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Planning For A New Air Conditioner Installation? Here Are A Few Options To Consider | New Orleans, LA

Planning For A New Air Conditioner Installation? Here Are A Few Options To Consider | New Orleans, LA

Is your air conditioning system on its last legs, or not providing the cooling you need in your home? At bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans, our experts can evaluate your existing air conditioning system along with your ducts and vents, and recommend a replacement system, upgrade, or new air conditioner installation that’s perfect for your home, including add-on ductless mini-split systems for home offices, bedrooms, family rooms, or to add cooling to your traditional home that’s getting a bit too warm these days and doesn’t have existing ducting in place. If you want to get cool and save energy, we can guide you through the available options and make a plan for careful, efficient installation that will make a big difference in your family’s comfort. If you’d like to add indoor air quality components including air purifiers and humidity control to your current system or as part of a new installation, we can do that as well! We’re your air conditioner installation experts in New Orleans, and here are some of the ways we can help you.

What’s Motivating Your Change? Retiring an Older Unit, Energy Efficiency, or Needing a New AC?

Depending on your current situation, there are plenty of options to get your house cooler and save on energy costs at the same time. We’re experienced at helping customers select the right unit for their home, so even if your situation is an urgent replacement, we can make it one you’ll be glad to have for years to come. Replacing your older unit can be a swap with a newer standard model, an upgrade to two-stage systems, or a switch to heat pump technology to handle both your AC and heating. Our air conditioner installation team makes sure that your new air conditioner installation is performed professionally, so you’ll have great cooling and no cleanup when the work is done.

If you’re looking for higher energy efficiency for your New Orleans, LA home, you’ve come to the right air conditioner installation company! Many customers replace their systems before they wear out because they know they’ll be saving on energy costs from the day they turn the new unit on, and often there are incentives available to make the energy-efficient switch. If you’re considering adding air conditioning to your older home without ducts to carry the cool air around, we can install a new set of ducts to upgrade your home, or use a ductless mini-split system to directly supply AC to a number of spaces in your home using cool air units mounted on the outside walls and supplied by a central unit outside. It’s a great alternative to window-mounted units!

Considering New Air Conditioner Technologies That Provide Efficiency and Comfort

We provide air conditioner installation and service for two-state compressor-based AC units that offer energy savings as they create plenty of cold when your home needs it to get cool fast, and moderate cooling to maintain your home’s comfortable temperature without blasting cold air through the vents. Many people find this innovation a more comfortable way to enjoy air conditioning, especially while relaxing and reading or watching a movie when AC vent blasts nearby can become annoying. Ask us what’s available in new cooling technologies!

Replacement Systems for Your Tired AC Unit That Will Give You the Chills

If you’ve had your current AC system for quite a while, you’ll be surprised at the change when we install a new air conditioner unit. Fresh, clean coils and refrigerant, a strong new compressor, and all the efficiency benefits along with new equipment cooling capability will make your AC system that previously couldn’t quite reach the temperature setting you selected a great performer. You’ll also benefit from starting fresh with a warranty and eliminating those growing repair costs you were budgeting for, along with knowing that you’ve got reliable air conditioning that you can count on for a decade or more. If you need related services such as duct cleaning to complete the picture, we’ll make it happen.

Making the Switch to Heat Pump Technology for Cooling and Winter Warmth

Heat pumps provide both cooling and heating from the same unit, through your existing ducts for a convenient replacement of your existing AC and heating equipment, especially if yours have been damaged and you need a fresh start. We can install your heat pump unit and show you how easy it is to operate, switching over from season to season at the flick of a thermostat switch.

Indoor Air Quality Makes Current or New Air Conditioner Installations More Effective

Many customers are making their time indoors in the city more enjoyable by mixing in improvements in their indoor air quality such as humidity control, HEPA filtration, air purification, and germicidal UV light treatment. Our local air quality is decent outside, but when you’re inside you’re breathing whatever is in the air, over and over, which can include pet dander and other allergens, chemical fumes and odors, dust, mold spores, and other airborne elements. HEPA filtration removes even tiny particles including bacteria and other pathogens by themselves or hitchhiking on fine dust, while UV light similar to that used in medical offices and restaurants neutralizes pathogens so they can’t reproduce and spread on surfaces in your home. Humidity management, a popular option in this town, keeps your indoor humidity at a steady level, usually 30-50 percent EPA recommended.

Your Air Conditioner Installation and HVAC System Design Experts in New Orleans, LA

To keep you cool and comfortable in New Orleans, LA, bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans offers custom air conditioner installation and replacement to meet your family’s needs, along with indoor air quality additions that can make a big difference in your home’s comfort and your air’s breathability. Let’s get started planning a system for you, from the latest two-stage systems to direct replacements and ductless mini-split add-on systems for home offices and bedrooms. Call us today!

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