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Professional Air Conditioning Service | Harvey, LA

When the AC is acting up, you can now call the same professional team that provides your plumbing service and expect the same dependable care. At bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans, serving Harvey, LA we know you depend on AC during the summer when it’s hot and humid and just won’t quit. Air conditioning makes your home a cool refuge and, with a bit of extra help, cool with carefully managed air quality as well, including just the right amount of humidity. Imagine the same prompt, expert response when your AC won’t run, or your system is frozen up or leaking and making a mess. Our air conditioning service experts have the bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans dedication, and you’ll get the service you expect. We encourage you to call our air conditioning service to keep your system running reliably and efficiently, keeping an eye and an ear — and a nose — out for signs like the ones below.

What Can Your Nose Tell About Your AC System?

There are quite a few ways that your sense of smell can lead you to call for air conditioning service. The sweet smell of refrigerant is one, and an important situation you should handle with urgency for your health and the environment. Electrical smells, especially around your fan motors and your outdoor unit, can be signs that something is failing or has failed that’s critical to your AC’s operation. A moldy odor near your indoor unit, the evaporator, usually indicates that the condensate drain is clogged and stagnant water is growing mold. Our air conditioning service team should clean it out to avoid further leaks and spills, especially if your unit is located somewhere, like your attic, where spills could damage more than your basement’s cement floors. A smell of burning rubber can indicate the belts that are part of your air handling system are not moving around the motor properly, perhaps due to a stuck fan with bad bearings. Yes, your nose can help a lot!

Sounds are Also Critical Indicators that AC Service May Be Needed

A stuck fan belt can also produce a squealing sound as it wears out, and unusual rattles, grinding sounds, or vibrations from your outdoor unit can indicate damage, especially early in the cooling season if your unit didn’t receive a maintenance visit. Our air conditioning service team checks for creatures nesting in the unit, where their nest material can cause obstructions and they occasionally chew belts, wires, and other materials inside the air conditioning system. A clicking sound with no corresponding whirring sound of the compressor starting can be a sign that they’ve chewed through a wire, or that an electrical assembly is in need of replacement. Fortunately, our expert air conditioning service pros arrive in a well-stocked vehicle with many of these frequently replaced parts on hand, so when you call us we usually make the diagnosis and repair on the spot for common problems and even some less common ones.

Visual Clues of AC Problems

Leaks are the most obvious problem with your AC system, both inside and out. Icing on the coils may also be apparent, and we recommend you leave it to us to tend to icing because the coils are so easily damaged and expensive to replace. Icing on your evaporator is often the result of a clogged air filter, which should be replaced monthly or more often if necessary, such as when you have pets who shed a lot. When airflow through the filter is blocked, the fan motor and belt get worn working too hard, and also your evaporator doesn’t work properly. Warm air should flow through it, getting chilled for distribution to your Harvey, LA home, and moisture will be removed in the process. If the warm air doesn’t flow through, any moisture removed will remain and turn to ice, creating a worse situation. All that because of a clogged air filter! Our air conditioning service team can take care of it, though.

Part of This Complete Maintenance AC Service

Air filter replacement is one of many elements of an air conditioning system maintenance visit, where our expert technicians inspect your system and perform lubrication, adjustment, cleaning, and other tasks, and identify any needed repairs for your approval so they can get done before you’re relying on the system to keep you cool. Air conditioning service is an investment that pays off in more efficient operation and a longer service life, as well as fewer unexpected repairs. We can check the fan motor condition, for example, and identify one that’s getting sticky and due to fail soon. We also clean out last winter’s debris blown in and nests from move ins, and make sure your connections between condenser and evaporator, the coolant lines, are well insulated for efficiency and undamaged.

Is it Repair or Replace Time? Our Air Conditioning Care Includes Skilled Installations

Whether you’re replacing an AC unit that failed, one that’s needing too many repairs, or just want the added energy efficiency of newer models, our team can help you select and size a great AC system that you should enjoy for at least the next decade with proper maintenance. If you want to know what two-stage compressors are and other new features, ask us to get you educated about AC technology and carefully install your new system. We can also provide duct cleaning or new zone installation, humidity control, HEPA filters, and other indoor air quality features for your whole house.

Quality AC Services from the Company You Trust

We’re bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans, taking great care of your HVAC needs in Harvey, LA with our expert team providing services the bluefrog home Services of New Orleans way. From careful air conditioning service and skilled diagnostics to expert repairs and installation, we’re the ones to trust for all your heating and cooling. If you don’t know us already, it’s time to give us a call!

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