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The Big Easy’s Most Trusted Heating And AC Company | Harvey, LA

The Big Easy’s Most Trusted Heating And AC Company | Harvey, LA

There is a lot to consider as a responsible adult. Work, family, and home maintenance are just a few of the jobs we are tasked with every single day. It is human nature to let smaller things slip our minds and it isn’t until there’s a problem or an aspect of our daily life do we remember stuff like servicing our plumbing or our air conditioning.

Add in the difficulties of finding an AC company you can trust in this day and age and performing climate control services and repair becomes complicated. The trusty technicians from bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans serving Harvey, LA want to take the hassle and costliness out of this process.

Our technicians have fully vetted experts with a sincere commitment to customer service excellence. All field employees have completed years of education, an apprenticeship, and NATE-Certification. After these high-achievers accomplish these tremendous goals we select the best of the best to work for us.

Potential hires must then submit to our extensive application process. After they’ve met the minimum qualifications, we hold face-to-face interviews that explore their personalities and work ethics. When we offer any position we investigate their background with a thorough check. During employment, technicians agree to random drug and alcohol screens for everyone’s safety and security.

Infamous N’awlins Summer

Look up the term muggy in any dictionary and you’ll find photos of New Orleans and Harvey, LA displayed. The average temperature in summer is approximately 92 degrees Fahrenheit with humidity levels up there too. The summer months in southern Louisiana are scorching!

Even if your air conditioner is top-of-the-line and brand new it will struggle to cope with the heat. You need a specialized AC repair professional that knows how to quickly fix any model of the air conditioner. Our team members visit manufacturers to learn precisely how these necessary machines work, the appropriate way to repair them, and how to maintain the warranty. Did you know if you fail to get regular service that it can violate your warranty making any repairs your total responsibility?

Common Signals You Need a Quality AC Repair

A lot of times the warning signs that your air conditioner needs help go unrecognized. We want to inform you of the possible red flags before they extensively damage your unit. This isn’t a comprehensive list and if you have questions you should give us a ring to learn more.

Thermostat troubles: are you setting the temperature and finding yourself hot? There are many reasons why this is happening. It could be a blown fuse, a tripped circuit, or a struggling condenser.

Frozen evaporator coils: the evaporator coils play an important role in cooling your home or office. They transform the hot air aided by the refrigerant but if there isn’t enough warm airflow the coolant freezes them over. While they can be defrosted it will take a minimum of 24 hours for an expert to do so.

Pooled water: a drip is normal. A soggy area surrounding your unit is not. Excess water is one of those signs that should warn you that something is rotten in Denmark (your air conditioner)!  Insufficient warm air can slowly freeze the evaporator coils forcing the condenser to work harder and harder. Large pools of water surrounding your unit are a strong sign and you need to rely on a trustworthy AC company in Harvey, LA.

Customer Testimonials

“I have had quite a few bad experiences with an AC company that wasn’t transparent about their fee schedules, they didn’t have a work guarantee, and they were constantly late for appointments. Sometimes they didn’t even show up and that was in the middle of July! For nearly two weeks, I lived in a sticky, uncomfortable house because I was waiting on these guys. Eventually, I gave up and called bluefrog Home Services to finish the job. They did so quickly and affordably. I won’t be going back to the other guys, EVER!’

Nour Winters, Harvey resident

“Truly amazing service and efficient work. I’m happy to be a customer of an AC company that actually cares about what they do and how they work. The bluefrog reputation for excellence is well deserved. I’ve been a customer of theirs for a few years now. Every single time they are punctual, arrive prepared and have the tools and know-how to get it done fast. I’m the type that’s always looking for a bargain and that’s another good reason why I’m sticking with you guys because for an air conditioning company you make it really affordable. I trust bluefrog for many home maintenance repairs and services and I would not go anywhere else for anything. Thank you for taking the stress out of staying cool and always being there when I need you most. I am truly grateful for your assistance!

Tom Intem, Harvey resident

“The care and quality of the service provided by bluefrog are way better than any other AC company in Harvey! My evaporator coils were frozen over and I didn’t know what to do. I was afraid my Harvey air conditioner was totally broken and I just had it installed a year ago! I called and made an appointment and within less than two days my climate controls were blowing out deliciously cool air and I was so relieved to have entrusted this task to a reliable AC company. If you are smart and frugal, do not go to any other AC company because you will pay more for less. The customer service is exceptional too! They go out of their way to make you feel valued and cared for, not like others who act like they are doing you a favor to do their job! If you need an AC company in Harvey,-call bluefrog today! You won’t regret it! I am so glad that I did!!”

Arnold Peters, Harvey resident

If you’re looking for an experienced, prompt, and reputable AC company, look no further than bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans. Call us today!

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