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Situations That Require An Emergency Plumbing Service | New Orleans, LA

Situations That Require An Emergency Plumbing Service | New Orleans, LA

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Plumbing systems ensure a proper flow of water into your house and drain it appropriately. If something goes wrong, it can affect the flow of water throughout your home. While plumbing fixtures are essential, most homeowners give less attention to them until a problem arises. When this happens, that’s the time they seek plumbing services to diagnose the issue. In many situations, plumbing emergencies happen when you least expect them.

You may not realize you have a problem until you have a flood or stand in a pool of wastewater in your bathroom. Whether it’s a broken water pipe flooding your home at midnight or a blocked toilet when having a family get-together, you need plumbing services to address the issue. Although some plumbing problems may cause minimal damages to your property, others are more hazardous and require immediate attention. Here are some cases that require an emergency plumber.

Clogged Drains

There is nothing more irritating than a blocked drain. Apart from causing inconveniences, it may also put your health at risk. Among the possible causes of clogging is human hair. If you have a blockage in one sink, that can be an issue of less concern and, you can address it by using a plunger. However, if clogging happens in multiple plumbing fixtures, it means you have a big problem in the plumbing system and needs immediate attention.

You may even experience backflow issues in the worst situations, or the water may fail to drain completely. A plunger may not help at this point; contacting a certified plumbing service provider would be a good idea. A professional can locate the areas of clogging and offer a permanent solution. Failure to address the issue sooner can result in burst pipes that can cause severe structural damage. It can also damage your drain pipes, and you may have to spend more money replacing them.

Sewer Backup

The last thing any homeowner in New Orleans, LA, would wish to experience is a sewer backup. Who would like to smell or stand on a pool of wastewater forced back to your home from the sewage drainage systems? Backflow issues can be messy, annoying, and costly.

Noticing the problem sooner and immediately calling an emergency plumber service professional to handle the situation may prevent sewage overflows in your home. You would know you have a sewer backup if you start experiencing multiple drain clogs, foul odor, and gurgling sounds coming from your toilets.

When you notice these signs, you should seek immediate help from a plumbing professional near you. By doing so, you’ll get to enjoy quality air in your home and protect your loved ones from health problems that accompany backflow issues.

Burst or Leaking Water Pipes

No matter the material they’re made of, pipes can still burst. A 1/8-inch crack in a pipe can waste about 250 gallons of water in a single day resulting in severe property damage. Water pipes can burst due to freezing, incorrect installation, or old age.

Sometimes it can be challenging to know if you have a burst pipe, especially if the water pipes lie beneath your home, behind the walls, or on the ceiling. To detect a leak, listen keenly to find out if there is a leak from behind the walls.

You may also check for damn carpets, floors, or water puddles in your home. If you notice a burst pipe, call a plumbing service provider in New Orleans, LA, right away. If the pipe burst is severe to the point of flooding, it’s advisable to stay away from the area to avoid electrocution. Additionally, if you have leaky water pipes, you should hire a plumbing service expert to fix the mess, as such leaks can waste up to 90 gallons of water in a single day. Aside from wasting water, they may also damage your home’s foundation. No matter the size of a leak, it’s a good idea to repair it before it can cause damage.

Frozen Water Pipes

Freezing in pipes is common during winter when the temperature falls below the freezing point. If you reside in areas that experience freezing, you must take necessary precautions to protect water pipes from freezing. During freezing, water inside the pipes solidifies, and the lines expand.

The expansion can be rapid and can result in cracking or pipe ruptures that leak water and may even result in flooding. If the water is in solid form, you may not get any water from your faucets. Once you discover this, it’s wise to contact a plumbing service expert to thaw the pipes right away. You should not thaw them on your own as it can result in uneven heating that can lead to further damage.

Gas Leaks

A gas leak is hazardous and can result in suffocation or brain damage. It may also cause fire explosions. Because natural gas has no odor, it can be challenging to detect. However, gas manufacturers add a harmless substance to help homeowners detect a gas leak in case it happens.

If you can smell gas, turn off your gas appliances and evacuate the room as you call a professional. That’s an emergency, and it’s essential to look for an expert providing professional plumbing services. A professional can identify the cause of the leak and offer a long-term solution.

Overflowing Toilet

A clogged toilet can be a minor issue, but an overflowing toilet is an issue that needs immediate attention. A toilet can overflow due to blockage or faulty toilet flappers. You may have no clue how to stop the overflow, and only a plumbing service professional can help. Therefore, if you have an overflowing toilet, do not attempt to solve the issue by yourself. All you need to do is shut off the water supply to your toilet and wait for the plumber.

Contact a Plumbing Service Provider You Can Trust

When plumbing emergencies arise, do not be left standing in a pool of wastewater or trying to unclog an overflowing toilet, contact plumbers at bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans. We are a trusted company serving residential and commercial clients in New Orleans, LA, and the surrounding areas. Whether you need a new installation, maintenance, or repair, our professionals can help you. Call us today to get your peace of mind without worrying about the plumbing system.

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