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Signs That You Need a New Water Heater

Signs That You Need a New Water Heater

Your water heater is tucked away somewhere, right? Most homeowners have their water heater installed in either a closet, the garage, or in the case of certain homes, down in the basement. Here, the bulky tank is out of the way, and unfortunately, it is out of mind as well. When you ignore your water heater, it’s quite easy to be surprised when the system begins to fail. For instance – as you were thinking that turning on the hot water for a nice, relaxing shower would be the perfect way to unwind, you get blasted by full-strength cold water! In that case, perhaps it is time for a new hot water heater.

Signs of a Failing Hot Water Heater

All year long, your water heater is the very definition of an essential appliance. It doesn’t have to be cold outdoors for you to enjoy a hot shower. But as a homeowner, you should be ready to identify the signs of a failing hot water heater. They include:

  • Age – Age is the primary factor when determining when to replace a water heater. On average, your water heater will only last for ten years. After that, efficiency will begin to drop off drastically. You’ll start to notice odd rumbling noises, perhaps even leaks, and you’ll be scheduling repairs more often. Age is costly for a water heater.
  • Rusty Water – When you turn on any hot water tap in your home and you notice specks of rust or a murky color to the water, then something is wrong. It’s tempting, but don’t pretend you don’t see it! Typically, rust in the water means your hot water heater is beginning to corrode from the inside out, and this is a troubling sign. You cannot repair rust like this – the entire system must be replaced.
  • Temperature – The temperature of your hot water is also a factor in when to replace the hot water heater. If your shower turns cold more often than not, either your hot water heater has sediment buildup, or is just plain too small for your home or current water usage needs.
  • Noises – A water heater is not silent. No one ever claimed that such systems are completely quiet. However, if you notice rumbling noises, that means your water heater is filling with sediment. You’ll have access to less water, and the sediment itself will ultimately lead to cracks, holes, and leaks forming in the tank. Again, not good.
  • Leaks – Speaking of leaks, if your hot water heater is leaking, then it’s at the end of its lifespan. On occasion, examine the system and the floor around the tank for noticeable wet spots or standing water. Even a little bit of water could indicate a problem with the water heater. Check the temperature and pressure overflow pipes, where leaks are quite common.

If you are uncomfortable performing any of these home “self-check” tasks, that’s OK – you can call us for assistance. An experienced plumber will examine the system for you. We know exactly what to look for and where to find it.

When you suspect your water heater is failing, contact bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of New Orleans. We are the premier water heater service provider in our area for repairs, installation, replacement, and maintenance services. Give us a call at 504-291-6466. We can help you with water heater leaks, rumbling noises, and even draining sediment from the tank. If a repair won’t solve the problem, we’ll replace the tank for you to ensure your whole home has access to hot water once more.

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