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Reasons You Should Call an Emergency Plumber | Harvey, LA

Reasons You Should Call an Emergency Plumber | Harvey, LA

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Are you trying to figure out just when you would actually need to call an emergency plumber? Maybe you’ve never had a plumbing emergency or maybe you have but you didn’t know it. Well, either way it’s a good idea to know when you should be calling and when your plumbing problem can likely wait until regular business hours. After all, you don’t want to pay an after-hours fee if you don’t have to, right? That’s why we’re going to help you figure out what’s going on and what to do.

You Could Have a Flood

If you could end up with flooding then it’s definitely an emergency and you need an emergency plumber right away. Some of the reasons that this could happen are your sewer backing up, your shut-off valve not working, a burst pipe or your sump pump failing. If there’s any reason that you could end up with a whole lot of water in your home and no way to get rid of it then you’re definitely going to need to have someone come out as soon as possible. Make sure you let them know there’s a risk of flood or already flooding when you call.

If a flood is left alone for too long it can start to cause severe damage in your home. Even a small amount of water can cause damage to floors, walls and a whole lot more. Not to mention it’s going to be unsanitary because even clean water can start to cause mold and bacterial buildup in your home.

Your Sewer Backs Up

This is one that we probably don’t even need to tell you. If your sewer backs up you’re probably already on the phone with an emergency plumber in Harvey, LA because you absolutely don’t want that to continue. Well, this could be a minor inconvenience if the sewer only slightly backs up or it could be a huge problem if the line continues to back up and you continue to get more and more into your basement, crawlspace or anywhere else in your home. You absolutely need to get it taken care of immediately.

Besides that, fact that it’s highly unsanitary and can result in mold, bacteria and illness for your family, it’s also going to cause damage to anything and everything in your home. You could end up with water damage in your walls, your floors and even your belongings and unlike with a regular, clean water flood, you definitely can’t just get things cleaned up easily and continue to use them. Call an emergency plumber immediately for this one.

You Have No Water

If you don’t have any water that’s actually an emergency that requires an emergency plumber as well. So, even though you might think that it’s the middle of the night and not being able to flush a toilet is no big deal, it’s actually a very serious problem. You want to make sure that you are getting this taken care of as quickly as possible and that you’re immediately calling someone to get your water turned back on. It could be something simple, but it also could be something serious and you want to make sure you can get your water back.

While you may not need much water during the night and may think that you can get by without it, the longer that your water is off the more potential problems that you could have. Getting this taken care of immediately and making sure that you are able to get back to your normal water use is going to be better for your entire family.

Your Pipes Could Burst

If you have any type of problem with your pipes that causes them to stop allowing water through it could mean a serious problem that requires an emergency plumber. Pipes that freeze or pipes that have too much of a clog in them could actually cause a backup of water and too much water pressure. When this happens, the pipes could actually burst and that’s going to cause a whole lot of serious problems. That’s another way you’re going to end up with a flood like we mentioned earlier and this type of flood happens in an instant.

Where most floods mean that you end up with water coming in steadily, this type of flood means that water is not there and then suddenly it’s everywhere. You absolutely need to contact someone if you think you’re in danger of a burst pipe and if you already have a burst pipe that’s even more important. Getting the water shut off is the first step and then resolving the problem will be secondary. After all, you don’t want to continue to have water pouring out in your home.

Leaks, flooding and burst pipes can be some of the most dangerous and problematic things that can happen to you and you’ll definitely need an emergency plumber on standby to make sure that these things are taken care of as soon as they occur. Don’t sit around and wait for someone to come take care of these problems and definitely don’t wait until morning or regular business hours to call a professional emergency plumber. These are the types of emergency plumbing needs that you should absolutely be taking care of immediately. If you don’t, you’re definitely going to wish you did when you see just how much damage you could end up with.

Water getting into areas that it shouldn’t can cause a whole lot of damage. You could end up losing some of your belongings because of the water damage. You could end up with structural issues and water in the walls and floors which make your home unsafe to live in. You also could end up with mold and bacteria growing in those walls and floors. And some of these things you may not even know about until it’s too late. But calling bluefrog Plumbing + Drain in the Harvey, LA area out to your house and taking care of things immediately can mitigate all of these damages.

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