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Surefire Indicators That It Is Time To Call A Plumber For Water Heater Repair | Harvey, LA

Surefire Indicators That It Is Time To Call A Plumber For Water Heater Repair | Harvey, LA

In what might sound a cliché, a water heater is among the most critical appliances at your Harvey, LA home. This is because of the various uses of hot water. It is used for bathing, showering, handwashing, dishwashing, and even doing some laundry. With all these uses, imagine your water heater giving out mid-winter.

Unfortunately, some water heater issues will still arise even with severe maintenance and inspection plans. However, homeowners are advised to go for water heater repair before winter kicks in. Fortunately, before an emergency breakdown arises, several surefire signs manifest and indicate that the water heater will surely fail, including:

Reduced Water Flow

The buildup of mineral sediments in your water heater results in a reduced water flow rate. Whenever you notice that the water flow of the heated water has reduced, that is a signal that indicates that the plumbing connecting the water heater and the outlets have a blockage. This isn’t a problem to ignore or even postpone. This problem might prove extreme, especially should it happen mid-winter. Hence, whenever you notice the issue, call a water heater repair technician for a further inspection and flushing of your water heating unit. While at it, take a more proactive preventative measure and create a maintenance and inspection plan with a reliable technician.

Cloudy Water

Sometimes, the hot water might turn cloudy or develop a metallic scent. These are telltale signs that your water heating unit is about to tap out. It is an indicator that the mineral sediments in the water heater tank might have accumulated high levels to the extent that they can travel via your plumbing to various outlets. You might also notice that the water has that metallic odor caused by rusting. Whenever you notice the high deposits, it is also a sign that the water heater is rusting. That’s the reason behind the cloudy water flowing from your shower. You should contact a water heater repair professional whenever you notice this.

Leaking Water Heater Tank

The mineral deposits in your water heater storage tank might make it begin rusting. Hot water leaks indicate that you may soon experience a water heater issue. Rather than wait until the problem becomes more pronounced and exacerbated, you should immediately call in a water heater repair technician. Otherwise, if the problem isn’t addressed urgently, it might flood your entire home.

It might also damage the valuables at your Harvey, LA home. Rather than wait until the water starts leaking out from your water heater, why not take a more proactive approach? Have a plumber come over for a regular inspection and maintenance to ensure that your water heater never runs into such issues. This will save you time, money, and inconveniences with water heater leaks.

A Leaky TPR Valve

Have you noticed that your water heater’s temperature and pressure relief valve is leaking? That is never a good sign. It is an issue that extends beyond repairing the component. It means that you might need prompt or emergency water heater repair service. The accumulation of rust and salt in the water heater tank causes the temperature & pressure valve to freeze, making it begin malfunctioning.

Since the TPR valve plays a critical role in removing the excessive pressure and temperature from the water heater tank, you might be sitting on a ticking time bomb. If the pressure doesn’t have a place to escape, it will build up within the tank and eventually explode, especially if the tank’s walls have been weakened by corrosion. Professionals implore homeowners to enlist the help of their reliable plumbers whenever they notice this problem. It will help protect the life of their families.

No Hot Water

Does your water heater discharge lukewarm or cold water? Does it have a slow recovery time? All these are signs that you need the services of a technician for a water heater repair. Conventional water heaters come with a large tank for storing the heated water. The tank has a varying capacity depending on the size of your family or your hot water needs. When heating the water, the minerals separate and accumulate at the bottom. With time, this accumulation forms a barrier between the heating element and the water. It interferes with the heat transfer, resulting in lukewarm and cold water in your faucets and shower.

Varying Water Temperature

Do you constantly play with the dials to adjust the changing water temperatures? This tops the list of the most irritating things to do in the morning. It can also be frustrating if you still end up bathing in lukewarm or cold water, even after wasting your time trying to adjust the temperatures. If that wasn’t enough, it also might be a sign that the water heater is about to fail. Hence, you should call in a water heater repair technician to further inspect the unit and make the necessary repairs.

The Hot Water Runs Out Too Fast

If you receive hard water from your water utility provider in your home, your water heater might suffer from a sediment accumulation problem. Hence, it is recommended that you have the water heater flushed once every year to remove these accumulated sediments. If the sediments accumulate for long, they will use up the space that the hot water would otherwise occupy. It means you will run out of heated water more frequently and quickly. Hence, enlist the help of a water heater repair technician to drain and flush the water heater tank whenever you notice this.

Professional Plumbing Company

Have you noticed any of the above signs on your water heater? Then you should immediately call a plumber for a further inspection and repair. Unfortunately, some homeowners resort to fixing the issues themselves. There are many dangers to this, and you shouldn’t consider it. Contact our licensed technicians at bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans today for a professional water heater repair service in Harvey, LA.

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