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Reasons To Make Your Air Conditioner Installation Even Better With Smart Tech | New Orleans, LA

Reasons To Make Your Air Conditioner Installation Even Better With Smart Tech | New Orleans, LA

Thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT), significant strides have been made in the air conditioning industry. Smart air conditioners have marked a tremendous change within the air conditioning sector. Additionally, thanks to the advent of smart AC controllers, you can make your window, mini-split, or portable air conditioners smart. Today, you need to purchase the controller, integrate it into your air conditioning unit, and enjoy various smart functionalities. Next time you want to replace your AC, ask your air conditioner installation technician in New Orleans, LA, about installing a smart unit.

What’s a Smart AC?

Smart air conditioners leverage technology to enhance user experience and ensure convenience. Unlike conventional air conditioners, these AC units can be remotely controlled via a smartphone. You can control their functionality through a companion application that can be downloaded on your tablet or phone. While a smart air conditioner has many benefits under its ever-growing set of features, one of its biggest benefits is that they are energy efficient. If you want to save energy on energy use, have an air conditioner installation professional help you install a smart air conditioner at your home.

Compared to the rest of the world, the US uses more energy on air conditioning. This means that homeowners should start considering installing energy-efficient air conditioning systems. You don’t have to purchase a new smart air conditioner. You can convert your conventional air conditioner into a smart unit, significantly lowering energy consumption. Smart air conditioners have several features, including:

Geolocation Feature

Geolocation is a feature of an air conditioning unit that allows the unit to identify the geographical location of an object like your smartphone, which is connected to the internet. It can detect its location if your smart AC is granted access to your smartphone. Upon detecting where it is located, you may set your AC to trigger an operation based on your location.

For instance, suppose that you forgot to turn off the air conditioner when leaving your home for work. Your air conditioner can use the geolocation feature to switch off immediately after you leave your house. Further, you can set the smart air conditioner to ensure that when you are within a certain distance to home, it automatically turns on, meaning that you will come home to a perfectly cooled home. For comfort, energy-saving, and convenience, have an air conditioner installation professional install a smart AC in your home.

Smart Weekly Scheduling

Like other smart home devices, your smart AC allows you to set a schedule. This is a smart/intelligent way of starting your week. If you leave or arrive home at certain times, you could set a schedule for your air conditioning to either turn off or start operating. This means you will come home or wake up in a perfect setting, especially when you schedule the operations according to your morning alarm.

Fan speed, cooling mode, and vane direction can all be scheduled. Thanks to Wi-Fi controls, your schedule doesn’t have to be cast in stone. Should you decide to alter your routine at any time during the day or week, you can easily pause or edit your schedule remotely, no matter where you are. This is a compelling reason to have an air conditioner installation technician convert your existing AC or install a smart one.

Smart Home Integration

With a smart air conditioner, you have the luxury of controlling the air conditioner using your phone. You also can integrate the unit with a smart home system or even other smart services such as Apple Siri, Google Assistant, or even Amazon Alexa and control the unit using voice commands. Pairing your AC unit with such applications ensures comfort and convenience.

Having an air conditioner installation company install a smart air conditioner in your home means the unit can be run alongside other devices. For instance, your smart air conditioning system can pull down the smart blinds, turn on your smart fan, power your air conditioner on a low setting, or lower your smart lighting. Doing this will save you some energy and help maintain a perfect atmosphere.

With smart home integrations, you can set routines. For instance, your air conditioning system can turn on with a “good night” or a “good morning” routine being your preferred setting. This happens alongside other intelligent home devices. Have an air conditioner installation technician integrate your smart AC with other smart appliances at your New Orleans, LA, home for more convenience.

Smart Modes and Intelligent Triggers

Air conditioning systems come in different modes: dry, heat, eco, cool, and fan. Further, smart air conditioners might also comprise further modes for more comfort and features. The primary purpose of these modes is to provide additional convenience and comfort. This doesn’t necessarily mean that every smart air conditioner has these features. Some only provide Wi-Fi connectivity, while the advanced models have more features. Consult an air conditioner installation technician before you purchase one.

Usage Details

Can having an air conditioner usage statistics and history make any difference? This means you can determine how often and with what settings the smart air conditioner has been used. You can use the information to make smart decisions about heating and cooling energy use. You can save energy by making smart decisions based on usage statistics. This is an ingenious way of tracking your energy utility bills.

You also can spot on which days and what timings there was irregular usage along with a complete audit of the actions performed on the air conditioner. Do you want an air conditioner that gives you the usage stats to help you with decision-making? Have an air conditioner installation company in New Orleans, LA, integrate a smart controller to your AC unit, or install a smart AC.

Let’s Help You Go Smart

Have any of the features above wowed you? Call our bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans technicians for a smart air conditioner installation service.

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