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Unit Blowing Hot Air? This And Other Reasons You Might Need Air Conditioning Repair This Summer | Timberlane, LA

Unit Blowing Hot Air? This And Other Reasons You Might Need Air Conditioning Repair This Summer | Timberlane, LA

With the average Timberlane, LA, temperature climbing above 90 degrees in summer, you definitely don’t want to need air conditioning repair, but if you do, you can rely on bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans. Featuring a full spectrum of HVAC maintenance and repair services, our company specializes in AC repair. Unfortunately, the heavy workload your AC unit has to perform to keep your home comfortably cool during the summer can take a toll on its function. There are some common problems that often plague AC systems during the hot season. If your AC unit is blowing hot air or failing to turn on, you can count on bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans and our experienced technicians who can troubleshoot the problem and provide the ideal fix.

Your AC System Is Blowing Hot Air

If your air conditioning system is blowing hot or warm air, there is certainly a problem. But it can be difficult to pinpoint the reason if you’re not an HVAC professional. Usually, the situation calls for an air conditioning repair call. The problem is a common one, but it can be caused by a few different things. Sometimes the issue doesn’t call for air conditioning repair at all. It could be that someone adjusted the thermostat to ‘on.’ This will cause the fan to turn on, but in order for the AC system to push cool air out through the vents, the thermostat needs to be turned onto ‘cool’ or ‘auto.’

If that’s not the problem, you’ll likely need to place an AC repair call to bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans. We can send a technician to troubleshoot why your AC unit is pushing out warm air instead of cold air. Typically, this problem occurs because the air conditioner coils have become dirty and are no longer able to function properly. Sometimes the unit’s refrigerant levels are low or there’s a leak. Our HVAC technicians can fix both of these problems and get your unit back into functioning condition.

AC Unit Is Not Turning On

Another common reason for air conditioning repair is when the system won’t turn on. Fortunately, sometimes it’s an easy fix. For instance, if a circuit breaker has tripped, your AC unit won’t turn back on until you adjust the circuit breaker. If too many electric appliances were in use at the same time, it could cause the break to trip and need to be reset. If it continues to trip, however, you’ll need to contact an electrician.

Unfortunately, there are many other reasons why an AC unit won’t turn on–and they do require AC repair. Your thermostat may be malfunctioning. Assuming that the thermostat doesn’t simply need its batteries replaced, it could simply need to be totally replaced if it’s no longer working. On the other hand, your AC unit may not turn on if there’s a clog in its drain line or if the motor has failed. Sometimes a refrigerant leak can also cause this problem. When you call bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans and tell us what’s going on, we’ll send a skilled technician to your home to make the air conditioning repair that’s needed.

Air Conditioning System Coils Have Frozen

Another common problem is when air conditioning coils freeze up. There are a few different reasons why this can occur. Often, the problem is caused by poor airflow. There may be plants growing around your outdoor unit that are blocking the airflow. There could be patio furnishings blocking the air flow. It’s important to keep about 3 feet around the unit free from any obstacles that could block the flow of air. Poor airflow is commonly caused by a dirty air filter. That’s typically the first thing an air conditioning repair technician will check out when you call for service at your Timberlane, LA, home.

A malfunctioning blower motor can also cause your coils to freeze up. Of course, when they’re frozen they can’t function properly. Low refrigerant levels can also cause this issue. When you call bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans we’ll find out why your evaporator coils are freezing up and make any AC system repair that’s needed.

AC Unit Isn’t Cooling the House as Well as It Used to

If your unit isn’t cooling your house off as it once did or that cooling is uneven, there could be a refrigerant leak. A refrigerant leak is definitely something that needs attention right away. Our air conditioning repair technician will determine if there’s a leak. Uneven cooling isn’t the only sign of a refrigerant problem. Low refrigerant can cause the evaporator coils to freeze up.

Of course, before more refrigerant can be added to the unit, the leak has to be found and repaired. Our technicians are highly skilled and will find out if there’s a leak or if the refrigerant levels have simply become low; this can occur over time. Once the leak is repaired or the tech determines that there isn’t one, they can add more refrigerant. This should solve the problem unless there’s something else that’s causing the house to cool unevenly. For instance, there could be a leak in the ductwork. Again, when you contact bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans for air conditioning repair, we’ll tackle the job for you and get your unit back into proper functioning condition.

If you need air conditioning repair at your Timberlane, LA, home for these or any other issues you may be having, contact bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans. Our technicians are certified and highly trained. We can also maintain your system, which can help you ward off many problems that require repair.

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