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Preventing Mold In Your Home Can Be As Easy As Scheduling A Duct Cleaning Service | Timberlane, LA

Preventing Mold In Your Home Can Be As Easy As Scheduling A Duct Cleaning Service | Timberlane, LA

Timberlane, LA homeowners should start preparing their HVAC units to warm or cool their homes when summer or winter is around the corner. This preparation involves checking the ductwork for any contaminants and cleaning them. One of the most concerning contaminants is mold which thrives in humid and hot conditions like those in the air ducts. The mold spores will then spread quickly to the other parts of your home, compromising the health and well-being of your family. Fortunately, a duct cleaning service can help.

Causes of Mold Growth in the Ductworks

When the air conditioner runs, mold spores and dirt constantly circulate throughout your home. But what causes mold growth? Mold will only grow when there’s consistent dampness within the air ducts. This moisture then mixes up with the inorganic and organic debris and creates ideal conditions for mold growth. The mold then multiplies and spreads throughout your indoor space. But where do the condensation and moisture come from?

  • Condensation might happen in the air ducts as the cooler air is piped via the vents in winter.
  • Water might enter the air ducts due to a plumbing leak, creating the ideal environment for mold growth.
  • The ductwork in your attic can also be soaked by roof leaks whenever it rains.

If the air conditioning unit is oversized, it could strain to remove the humidity from your home. Hence, this humidity will condense in your ductworks, becoming a breeding ground for this dangerous fungus. Further, steam might be produced whenever you take a hot shower in your bathroom if it doesn’t have sufficient venting. Then, the steam might collect in the air ducts to create ideal mold growth and multiplication environment.

How Can You Prevent Mold Growth in Your Ductwork?

Ensure Vent Openings Are Clear

Vents are critical in the distribution of conditioned air. Hence, Timberlane, LA homeowners should ensure they aren’t blocked by anything, especially the vents. Any blockage could cause poor circulation of the air. Stagnant air, in combination with dark conditions, results in condensation that creates a perfect condition that encourages mold growth within the air ducts. Hence, keep the drapes, furniture, and other objects off the vents. Otherwise, you might call a duct cleaning service provider for an issue you could have resolved.

Keep the Ductwork Clean

A regular duct cleaning service can prevent mold from growing in your air ducts. On the contrary, neglecting and ignoring cleaning the air ducts could cause a buildup of materials affecting indoor air quality, including mold. Therefore, homeowners are recommended to have their air ducts cleaned regularly by a reliable HVAC repair company professional.

Regularly Inspect the Air Ducts

The main problem with mold growth in an HVAC system is that it isn’t easy to detect until it spreads. Unfortunately, it is already too late by then. Since the ducts are closed, you cannot see what is happening. When cleaning or changing the air filters, the duct cleaning service provider will inspect them thoroughly to ensure that mold isn’t growing. Should the professional notice any signs of mold growth, they will use antimicrobial foggers to remove the mold and ensure that it doesn’t grow later.

They also will dry any wet areas to prevent mold growth. If you are tech-savvy, you can have the professional install a mold growth inhibitor like ionization purifiers and UV-C lights that can kill any harmful allergens within the air ducts. Although it might appear like you can clean the air ducts, it isn’t recommended. Instead, contact an AC repair company for a duct cleaning service.

Regular HVAC Maintenance

Regular maintenance ensures that the heating and air conditioning system is clean and can control the moisture levels efficiently. It also ensures that any developing issues can be caught and addressed before they get worse. One of the issues caught during routine maintenance is mold growth. Whenever the AC repair technician notices mold growing within the ductworks, they will offer a duct cleaning service to remove it. They will also inspect the condensate drain lines and drip pans and clean them to avoid condensation buildup.

Installing a Properly-Sized HVAC System

If your HVAC system is oversized, it will create more moisture. This creates the ideal conditions for mold growth within your air ducts. Hence, you must purchase a rightly-sized HVAC unit. You can do this by consulting your HVAC repair and installation professional. Since these experts are experienced, they can measure the size of your Timberlane, LA home and recommend the right size of an air conditioner. If you don’t seek advice and purchase a too-big unit, you will call the expert for a duct cleaning service now and then.

Install Quality Air Filters

Besides cleaning the air ducts regularly, installing quality air filters is critical. The air filters play a vital role in ensuring that allergens such as dust and mold are at bay. Hence, ensure that the air filters are replaced every 1-3 months or cleaned every two weeks.

If you have furry pets, you should replace the air filters monthly. You also can install HEPA filters or those with a higher MERV rating. These filters are effective at catching any airborne contaminants such as mold. If you are unsure where to start when choosing the air filter, contact a professional duct cleaning service provider for help.

Watch Out for Leaks

Leakages near or on the air ducts can also cause mold growth in your heating and air conditioning system. Hence, homeowners must inspect their plumbing for leaks or have HVAC repair professionals inspect the condensate drains to ensure no leaks. This is something that an air conditioning repair professional can do during the duct cleaning service.

Eliminate Mold Through a Thorough Duct Cleaning

Mold has severe implications for your health. However, the measures above can help deal with it. Do you suspect you have fallen victim to mold growth? Contact us at bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans.

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