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Signs You Need an Emergency Plumber | New Orleans, LA

Signs You Need an Emergency Plumber | New Orleans, LA

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The Romans were the first civilized nation to utilize plumbing, and it is likely that more than once there was a man who thought he could fix the pipes on his own. Most people take for granted the running water under their feet until there is a clog or the water starts running cold. At this point it is clear that an emergency plumber should be the next call, but sometimes there are other signs. 

A plumber in New Orleans, LA can be your best friend if you come home and find your home practically floating but learning the signs of a plumbing issue can help you prevent this scenario from becoming your reality. You don’t need to see water pouring out of any sink or drain to necessitate a call to a plumber.

The same way you shouldn’t ignore a check engine light, you should not ignore signs from your plumbing system that it needs repaired. Here are a few things that you should always call an emergency plumber right away about, so that a slight emergency doesn’t turn into a stay at a hotel.

You Suspect a Gas Leak

Many people don’t realize that plumbers are actually tasked with dealing with gas. If you need help with natural gas furnace connections or any copper pipes in your home a plumber is the professional you need. Therefore, if you suspect there is a gas leak in your home an emergency plumber in the New Orleans, LA area should be first on your list. 

Remember that gas leaks can lead to carbon monoxide which is known as the silent killer. Unless you have a detector in your home you will not know until it’s too late, so if you have any reason to believe you have a gas leak you need to call a plumber and/or leave your home. 

Busted Pipe

Emergency plumbers all have stories about frantic clients who call because a pipe has burst in their home. You can’t just tie off a busted pipe, so if you find one in your home you need to shut off the water main and then immediately pick up the phone to call a plumber. 

Depending on where the busted pipe is, it can cause a lot of damage in a surprisingly short period of time. Not only will the busted pipe impede the proper flow of water throughout your home, but it can cause a great deal of water damage which is its own animal to deal with. 

If you can’t turn off the water or the area is already quite flooded, start clearing the area of furniture or personal items to reduce the overall water damage. Plus, your emergency plumber will appreciate having a larger work area when they arrive to inspect your broken pipe.

Overflowing or Severely Clogged Toilet 

An overflowing toilet is most people’s nightmare. All of the types of floodwater that could soak your home, toilet water certainly ranks up there at the top. If water is flowing out of your water and you cannot get it to stop it is time to call a professional emergency plumber. 

Even if you manage to get the toilet to stop you should still call an expert plumber in the New Orleans, LA area. Something caused the toilet to overflow, and if you don’t get to the bottom of it next time the water damage might be even worse. There are many different reasons why a toilet might overflow outside of just a blocked drain. Let a professional plumber to get to the bottom of it so you don’t come home to a nasty surprise one day.

Unexplained Flooding

If your toilet is overflowing you know that something is wrong with your plumbing. If your bathtub starts leaking you have a place to start when pinpointing the cause. A kitchen sink that drains slowly may have a clog. These can all explain flooding in your home, but sometimes there is flooding in certain areas of your home that lacks a reasonable explanation.

Anytime you notice unexplained, new flooding you should call an emergency plumber to come out and inspect the situation. The longer you wait to figure out why you have a leak, the higher the potential for water damage. Keep in mind that sometimes what starts as a small leak turns into Niagara Falls. Ignoring slight flooding can quickly turn into a big mistake, especially when you don’t know the cause. 

Frozen Water Pipes

Generally speaking, so long as you don’t have an issue with your heating you won’t have an issue with frozen water pipes. However, there are always exceptions and if you come home to frozen water pipes this is not something you want to play around with. The problem with frozen water pipes is that the water frozen inside the pipe expands. This can cause your water pipes to rupture and break.

At this point, not only do you have to worry about unfreezing the pipes, but you also need to make sure that your lines are not ruptured. The last thing you want to do is restore the water flow and have it burst out all over your home. If you suspect frozen water pipes, first turn off the main shutoff valve for your water and then call an emergency plumber. 

The Hot Water Stops Working

Unless you happen to be an arctic mammal in disguise, no one likes taking cold showers in the morning. If you wake up to no hot water you need to call bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of New Orleans, LA for your emergency plumbing needs right away. Most likely it is a sign that your water heater has an issue or needs replaced, but there are a handful of other issues that could be affecting your hot water flow. A plumber will be able to pinpoint the problem and get you back into the modern way of life quickly.

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