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Save a Penny By Keeping Your Drains Clog Free | Insight from Your Trusted Harvey, LA Drain Cleaning Service Provider

Save a Penny By Keeping Your Drains Clog Free | Insight from Your Trusted Harvey, LA Drain Cleaning Service Provider

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A drainage system is a structure designed to move liquids from one point to another, usually for disposal purposes. Drains are installed within houses or other buildings to dispose of water and sewage. Drainage systems drain rainwater and stormwater from homes, roads and other infrastructure developments in Harvey, LA.

Water is vital for all living creatures, but it can be very unforgiving and invasive when it flows out of control, hence the need for proper drainage to channel it away from areas where it is not wanted. Water can be a nuisance if not controlled and can cause considerable damage to infrastructure. If left unattended for long, it can pose a serious health threat to those in the vicinity.

Poor drainage can result in substantial monetary losses and threats to life, so it is crucial that you stay consciously aware of drainage in and around your home or community. However, the integrity of a drainage system can be threatened by adverse weather systems like heavy rains or storms.

1.  Blockage of Pipes

Due to dishwashing activities, grease and soap can build up within pipes leading away from the kitchen or bathroom. The regular blockage will follow and, if left unattended for long, will result in a total blockage that may cause considerable damage to the pipes and possibly to property in the house when sinks overflow or pipes burst.

2.  Damaged Pipes

Water and waste pipes within the house are prone to damage due to domestic accidents, wear and tear. Tree roots pose a significant threat to underground pipes, especially in wooded areas. Roots have been known to bore holes through concrete pipes, causing considerable loss of water and flooding.

3.  Silted Drains

Drains around your house can accumulate silt and eventually get blocked and cause flooding of the overflow of effluent into surrounding areas.

4.  Blocked Drains

A good number of blockages are caused by kids dropping items into the pipes. These could be toys, pencils crayons and other little things that they normally use around the house. A serious threat to the environment is when people throw garbage into open drainage channels on paths and roadways.

5.  Broken Pipes

Broken or fractured pipes may occur due to old age and should be replaced immediately. Before they deteriorate further and cause damage to the surrounding areas.

Benefits of Drain Cleaning Services

Little tell-tale signs may alert you to something wrong with your drainage system, and it would save you much if you paid attention and acted fast. Some problems advance progressively and damage your system slowly. If you notice foul odors, water draining slower than usual in the sinks or leakage, you need to seek plumbing service immediately.

Here are a few benefits for seeking a plumbing service:

1.  Removal of Nasty Odors

Many things go down your drain, and you hardly think about that until your drains cog up. Hair, shampoo, soap and other matter goes down every day, and since some of it doesn’t get completely washed away, it sticks to the walls and builds up over time. Organic matter breaks down, releasing a foul smell that creeps up the pipes and into your comfort zones.

Drain cleaning by professional personnel ensures the stuff in the pipes is removed, eliminating any foul odors that may plague you.

2.  Your Health and That of Your Family

Your health and that of your family comes first and anything that jeopardizes that should be eliminated immediately. Clogged drains are the perfect habitat for all sorts of nasty bacteria, germs, fungi and mold. These dangerous colonies continue growing and will eventually reach you and your family. Some mold can cause life-threatening diseases, and exposure to these nasty microbes should worry you and urge you to call in drain cleaning experts.

3.  Reduces the Chances of a Clog

Slow drain in the toilet should alert you to a clog in your toilet pipes. If you ignore this sign, you may soon have the toilet overflowing after flushing, and that would be just gross! In the first instance, you should try the plunge, but if the problem persists, it would be a good reason to call the drain cleaning guys to come and do what they’re expert at.

4.  Protects Floors and Walls 

When water pools due to a leak, it slowly weakens the surface on which it rests, this action results in crumbling floors and walls. Water may also seep under tiles, plaster and wallpaper, damaging them irreparably.

Water seeps under the tile and erodes plaster and wallpaper in your walls. The structural integrity of your property is also threatened by mold, which can eat into the wood and other surfaces. Replacing floors and walls can cause you a pretty penny if the problems persist.

A professional expert will rid you of clogs and save you a lot of money in the long run.

5.  Saves Your Money

Most homeowners avoid drain cleaning because it costs money, but the cost of this service pales greatly in comparison to costs of repair and replacements arising from damage due to neglected problems in the drainage system. Call in the drain cleaning experts in Harvey, LA.

7.  Keeps Your Pipes Healthy

Corrosion plays a large part in damage to pipes, and corrosion is mainly caused by the action of chemicals flowing through on the pipes. Drain cleaning eliminates these harmful chemicals in your pipes, preventing the build-up and preserving your pipes.

Good pipes can last decades of diligent service with proper maintenance, inspection and regular drain cleaning.

Properly maintained pipes can last decades with little or no problems. If chemicals break down the pipes, they would need to be replaced within a few years. You’ll have to pay for the replacement, which may include tearing into walls and flooring.

Get a Professional

High repair and replacement costs arise from neglected problems, and one thing you should always keep in mind is regular maintenance and inspection of your drainage system. Prevention is better than cure. bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of New Orleans, Harvey, LA, is a plumbing company providing professional plumbing services, including drain cleaning and other related services. Get in touch and say goodbye to all your drainage problems.

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