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Plumber Tips: Problems That Will Make Your Toilet Not Flush And What To Do | Harvey, LA

Plumber Tips: Problems That Will Make Your Toilet Not Flush And What To Do | Harvey, LA

Photo By ArLawKa AungTun at istock

Almost every homeowner will at some point have a toilet that won’t flush. If you’re having this problem, don’t worry because it can easily be fixed. Here is a look at some common problems that cause a toilet not to flush and what you should do about them. Of course, calling a plumber in Harvey, LA may be inevitable in some cases. So, keep their number handy.

1) Clogged Toilet

A clogged toilet is by far the most common problem families all over Harvey, LA, face regularly. It can happen if something gets stuck in the drain hole, or perhaps someone was too vigorous with the toilet tissue, and it got lodged somewhere down there. In any case, the solution is typically pretty simple.

Make sure you have a plunger on hand before starting so that if the clog isn’t too bad, you can clear it yourself without having to call someone. If that doesn’t work, you may need a plumber to pull out the toilet and take a look inside with a flashlight.

2) Float Ball

Many older toilets have an overflow pipe located in the middle of the tank, which allows water to flow into it if, for some reason, it gets too full. This float ball controls how much water is in there, and when it reaches a certain point, it will rise and trigger the flapper (the rubber gasket at the bottom of your toilet bowl) to open up.

You might think this is what’s causing your toilet not to flush, but it rarely is. However, if you recently moved the float ball on your older style toilet, this may be why. Call an experienced plumber to investigate and resolve this issue.

3) Old Flapper

The flapper keeps water in the tank when the toilet isn’t being flushed and goes up and down with every use of the toilet. When it starts to age, however, it can start getting a little sloppy and allow a small amount of water to seep through, which will trigger the toilet to run continuously, so you constantly have a full tank of water even if no one has used the bathroom for hours.

All that extra water going into the bowl doesn’t have a place to go. This is a reasonably easy fix. Disconnect the chain that holds it in place and remove the old one. An expert plumber will look at how dirty/aged it is and replace it if necessary.

4) Rusted Chain or Handle

A toilet that won’t flush can also be because of a broken handle or chain on the flapper valve assembly, making it very hard to lift so the tank will fill with water. In some cases, this can become so frustrating to swear off ever using your home’s bathroom again!

However, if you have an older model toilet, this may not be repairable as replacement parts will likely cost more than buying a new one altogether. Let your local plumber in Harvey, TX, handle this mess for you.

5) Float Ball Too High

Another common cause for a clogged toilet is the float ball being too high. To check this out, you’ll need to lift the lid and remove the old ball, which has a wire attached to it. This wire holds it in place and allows water into the tank.

You may want to wear dishwashing gloves as they can get pretty nasty after sitting around for weeks or even months on end. If all of these conditions are met, however, adjusting your float ball should solve the problem. However, you’ll need an experienced plumber for the same.

6) Broken Parts

Some toilets have a lot of moving parts which can cause a problem if one is broken. For instance, the chain that attaches your handle to the flapper valve assembly could be snapped, or your handle itself could finally give out and break after years of use.

In these cases, all you can do is replace what’s needed until you can save up for an entirely new toilet altogether!

If none of these manage to fix your toilet that won’t flush, then perhaps it’s time to call a plumber. If you’re trying some things yourself first, make sure that water isn’t causing further damage elsewhere in your home.

What Happens If Your Toilet Overflows?

If, for some reason, you find your toilet is overflowing, make sure no one is using water anywhere on the floor of your home. Once that’s done, shut off the supply on either side of the tank, if possible, before frantically reaching for any towels you can get your hands on to mop up excess water.

Be sure to blot it up as best you can with anything nearby. This will help prevent further damage until a plumber arrives who knows what they’re doing.

Please don’t put anything down into that toilet bowl unless you want it covered in water! Pull out any clothes or shoes soaked by standing water and remove heavy objects from the floor if this happens when there are no adults around to deal with it.

You may have a hole somewhere under the floor that needs to be covered up, or worse yet, you may have a long series of cracks in your foundation!

Call an expert plumber right away if possible. However, it might be too late for that by now, even if they’re available. If you can’t get help immediately, leave everything alone and call them back when it’s safe to do so. This is usually one of those cases where calling the insurance company is the best thing to do because you’re not sure how extensive the damage will be.

Trust Your Local Plumber in Harvey, LA, for Repairing a Toilet That Won’t Flush

If there are any issues with your toilet at home – whether it won’t flush or it constantly overflows – contact us here at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of New Orleans for professional service. We’ll bring our 24/7 emergency services to your home and fix the problem fast. Contact us today.

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