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The Most Common Plumbing Issues That Your Emergency Plumber Encounters | Timberlane, LA

The Most Common Plumbing Issues That Your Emergency Plumber Encounters | Timberlane, LA

The plumbing system forms a vital part of almost every home in Timberlane, LA. In addition to ensuring that your house has a stable and reliable supply of clean water, your plumbing system also helps with ensuring that the wastewater is efficiently drained out to keep your home clean and hygienic. Given how nasty and disruptive some plumbing situations can be, most plumbing situations need to be fixed immediately. For instance, if your toilet is broken, there is no way you can afford to leave it to be fixed later. However, no matter how urgently you want to see the plumbing issue at hand resolved, you should not consider fixing it on your own. Therefore, you must get a professional emergency plumber you can consult every time you have a plumbing situation in your house. But what exactly might prompt you to call an emergency plumber? Below is a rundown of some of the most common plumbing emergencies we at bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans deal with from time to time.

Blocked Toilets

When you flush your toilet, the wastewater and all its contents should quickly rush out. However, if the toilet is blocked, this might not happen. Instead, the wastewater might overflow the toilet bowl and create a big mess in your bathroom. The blockage could be caused by paper or other foreign materials accidentally flushed down your toilet. But whatever the cause might be, this is a plumbing issue that is quite nasty, and it must be addressed within the shortest time possible. If you try to fix it on your own, you might damage your toilet or even expose yourself to pathogens that might leave you seriously ill. Therefore, when you notice that your toilet is blocked, you need to call a professional emergency plumber to get the blockage removed quickly and safely.

Malfunctioning Water Heaters

Your water heater ensures that your family always has access to hot water for cooking, drinking, cleaning, and bathing. When it is broken, it can put your family in danger or cause serious disruption in your Timberlane, LA home. For example, if the temperature of the water coming from your water heater is too high for some reason, it might compromise your family’s safety. Likewise, if the water heater is not giving you hot water, you might have to do all your cleaning with cold water, which is not only uncomfortable but also ineffective. However, a broken water heater is not something you should try to fix on your own since it might expose you to the risk of burn injuries and electrocution. Therefore, when you notice that your water heater is behaving abnormally, you must ensure that it is repaired by a professional emergency plumber.

Burst Pipes

The water in your plumbing system is always under immense pressure. Therefore, when a pipe breaks, it can spill a lot of water. There are several reasons a pipe might burst. For instance, if there is a tree growing near a pipe, its roots might damage the pipe. Similarly, if the ground through which a pipe runs is shifting for some reason, it might also cause the pipe to get damaged. But whatever the cause might be, a burst pipe, if not fixed immediately, can cause flooding around your house and consequently damage your garden and interfere with the structural integrity of your home and other structures. Therefore, when you notice that you have a burst pipe around your house, you need to ensure that it is resolved by a professional emergency plumber within the shortest time humanly possible.

Frozen Pipes

During winter, the weather can get cold to the extent of causing the water in your plumbing system to get frozen, especially if your pipes are poorly insulated. When the water in the pipe freezes, your plumbing system might fail completely since the ice will block the flow of water in and out of your house. Therefore, if you notice that your faucets are dry in winter, it is likely that your pipes could be frozen. The good news is that this is an issue that is not too difficult for emergency plumbers to fix. These professionals will come with the right tools to ensure that your frozen pipes are quickly fixed to restore that supply of water in your house within the shortest time possible. Your emergency plumber will also advise you on what you need to do to prevent such an issue from occurring again.

Clogged Drains

This is perhaps the most common reason homeowners call emergency plumbers to their homes. A lot of materials find their way into the drains, and sometimes, they can stick to the sides of the drains and gradually reduce the space through which the wastewater flows. If nothing is done to interrupt this buildup, the drains will eventually get clogged. Of course, you can try fixing the issue using a plunger, but you should remember that this solution is only temporary. To fix the issue decisively, you need to call a professional plumber. The professional will come with the right tools to remove the clog without damaging your plumbing system. They will then clean the drains thoroughly to prevent clogging soon.

The Bottom Line

Overall, it is apparent that considering how important your plumbing system is, most plumbing issues need to be handled urgently. Therefore, as a homeowner, you need to have an emergency plumber you can trust to help you resolve any plumbing issue without delay. If you are looking for a dependable plumber providing emergency plumbing services in or around Timberlane, LA, bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans is the best plumbing contractor to hire. We have been providing professional plumbing services for a long time, and you count on our experience and expertise to get to the bottom of any plumbing situation in your house. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our company and services.

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