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Top Water Heater Repair Problems In Old Houses And How To Solve Them | Harvey, LA

Top Water Heater Repair Problems In Old Houses And How To Solve Them | Harvey, LA

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Old houses in Harvey, LA have a certain rustic charm and elegance to them, as well as being relatively cheaper than newer houses. However, you will probably have to spend time and effort making sure it doesn’t fall into disrepair due to its older structure.

Your water heater system is a plumbing appliance that you will use daily. When you want to keep your water heater system running as long as possible, you must have it inspected beforehand by a water heater repair service to know of all the possible problems that could pop up over time.

Your Home’s Plumbing and Water Heating System

Older homes tend to have water systems that have a tank attached to them, while newer models have begun installing even tankless water heaters. Depending on how recently the plumbing system has been overhauled, you could have outdated fixtures and connections which make your water heater lose its efficiency.

Leaking Water Heater

One of the most common water heater problems that could have you running to call a water heater repair service is a leaking water tank. A leak doesn’t just make your water heater inefficient when it comes to water heating but can cause serious damage to your home and electrical wiring near the system.

Sometimes, all it takes is to tighten a screw here and there to stop the leakage, but if you’ve noticed that it’s a serious leakage, you should call for a water heater repair service immediately after shutting off the system.

Strange Noises from Water Heater

A strange coming from your water heater once in a while isn’t cause for much alarm. However, if your water heater is consistently making odd rumbling noises, it can be either due to overheating or a buildup of sediment.

It is advised to flush out your entire water heater system at least once a year to clear out any sediments that have been built up over time. If you hear a boiling sound from inside the heater, switch off the system and call for a water heater repair service immediately.

Water with Rust or Odd Smells

You may begin to notice that your water has a reddish tinge to it or smells odd. The foul odor coming from your water can smell of rotten eggs or something much worse.

If you are only facing this issue with hot water and not cold water, then the problem lies in the tank of your water heater system. The anode rod in your water heater is responsible for cleaning bacteria from the tank, and the root of your smelly water could be a defective anode rod.

Replacing the anode rod requires in-depth knowledge of the water heater system, and you will likely need to consult with a water heater repair service for it to be fixed.

Water Pipes in Your Home

While most homes have switched over to newer pipes and plumbing systems over the past few years, there are still homes that have really old plumbing systems.

The water pipes in your home could also cause your water heater system to work less efficiently. Old pipes were made of lead and polybutylene, which are prone to leaks and breakages.

Consistently running your heated water through these pipes can cause problems in the water temperature and quality when it reaches you. When you’re having a water heater repair service inspect your water heater, have them inspect the plumbing pipes that connect the heater to your fixtures as well.

Low Water Pressure

There could be several reasons behind why you’re facing low water pressure as soon as you switch to hot water. If you are located in Harvey, LA is prone to receiving hard water, you may have a hard water scale and other mineral deposits building up inside your water heater tank.

Other factors that can cause low water pressure include bent or distorted pipelines, partially closed shutoff valves, and incorrect sizing of the water pipes. If you’re unsure of the exact reason behind the low pressure, ask a water heater repair professional to give you some clarity on the situation.

Issues with Water Temperature

Water temperature issues are common in many water heater systems over time, but they can be exacerbated when you have multiple people in your household or require large amounts of hot water within a short period.

Try toggling with the thermostat on your water heater and seeing if that resolves the issue. If you continue to have drastic temperature fluctuations even after changing the temperature, you could have a malfunction with your water heating unit inside your water heater.

If your utility bills keep on increasing monthly and you continue to have issues with the water temperature, it would be best to get a water heater repair technician to your home to figure out what’s going on. There may be wiring issues in your water heater that cause it to draw more electrical power without giving adequate hot water.

Solving Your Water Heater Troubles

When you decide to continue using the water heater system that came with your old house there will inevitably be some issues and kinks that will need to be worked out.

The best defense that you can provide your old water heater system is getting it regularly maintained through a water heater repair service and ensuring that you’re not putting too much of a load on it.

While all water heaters need to be replaced after a specific period, you can lengthen the life of your water heater by resolving these common problems as quickly as possible. Letting them grow won’t just cause issues with your water heater, but can damage your property and plumbing system as well.

Need Some Assistance with Your Water Heater Woes? Let Our Experts Help

Your water heater might be showing visible and invisible signs of damage that can cause bigger breakdowns when not handled properly. Don’t wait till you have no hot water in your home to contact bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of New OrleansHarvey, LA

From choosing the ideal energy-efficient water heater system for your home to repairing and replacing any damaged parts, our technicians can guide you into making an informed choice when it comes to your water heater system.

Call us now at 210-876-1649 to get simple and quick resolutions to your water heater woes.

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