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Plumber Tips: Why You Should Consider Getting PVC Pipes For Your House | Harvey, LA

Plumber Tips: Why You Should Consider Getting PVC Pipes For Your House | Harvey, LA

If your house is old, it is high time you consider re-piping with the advanced pipes in the plumbing marketplace. Homeowners building new homes in Harvey, LA, also go for plastic plumbing pipes, including Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and chlorinated PVC.

A qualified and experienced plumber can install polyvinyl water and waste pipes in several parts of your home for different applications, including the piping of low-pressure drains, swimming pool pumping systems, sprinklers, and a clean water supply. Read on to find out why you should get PVC pipes for your home.

Comply with WHO Standards

The first reason you should have PVC pipes in your home complies with World Health Organization guidelines for drinking water. Having plumbing industry standards in a country prevents unscrupulous manufacturers from introducing plumbing materials that have inferior materials that expose people to health complications and destroy the environment.

Using PVC pipes to supply water to your house for cooking, cleaning, and drinking is safe because they are free from lead, arsenic, and cadmium impurities. The plumbing materials that make the PVC pipes are of high quality and meet performance and safety specifications. Your plumber knows that PVC water and waste lines are the best in the marketplace, making it the preferred choice for your home.

Easy to Install

Another reason that homeowners go for Polyvinyl Chloride pipes is the installation process. A plumber can install the PVC pipes in your home without a hassle and faster. The skilled professional uses plumbing cement to join the pipes together for durability.

The air-tight bond it creates can last many years, supplying clean water and removing waste from your home without leakages or bursting open. A creative and highly-skilled plumbing professional can cut, shape, and join the PVC plastic pipes in which style they prefer for correct installation and optimal performance.


A professional can also recommend PVC pipes for your entire home because they prove to be long-lasting. The pipes are durable because they are resistant to hot and cold weather, corrosion, and abrasion.

Polyvinyl Chloride pipes are also rust-free and resistant to chemicals, making them the best over other types of piping materials in the Harvey, LA, plumbing market. A plumber can use chemicals to clean the pipes during maintenance without fear of the pipes rusting or breaking. With regular cleaning and tune-ups, the PVC pipes can last for as long as 100 years and over.

Relatively Non-Inflammatory

The PVC piping is inflammatory like other organic materials used in the construction of your home, including wood and textiles. Luckily, it is self-extinguishing when removed from the fire.

Since the PVC pipes installed by a professional in your house have high chloride content, they are not easy to ignite, do not generate flaming sparks, and heat production is at its lowest. With these safety characteristics of the PVC pipes, you can rest easy.

However, a big fire such as an electric fire is too high for the PVC water and waste lines to self-extinguish. The PVC pipes in the enormous fire will burn like your other properties and valuables in the house. When the pipes burn in a big fire, they emit carbon monoxide, a silent killing gas.

Lightweight and Strong

Even though the PVC pipes are lightweight, they are strong and can withstand high water pressure, heat, and cold weather. Its toughness makes the piping system resist abrasion, preventing scratches that can rupture the water lines and start leaking. If you ask a plumber to recommend the best piping materials for your re-piping project, top on the list is the PVC material.


Compared to other piping materials such as cast iron, galvanized steel, and copper, a plumber can advise you to get PVC pipes because of their attractive features and affordability. They are the popular plastic pipes that perform better due to their durability, maintenance, and ease of installation.

When you go for PVC pipes that will last for many decades, you should consider the price as effective because it will serve you for years without plumbing issues such as cracks, frozen pipes, and bursting pipes.

Safe Material

If you want safe plumbing water lines, PVC is the best because of its non-toxic properties. It is safe for homes because it does not pose a threat to the health of your inhabitants. The pipes are safe for supplying drinking water because of their insulative properties that do not transfer heat and their resistance to rust.

You will not see colored water in your home because of rusting pipes, making your drinking and cooking water clean and safe at all times. The PVC pipes do not give room for bacteria to breed because of the resistance to biofilm contamination. For safe drinking water for your family, hire a plumbing professional to install the PVC pipes in your new home.

Better Insulation

PVC pipes are also the best for your new construction building because of their low thermal conductivity. Plastic materials tend to be poor conductors of heat compared to metallic plumbing pipes. So, when a plumber installs the PVC water lines in your home, you cannot worry about the transfer of heat through the pipes, making them the best for the hot water supply in your house.


The PVC pipes are the best for homeowners because they come in different sizes, colors, and strengths. A skilled plumber can use the pipes for diverse purposes, including supplying clean water and eliminating wastewater. Its versatility gives you the chance to select the best PVC pipes for use.

In a Nutshell!

PVC pipes are among the best for your plumbing system because of versatility, environmental friendliness, fire resistance, safety, durability, and cost-effectiveness.

At bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans, we can help you buy and install the PVC piping system in your Harvey, LA house. Our plumbers are also available 24 hours a day for emergency services.

Photo By Mark Bernard at Shutterstock
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