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Things That Might Block Your Drains According To A Drain Cleaning Service Provider | New Orleans, LA

Things That Might Block Your Drains According To A Drain Cleaning Service Provider | New Orleans, LA

Several things might block your drains, with some being a nuisance and harder to remove than others. Therefore, you have to enlist the help of a reliable drain cleaning service provider to clear the drains by removing the blockages correctly and safely without causing any damage to the drainage system. It is an excellent idea to get the drainage system cleaned once every year. This ensures that you avoid the blockages that might arise from foreign objects making their way into the drains.

A plumber might also offer you beneficial tips on the best ways of caring for your drains to ensure they remain clear for most of the year. Below are several things that may block your drainage system, resulting in issues at your New Orleans, LA home.

Oil and Fat

Oil is a critical element of any cooking. However, some homeowners don’t consciously decide to dispose of it after they finish cooking. Pouring it down the drains is the easier option for most people; it is a liquid. However, oil might stick on the pipes and build up over time, hindering the flow of wastewater and might block smaller objects from moving through.

Instead of pouring oil into your drains, pour it into a container and seal it. Then, you can safely dispose of it properly later. This ensures that your pipes remain clean for a long time after having a drain cleaning service. When heated, the fats are only in liquid form but immediately return to solid upon cooling. When hot, the liquid fats can travel to any distance within the drains but later congeal and catch other objects, resulting in a clog.

Remember that using liquid drain cleaning agents isn’t advised. This is because the chemicals might corrode and weaken the interiors of your plumbing system, resulting in bursting and leaks. Furthermore, they might not dissolve the fats, meaning it is all for nothing. Hence, you are better to enlist a professional cleaning service to clear the drains.

Food Scraps

After eating, it is time to relax, but the dishes are sitting there waiting to be cleaned. It isn’t uncommon to forget to scrap all the food before you throw the dishes in the sink. Unfortunately, when it comes to scraping off food particles from the dishes, most New Orleans, LA homeowners are pretty guilty. They might find their way into the drains by not scraping the foods from the dishes, resulting in blockages and clogs.

One of the greatest ways of preventing this is to have a plumber install a filter on the sink. The strainer has big enough holes that water can flow through but small to the extent that the food particles cannot flow through. Hence, they cannot find a way into your drains. You can remove the strainer and have it cleaned whenever the strainer has material buildup on it. Enlist the help of a plumber in choosing the right-sized strainer for your drains. By doing this, you could save a lot of money. However, if the food particles enter your drainage system, don’t try removing them yourself, as you might damage your drains. Have a professional drain cleaning service provider clean them instead.

Children’s Toys

By nature, children are curious and might sometimes wonder what will happen if they flush a toy down the toilet. They are also sneaky and don’t realize they’ve flushed their toy down the toilet until there is a blockage. Most toys in the drainage system end up there unintentionally. For instance, the small parts of the toys might get loose and break off when the kids are bathing, flowing into the drainage system.

The small toys might pass through the pipes without any problem but can also get stuck from the soap residue, resulting in a clog building up around them. If the clogs get stuck on soap particles, you cannot use liquid drain cleaners to remove them. First, the chemicals cannot dissolve the toy, and second, the liquid drain cleaners might react with the pipes making your drainage system. Using a plunger might end up damaging the pipes.

The best option is to enlist a plumber for a drain cleaning service. They are properly equipped with drain snakes and advanced drain cleaning tools like hydro jetters. By combining the tools with their experience and skills, the professionals will quickly clean your drainage system. But as a popular saying famously claims, you better prevent this eventuality from arising other than be sorry to be dealing with clogs and having to call a plumber for a drain cleaning service.

Instead, hire a plumber to install filters in the drainage system so that it can stop the small parts of the toys from entering the drainage system. First, however, ensure that your home has a drain cleaning service done at least once every year to ensure that they are in top condition and the wastewater can flow uninhibited. When offering the service, the plumber will inspect other parts of your drainage to ensure that it functions properly and that the pipes don’t have hairline cracks.


As a general rule, never flush anything other than human waste and toilet paper down your toilet, whether you have a conventional sewer system or a septic tank. Toilet papers are designed to dissolve in water when the right size is used quickly. Hence, it can pass through the drainage system easily. In some New Orleans, LA homes, baby wipes and diapers are the common reasons for clogged drains.

These materials are designed in a way such that they expand whenever they absorb water. Hence, they easily and quickly block the drains. Other sanitary products have a similar effect. To reduce the toiletries that might end up in the drainage system, you must have a policy in your household where the family members don’t flush the toiletries down the drains. However, this might accidentally happen at times. Whenever it happens, you should have a professional cleaning service before a clog develops.

Professional Drain Cleaning Services in New Orleans

Drain cleaning services are, in some ways, preventative plumbing maintenance as it ensures that your drainage system doesn’t have clogs that might make your pipes burst. Owing to the many materials that might contribute to the formation of blockages in your plumbing, you should have your drains cleaned once every year. Do you need a drain cleaning service in your home? Call us at bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans today.

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