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The Whys, Hows, And Whens Of Duct Cleaning Service | Timberlane, LA

The Whys, Hows, And Whens Of Duct Cleaning Service | Timberlane, LA

The air conditioning unit is one of the backbone systems for the comfort of your home in Timberlane, LA, throughout the year. For some homeowners, the condition of the AC unit and duct cleaning is the last thing on their mind if it is operations. Others have many unanswered questions, such as the benefits of duct cleaning, how to know you need duct cleaning, and where to get these services. Unfortunately, through this confusion, many homeowners end up without duct cleaning services for their air conditioning units, opening them up to dire consequences. Therefore, this article will highlight the why, when, and how of duct cleaning.

Why Is Duct Cleaning Necessary?

As a homeowner, chances are that you have witnessed some unexplainable signs from your air conditioning unit, especially if it has been a long time since you got a regular duct cleaning for your air conditioning ductwork. Some signs might be because of dirty HVAC ductwork. Below are some of the primary reasons why you need routine duct cleaning;

To Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

The first vital benefit of having a regular duct cleaning service is that it improves and sustains good quality air supply in your home. The air quality in your home can affect many aspects of your family, such as their health. Poor air quality exposes your family to various health problems such as eye, nose, and throat irritation and respiratory problems. In addition, poor air quality can also cause comfort issues in your home.

Your home might experience poor air quality due to various reasons, such as dust, pet dander, inadequate ventilation, and excess humidity, causing mold and fungus growth. With all substances at play, your HVAC unit recirculates them into your breathing air every time it runs. However, having a regular duct cleaning service will eliminate this accumulation from the ductwork, restoring the quality of your indoor air.

To Cut Down on Dust

A professional duct cleaning service helps reduce the dust in your home. Therefore, if you have been noticing clouds of dust emanating from your HVAC registers or much buildup on surfaces around your home, it is advisable to enroll in these services. Afterward, you will have less dust present in your home.

To Eliminate Odors

When fungus and mold grow in your ductwork, they eventually find their way into the air you and your family breathe. Their presence is indicated by lingering a strong moldy or musty odor. To effectively eradicate this issue, contact a duct cleaning service technician to inspect and clean your ductwork for mold. In addition, you can incorporate mold remediation to get rid of these odors permanently.

To Reduce AC Unit Breakdowns

As your HVAC system runs, dust, dirt, and other particles find their way into the system’s ductwork. The accumulation of these particles causes a clog in the ductwork, which in turn strains the HVAC unit as it tries to meet the temperature needs of your home. Overworking your system reduces efficiency, which in the long run results in malfunctioning or breaking essential components such as the compressor. Therefore, apart from reducing the AC unit breakdowns, a professional duct cleaning service also facilitates the lifespan of your system and saves money you would have used in unnecessary repairs.

To Improve Your Comfort Level

The effectiveness of an HVAC unit is highly dependent on the condition of the ductwork since this directly impacts the air supply in both the system and your Timberlane, LA, home. Therefore, when your ductwork is clogged by dirt and dust, less air flows through them. When the airflow is reduced, your system works harder to cool or heat, depending on your requirement. Consequently, you will notice temperature differences from one area of your home to the next, high humidity, and your HVAC struggling to reach the set temperature.

When Should Your Ducts Be Cleaned?

The question of when exactly to get duct cleaning service is hard to answer because, unlike other services, this one does not have a set timetable. Getting this service is highly dependent on several factors, such as the age of your equipment, the region you live in, and the upkeep of your equipment.

For instance, a well-maintained, fairly new HVAC system in a good-quality location would not need cleaning service as regularly as an older HVAC system in an industrial building dealing with contaminants and dusty materials. The second system will need its ducts cleaned a couple of times a year or even every month.

Therefore, the only way to know if your duct work needs cleaning is by contacting a duct cleaning expert to inspect your ducts. However, if you suspect that your ducts are dirty, you might notice some of the following signs;

  • High humidity
  • Strong lingering musty odors
  • Excessive dust emanating from the HVAC system and settling on surfaces
  • Mold growth on the ceiling and walls

How to Choose a Company to Clean Your Air Ducts

When searching for duct cleaning service providers, there are many avenues you can get these services from. For example, you might opt to search the internet for the best service providers in your area or use references from other homeowners who have gone through the same process.

Regardless of the method, you choose to get a service provider, always ensure that the company you pick meets the standards and requirements of law by asking for their license. Enquire about the company’s insurance coverage. The insurance cover indicates that the company is willing and ready to take liability in case of damages or injury during the cleaning process. Finally, ensure you go through the company’s website and third-party websites to get a feel of the company’s operation and reputation.

As you know, duct cleaning is a crucial aspect of home maintenance. Do you need a duct cleaning service in Timberlane, LA? Contact us at bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans today.

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