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Regularly Scheduled Drain Cleaning Service To Avoid Clogs | New Orleans, LA

Regularly Scheduled Drain Cleaning Service To Avoid Clogs | New Orleans, LA

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The vibrant energy of New Orleans, LA is on full display during annual events like Mardi Gras, but what runs under the surface may be more critical to local homeowners. New Orleans is built below sea level and sees almost twice the annual rainfall than the national average. With 64 inches of water flooding through storm drain systems, drain cleaning service is a top-of-the-list concern for homeowners in NOLA. At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of New Orleans we provide a comprehensive suite of plumbing services from functional improvements to fun bathroom remodels, but drain cleaning is one of the most basic and vital options on the list.

What Is Drain Cleaning?

Drain cleaning service as a maintenance task involves cleaning your pipes before you get a clog. As soon as a drain starts to slow, one of our certified plumbers can use various techniques to gently scrub the interior surfaces of your pipe, letting water flow freely through the entire line.

Every time you shower, bathe, run the dishwasher, do a load of laundry or run the water in your home, you’re pouring gallons of water through your drainage system. As that water flows, it carries particulates that may cling to the interior surfaces of your pipes. Soap scum, oils, hair, dust, and other debris can slowly gather, creating a clog. Professional drain cleaning service permanently removes clogs, returning your pipes to full, working condition.

How to Clear a Clog

Shifting a clog might be as simple as spending a few minutes using a plunger, but even when the water starts going down, the clog might still be there, more minor but still affecting water flow. Any time you have a clog, it’s a good idea to have a plumber take a look at your drainage system. A clog near a drain isn’t a big issue for most homeowners to tackle themselves, but if the clog moves down, it can back up the whole house.

One thing to avoid is the use of harsh, chemical drain cleaners. Many chemical drain cleaners contain compounds that can degrade your pipes, turning a clog into a leak. If a few minutes with a plunger doesn’t fix the problem, it’s time to call in a plumber for a professional drain cleaning service.

Signs You Might Need Drain Cleaning Service

It’s ideal to handle any issues before you have a clog, but how do you know when there’s a problem if the water is still draining? There are a few signs to watch out for that can indicate a growing problem or clog in your drain in most cases.

  • Does it pass the sniff test? Odors are often the first thing you might notice that could indicate a plumbing problem. Slow drains mean dirty water stays closer to the surface for a more extended period. Stagnant water further down the drain can become a breeding ground for bacteria and other odor-causing agents. If you notice an odd smell in the bathroom before or after a shower or when you turn on the sink, it’s a sign that it’s time to schedule a drain cleaning service.


  • How many showers can you run in a row? When sharing a bathroom, you might need to wait for the shower, but when it’s your turn, if you also have to wait for the water to drain, that could be a problem. Not only does the wait time add inconvenience to your day, but it might also mean that detritus from bathing has built up in your drainage system.


  • Is there water on the drain when the tap wasn’t on? In New Orleans, LA lots of rainfall can quickly overrun local storm drain systems. When the storm drains can’t keep up, they may backflow into unintended areas, including your house. Floor drains at ground level are particularly vulnerable to storm runoff. A drain cleaning service alone can’t entirely fix this issue, but at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain, our technicians can install solutions that will.


  • Is your kitchen home to an unending swarm of fruit flies? You may not know, but fruit flies can be drawn to food particles in your pipes, even after you get rid of any food they might find on countertops. Just rinsing off dirty dishes or running the dishwasher can pour a surprising amount of food down your drains, which is a buffet for the waiting hoard of fruit flies. If you have a constant issue with these pests, it might be time to schedule a drain cleaning service for your New Orleans, LA home.


  • Is your plumbing talkative? Noisy pipes are a sign that something isn’t flowing smoothly through the inside. Gurgling sounds could indicate a slow area in your pipes. If you hear your water going down, it could suggest that clogs are in your future unless you take the time to clean your drains.

Will Drain Cleaning Add Value to Your Home?

While passion projects such as installing a dual shower head or a soaking tub may not add much value, functional plumbing is essential when assessing a home. If your plumbing has an issue, it can impact the salability of your home. Drain cleaning is a great way to prevent a significant problem, making it a service with a substantial return on investment.

Whether you already spend hours plunging your drains every week or you’ve just noticed your drains running slowly, we can help. At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of New Orleans, we offer 24/7 emergency service to handle problems in the wake of a storm or for preventive maintenance. Contact us today to schedule your next drain cleaning service and avoid having to make an emergency call.

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