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Three Reasons Why You Should Never Try to DIY a Plumbing Installation

Three Reasons Why You Should Never Try to DIY a Plumbing Installation

There’s a reason that plumbers undergo technical training and years of on-the-job training, too. Plumbing systems are just more complex than most people think. To the layman, a plumbing system appears relatively simple. Water comes in, waste goes out, right? Well that’s true, but it’s definitely not that simple. In the overall scheme of things, a modern plumbing system is filled with twists and turns – both literally and figuratively. That is why we never recommend a do-it-yourself plumbing installation. Unfortunately, a DIY plumbing install is almost certain to cause more damage, so that you’ll ultimately be paying more for repairs!

DIY on Complicated Plumbing Installations

No, it’s not that you’re not smart or can’t read instructions. The key is that, as we said, plumbing systems are complex. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes, and experience will definitely pay off here. If you as a do-it-yourself person were to make a mistake (which is likely without the proper training and equipment), then you may incur thousands of dollars in water damage. We’ve seen it happen. Of course, then you’ll also have to pay a plumber to come in and fix the problem, too. It adds up to a lot of money.

Here’s why we recommend relying on the professionals, and avoiding any do-it-yourself plumbing installations:

  • Repairs – We cannot say it enough: If you make a mistake, you will pay in the end. The repairs to rectify the problem will be more expensive than if you had simply called in a professional plumber for the initial installation
  • Water Damage – This one’s big too! When disconnecting a water pipe or installing a new faucet, there’s always the risk of water damage. A professional plumber can minimize that risk altogether, ensuring a clean, easy installation overall
  • Guarantees – Can you guarantee yourself that you’ll get the job done right? Probably not. However, an experienced plumber can absolutely make such a guarantee!

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Plumber

Now you understand why it’s not a good idea to go DIY or handle plumbing jobs yourself. At least, not without the proper training and equipment on-hand. There is a simple alternative though – pick up the phone and call the highest-rated professional plumbing service in your area.

The benefits of hiring an expert plumber include:

  • Protection Plans – Most plumbing companies offer protection plans. After a professional installation, if anything should go wrong, a protection plan has you covered. The issue can be diagnosed and repaired promptly by an expert plumber
  • Quality – When compared to DIY work, the quality and expertise level of a professional plumber will be very self-evident. You’ll see first-hand the commitment and training that goes into the job
  • Cost – Yes, as homeowners we’re all worried about spending money. Well, hiring a professional plumber costs money, but over the long-run it will definitely save you money and headaches, too!

Schedule expert plumbing installation with bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of New Orleans. Call us now at 504-291-6466. We’re known for getting the job done right the first time.

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