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The Most Common Signs You’re In Need Of Drain Cleaning Service | New Orleans, LA

The Most Common Signs You’re In Need Of Drain Cleaning Service | New Orleans, LA

We use our drains every day in our New Orleans, LA homes, yet how often do we give these important parts of our plumbing even a second thought? Your drains are what keep your plumbing system running smoothly, and oftentimes we tend to only pay attention when something goes wrong with them. In order to prevent total drain blockages, you need to learn the signs that you’re in need of a drain cleaning service. If you ignore the signs that you are in need of drain cleaning service you could end up with a much more serious plumbing issue on your hands, like a blockage deep down in your drain lines for example. Let us discuss the top signs that your drains are in need of attention.

Your Drains Are Slow to Drain

If you are doing the dishes, brushing your teeth, or taking a shower and finishing but notice that the water is slow to drain, you are dealing with a drain that needs attention. This most often indicates that you have a clog somewhere in your drain line. If you only have one drain doing this, chances are it is a simple fix, however, if you have multiple drains in your New Orleans, LA home which are slow to drain you may be dealing with a blockage somewhere in your sewer line. Sewer line blockages are a major plumbing problem as these blockages are much more difficult to remove and require much more time to remove, and as they say, time is money. If you ignore drains that are slow to drain in your home, you could end up with a total blockage down the road, which could end up costing you more money in the long run, so it is far better to deal with the issue while it is a minor inconvenience.

Your Drains Are Backing Up

Water should always go down your drains, not up through them. If you happen to notice water backing up through your drains in your New Orleans, LA home, this is an issue that will require your immediate attention. If water is flowing in the opposite direction you certainly are dealing with a major blockage that requires help from a drain cleaning service, the sooner the better. The water flowing up through your drains is sewage, which of course poses a health risk to you and your family. Oftentimes this problem indicates an issue with your home’s sewer line, so this is one issue that you want to call your local drain cleaning service for right away before further damage occurs to your plumbing system. Ignoring the issue could result in a burst pipe, which of course would mean a much higher repair bill than simply dealing with the blockage you most certainly are dealing with.

You Smell Sewage Inside Your Home

The one thing you should never smell inside of your home is the smell of raw sewage. Oftentimes if you are smelling the tell-tale scent of sewage inside your home you are dealing with a break somewhere in your sewer line. This of course is no small matter, but it can actually get worse, so you definitely want to call your local drain cleaning service right away if you start to smell raw sewage indoors. Not only can you avert a more expensive repair bill, but when you smell sewage you are dealing with toxic gas in most cases. If you breathe in that gas too long over a prolonged period of time, your health could suffer. One thing you never want to do is breathe in sewer gas. Sewer gas has actually killed people. Your local drain cleaning service will repair any breaks in your sewer line and remove any and all blockages, which will stop the stench of sewer gas inside of your home.

Your Drains Often Clog

If you, like many homeowners, are the victim of frequent drain clogs you have a plumbing issue that needs the attention of a professional drain cleaning service to remove the stubborn clog once and for all. Do-it-yourself methods like store-bought chemicals can and most often will do further damage to your plumbing system. Chemical agents to remove clogs actually damage your pipes and most often will only partially remove the clog, that is why the clogs quickly return. Your local drain cleaning service can remove those stubborn clogs completely, without damaging your plumbing system. It is far better to let a professional deal with the problem than to risk a major clog developing farther down your drain lines.

Multiple Clogged Drains

If you have more than one drain in your home clogged at the same time, you have a major plumbing problem on your hands. This is most often a signal that you have a clog deep in your drain lines or an issue with your sewer line. If your main sewer line becomes clogged, it will affect every drain in your home. This type of clog is immune to any do-it-yourself methods like a plunger or chemical agents, the only way to remove this type of clog is with the help of a professional drain cleaning service. You might be dealing with a broken sewer line, and this is often the case with older homes. You could have your drain pipes infested with tree roots as well. Tree roots can be especially destructive to your sewer line as they can over time crack the sewer pipes apart from within. Professionals have safe methods to remove these tree roots and once again allow your drains to function as intended.

If you have any of the above drain issues in your home, give bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans a call. We even offer 24/7 emergency service as we know plumbing disasters do not wait for normal business hours. Simply call 504-229-4848 and one of our knowledgeable service reps will answer any questions you may have and book you a prompt service appointment to tackle any of your plumbing issues.

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