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Signs That Your Bathroom Plumbing Needs Repair

More often than not, the signs of damaged bathroom pipes and faulty plumbing are difficult to spot. Your bathroom plumbing system might need repair long before you notice anything is wrong. However, you can spot problems early-on if you pay attention to the following symptoms.

Low Pressure

When you turn the shower all the way on, the water should blast at full capacity. Have you noticed a weaker flow? Similarly, the water coming out of your sink faucet should be a healthy stream, not a pathetic trickle. These are signs of low water pressure – and low water pressure is almost always a sign of underlying plumbing problems that require professional repairs.

Continuous Dripping

Not only is the constant drip noise annoying, when it comes to your plumbing it’s also a red flag! Your faucets and showerheads should not consistently drip water when they’re turned off. If they do, there’s probably something wrong with the fixture or your pipes.

Slow Drainage

There’s no reason your tub or sink should take more than a minute or two to drain completely. Slow drains are usually a good indicator of a clogged pipe or some kind of obstruction. The undrained, standing water can actually pose health risks and also increase the risk of mold growth. This is exactly why slow drains should be promptly addressed.

Intermittent Hot Water

When you crank the knob to the hot side, you should experience hot water quickly, and for a reasonable amount of time. Does your water seem to vary in temperature while you’re showering or washing your hands? If so, there’s most likely an issue with your water heater. Because a water heater can be a temperamental plumbing component, it should be handled by the professionals.

Colored Water

You want to use clean, clear water in your home, so if you notice a red, brown, or yellow tinge in your tap water, schedule a repair appointment immediately. The color could be a sign of water that’s been tainted by sediment or chemicals.

Have you noticed any of these small signs of plumbing issues? If so, get professional assistance immediately from bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of New Orleans, a local company.

They’re ready to handle any of your plumbing repair needs quickly and safely. Plus, you can trust them to conduct professional inspections and perform installations. To learn more or schedule an appointment, give them a call today at 504-291-5924.

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