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Understand The Inner Workings Of Your Air Conditioning System To Help Avoid Unnecessary Air Conditioning Repair | Timberlane, LA

Understand The Inner Workings Of Your Air Conditioning System To Help Avoid Unnecessary Air Conditioning Repair | Timberlane, LA

Air conditioning systems are revolutionary appliances that allow individuals to live more convenient and comfortable lives. Without air conditioning, it would be impossible to live in the desert and other hot climates. Air conditioning is the perfect device for riding a space of heat and humidity. This is especially beneficial for technology and other electronic devices. Air conditioning also cultivates a healthier home environment. If you do not have a working air conditioning system it would benefit you greatly to have one permanently installed. If your air conditioning isn’t working properly contact a reliable and professional HVAC service provider for urgent air conditioning repair. The sooner you repair an air conditioning appliance the better it will be.

There are many moving parts in an air conditioning system. This means any component that is out of place or broken can affect another aspect of the air conditioning appliance. The longer these issues are allowed to fester, the more problems will arise. Understanding how your air conditioning works will help you determine when you need to contact a professional air conditioning repair service provider.

Regular air conditioning appliance maintenance can help prevent common air conditioning issues and extend the lifespan of your air conditioning appliance. Experts suggest having your HVAC system serviced at least once or twice a year for preventive maintenance purposes. It is best to have your air conditioning and heating appliances serviced once in the spring and once in the fall in order to prepare these machines for use each season. Servicing both appliances once a year can also be extremely beneficial. If you live in or around the Timberlane, LA, area, contact the staff at bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans for all of your HVAC service needs today.

How the Air Conditioning System Works

The air conditioning system has a few essential components present in all air conditioning systems across the globe. These components are the compressor, coils, refrigerant, blower, fans, and air ducts. Without these components, your air conditioning system would not function properly. If your air conditioning is malfunctioning in any way, chances are it is due to a fault with one of the previously mentioned components. Contact a professional HVAC service company for urgent air conditioning repair at the inclination of any air conditioning system malfunction.


The refrigerant is one of the most important components of the air conditioning system. Refrigerant is a compound, just like the chemical used in cars to cool the car engine. Refrigerant is also used in appliances like the refrigerator. Without refrigerant air conditioning would not be possible. If there is an issue with your air conditioner’s refrigerant, contact a local and licensed HVAC technician for urgent air conditioning repair.

Refrigerants have the unique ability to absorb heat and humidity from the air. This chemical is usually in liquid form. Refrigerant reverts to a gaseous state between 40 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Compare this to water which has a boiling point of 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Refrigerant’s low boiling point makes it the perfect substance for absorbing heat. Issues such as refrigerant leaks can deplete this chemical from your air conditioning appliance. You may be able to recognize refrigerant leaks by the presence of liquid around the inside or outside air conditioning unit or a lack of humidity removal. If you believe your refrigerant is leaking, contact your professional for urgent air conditioning repair. If you live in or around the Timberlane, LA area, and are in need of air conditioning repair, contact the staff at bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans.


The coils are also extremely important components of the air conditioning system, seeing as though they are responsible for containing the refrigerant. The refrigerant is always in either liquid or gas form. This chemical has to be contained somehow. This is where the coils come in. The coils come in two sets. One set of coils is known as the evaporator coils and the other set is known as the condenser coils. These coils are typically made out of some sort of metal, such as copper in order to allow for better temperature conductivity. As mentioned previously, the refrigerant’s main duty is to absorb heat and humidity. The materials the coils are made out of must allow the refrigerant to do this. If your air conditioning system does not seem to be removing humidity, it could be due to an issue with your coils. Contact the staff at your local air conditioning repair service provider for regular maintenance and repair.

How Everything Works Together

The compressor is a device that moves the refrigerant from the inside unit to the outside unit. The coils on the inside unit are known as evaporator coils. These coils can be found in the intake vents. The air in the house is sucked into these vents where they come in contact with the evaporator coils. Here the refrigerant is able to absorb the heat and remove some of the humidity from the air. The compressor then moves the evaporated refrigerant to the condenser coils where it is condensed back into liquid form. It goes through this process over and over again until the desired temperature is reached. If the compressor isn’t working, then the entire process is jeopardized. You may be able to recognize compressor failure by the sound of rattling. If you hear this sound, contact a professional for air conditioning repair.

The fan helps generate cool air by blowing over the refrigerant as well. The blower moves this cool air along the air ducts and out the vents. The removal of warm humid air and the addition of cooled, circulated air, makes the air conditioning system the most efficient way to lower the temperature in an enclosed space. If your air conditioning system isn’t working as it should, chances are one of the previously mentioned components is afflicted. Regular preventive maintenance can prevent malfunctions from occurring and reduce the need for air conditioning repair. Simple maintenance tasks such as dusting off the coils can go a long way when it comes to air conditioning system efficiency and operation.

The better you maintain your HVAC appliances the more efficient they will be and the longer they will last. This means you will be able to save more money in the long run. The more efficient your appliances run the less energy they will use. This will reduce your energy cost and reduce your carbon footprint. If you live in or around the Timberlane, LA area, contact the staff at bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans for air conditioning repair and maintenance services.

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