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Signs You Need a Professional Plumber | Harvey, LA

Signs You Need a Professional Plumber | Harvey, LA

Now that you can look just about anything on the Internet, DIY jobs are on the rise. Instead of calling up professional tradesmen, a lot of people think they can do everything for themselves. Sometimes this works out, but sometimes it results in a disaster that requires a plumber to come in and clean up.

If you end up needing a plumber in Harvey, LA, chances are you will pay more than if you had just called the plumber in the first place. Unfortunately, most people end up making the situation worse by trying to help compared to if they had just asked for help in the first place. While DIY projects can certainly save you money and give you a sense of accomplishment, there are some things you should leave to the professionals.

Before you get in over your head, you may want to read over this list that outlines the plumbing repairs you should never try on your own. Even if the internet guides make them seem simple, more than likely you will end up in trouble if you don’t get them fixed right. Save yourself time and frustration by getting some help in Harvey, LA if you notice any of these plumbing issues.

Sink Pipes That Aren’t Working Right

It is almost the most classic scene out of any family sitcom. A day is trying to fix the sink with his toolbelt on and when he goes to get up he knocks his head on the sink. Every man thinks that he has to fix the sink on his own, and that is some type of rite to manhood. However, unless you have plumbing experience, it is more a rite to calling a plumber to clean up your mess.

Fixing a sink is more of a headache than hitting your head on a pipe. Even though you can clearly see all of the piping, the only way to figure out what the problem is to take the pipes apart. Pipes are much harder to reassemble then they look like, and since your kitchen sink tends to be located close to the garbage disposal and dishwasher they are very complex. Unless you know exactly where the obstruction is, you may end up with a half a dozen pipe pieces that you have no chance of reassembling correctly.

Fixing Anything with a Hot Water Line 

It is nearly impossible to figure out what can be causing issues with a hot water line if you are not a plumber. Sometimes it is even a difficult task for plumbers to handle. Usually people stumble into issues with the hot water while they are trying to do something else. For instance, you might be renovating the bathroom and need to extend the hot water to reach a new area only to realize that you don’t have enough pressure in the line.

Anytime you are messing with your hot water line you will get better results if you get help from a plumber in Harvey, LA from the start. Many times the actual problem is not with your pipes, but instead with an electric heater or a gas heater issue. In this case, a professional should always be consulted because you don’t want to damage or end up replacing a major appliance in the process.

Clogs in the Sewer Drain Pipes

A lot of people think that clearing out a clogged sewer line is as easy as clearing a clogged toilet. However, if have lived long enough, you probably know that a toilet can be a beast to mess with at times. Imagine that type of clog times ten in a pipe that you cannot physically reach or see.

Unfortunately, for a hard clog in a sewer main you need highly specialized equipment. The basic snake that you can rent from a DIY company is not going to be enough to get the job done. In some instances, you may even need to remove pieces of the sewer line and upgrade them. At this point, the job is well past the abilities of even more knowledgeable homeowners. If you have a sewer clog in the main, it is always a good idea to call a professional plumber from the start.

They have the equipment needed to actually go into the main and take a look at the clog to assess the problem and figure out the best course of action. If the clog is caused by a tree or shrub, specialized equipment will need to be used to remove the clog. ‘

A word to the wise, using drain cleaners repeatedly will eventually wear out the lining of your pipes. If you rely on chemicals because they are cheap and easy, eventually the pipes will corrode and your plumbing bill will instantly get higher. The best thing you can do is take preventative measures to prevent clogs in the first place, and call a professional promptly if you suspect a clog is forming.

Hot Water Issues

If you start to notice that your water is heating slowly or not heating at all then it is likely there is a problem with your water heater. There are dozens of things that can go wrong inside of a water heater from sediment build-ups to weak gas lines or more. Water heaters are very complex, and they involve the use of gas so it is always best to let a professional plumber handle any and all water heater repairs.

Sometimes the solution will be installing a new water heater, which you should also not attempt to do on your own. The connection process involves both water and gas and the main water lines will need to be altered in many cases. Water heater installation is also very dangerous as a misstep can lead to flooding in your home or a sudden gas burst that results in first degree burns. Bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of New Orleans have the expertise required to safely and efficiently replace your water heater, so leave the job to them. As a bonus, they will also dispose of your old water heater for you.

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