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Silent Plumbing Problems That Need An Emergency Plumber | Timberlane, LA

Silent Plumbing Problems That Need An Emergency Plumber | Timberlane, LA

If you are a homeowner in Timberlane, LA, you have likely dealt with several plumbing problems despite doing everything to prevent them. Unfortunately, most plumbing issues are unavoidable. On the brighter side, you can tell your home has plumbing issues such as a clogged toilet, water heater problems, or a slow-draining sink and have them fixed by a competent plumber.

But some plumbing problems are silent and could remain undetected for a long time. Such plumbing issues end up wreaking havoc, costing you a hundred dollars in water damage repair and costs. To avoid these complications that could disrupt your daily routine, continue reading to learn about the silent plumbing problems in your house that need to be resolved by an emergency plumber.


In an average home, leaks waste around 10,000 gallons of water annually. Some leaks are very obvious, like a dripping faucet or showerhead. Unless there is a considerable increase in your water bill, you often won’t even know there is a problem.

If you notice brown spots on your ceiling or walls or blistering paint, it could signify a more serious problem. Small leaks can cause the bathroom tiling to become loose or the toilet to wobble. Leaks can also cause a loss in water pressure. Low pressure affects the quality of your showers or water flow when you open the faucet.

Appliances like your water heater, dishwasher, and washing machine will have to work harder and use much more energy. To ensure no leaks in the plumbing system, hire an emergency plumber to check for leaks. Most plumbers have the special equipment necessary to detect leaks that are not visible from the outside.

Broken Pipes

Before a burst pipe floods your home, there often was a problem that led to this disaster. Pipes in the interior or exterior walls, the ceiling, or the basement can crack or break for several reasons. Changes in water pressure, clogs and blockages, freezing temperatures, and even tree roots can all cause a pipe to break. If you live in an area that experiences harsh winters, you should get the plumbing system in your house regularly checked by an emergency plumber.

Metal pipes are susceptible to rust and corrosion. If you notice discolored pipes or live in an older home, ensure the pipes are regularly inspected. A qualified plumber might advise repiping the whole house. Clogs and blockages can also cause a pipe to break. If you notice a slow draining sink and no improvement after using a plunger, you should call an emergency plumber. Pipes can break if you use too much pressure on the plunger and the clog is too big.

Wall Cracks

It would help if you never ignored cracks in your walls. If left untreated, they can lead to highly costly home repairs. Though some gaps are expected, some are caused by plumbing issues. Leaks or broken pipes and water heater problems can exert extra pressure on the walls and cause them to crack.

If the main line under the foundation of your house is damaged, it can cause foundation cracks or even sinkholes. The problem is that these issues often go unnoticed for a long time. And the house may have suffered extensive damage when you see them. If you notice water spots and weird smells around the cracks, it is most likely a plumbing problem, and you should call an emergency plumber.

Green Patch in Yard

A green patch in your yard, as lovely as it seems, could be caused by a leak in the sewer line. Often the patch is not simply an isolated spot on your lawn. Trees and bushes that seem extremely healthy could draw moisture from a leaky sewer line.

Septic systems are meant to last for a long time. So by the time you notice a problem, the system is already seriously damaged. You might also see foul smells, wet areas in your yard as well as experience backups in toilets, sinks, or drains. Annoying flies, mosquitoes during summer, and a rodent infestation could all be caused by leaks in the sewer line.

If you notice several of these signs, call an emergency plumber to inspect the septic system of your house. Especially if you just bought the house or it is older, a plumbing check will help detect problems early on and avoid costly repairs in the future. Septic leaks can cause serious health problems if not treated promptly.

To Wrap It Up

You might have thought that putting a bucket under a leaky faucet is a good idea or that low water pressure or a slow-moving drain will disappear after a while. But after reading this, you now know that minor issues can lead to much bigger problems.

Still, you might hesitate to call an emergency plumber and attempt to fix things yourself. Contrary to most beliefs, hiring an emergency plumber is relatively inexpensive. These specialists have the plumbing equipment and expertise to perform any repair job quickly and efficiently. Not only will this save you time, but you will also be able to avoid more extensive and costly plumbing problems.

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