when the temperature is lower. You may consider switching to energy-efficient appliances too as they emit less heat. 

Install Exhaust Fans

Some of your rooms may be hotter than the others — to cool these rooms, consider adding exhaust fans and ventilation. Because if you have an AC and you don’t ventilate these areas, the unit will end up working harder. This can translate to higher energy bills in the summer. 

Fix Air Leaks

One of the culprits are gaps in your windows and doors. Add weatherstripping to resolve these issues. This way, your AC won’t have to work harder. You get to conserve energy and save more money. 

Do You Want to Save Money?

If you have an old air conditioner that’s no longer efficient, consider replacing them with an energy-efficient unit. However, you need to get the right AZ size and go with a unit equipped with programmable temperature settings to maximize energy savings. Buy an air conditioning unit with high EER and SEER ratings, which indicates it is more energy-efficient. Most importantly, only hire a licensed technician in New Orleans, LA, to help you properly install the unit. 

Contact Us

Do you need air conditioner installation for your home? bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans has certified and experienced technicians equipped with the right training to install all types of air conditioning units. Whether you want to install window-type or central air conditioners, we can help. If you need assistance on what unit size or model to purchase, our team can also assist. Call bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans at your earliest convenience and we will schedule you for an appointment at the soonest possible time. Call us today! 

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