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Pipe Winterization in New Orleans: Five Reasons to Get It Done

Generally speaking, most homeowners understand the dangers of water damage in their homes. Many also know to avoid the headache caused by pipes freezing and why such a situation can lead to absolute devastation.

Unfortunately, not many homeowners know how to prevent frozen pipes. Most react to the damage instead of being proactive and preventing it from occurring. Now is the time to research pipe winterization and how it can help your home.

Most of the time, winterization is comprised of a number of small tasks leading to a larger objective. These tasks, if you’re comfortable with them, can be done solo with the right equipment and know-how. It is still recommended to hire an expert plumber, though.

Where to Begin

When it comes to pipe winterization in New Orleans, we typically have it better than most of the country. Temperatures can drop at night during the winter, but not to the same level as they do up north. However, it still gets cold enough for pipes to freeze on rare occasions.

Start indoors. Most of your plumbing pipes in the kitchen and bathroom, for example, are not insulated properly. Consider adding a layer of insulation, either with materials you have at home or store-bought products. Then, do the same outdoors to any exposed pipes. Also, while outside, remove any hoses from spigots and seal cracks or holes in the exterior of the home.

Five Reasons for Pipe Winterization

Now, the primary reason why any homeowner would undergo extensive pipe winterization is the risk of water damage. Even the smallest amount of water damage in your home is enough to wreak havoc. We’re talking about water seeping into every crack and crevice, mold growth, and so much more. It is an expensive, dangerous situation to find yourself in.

Here are five reasons to schedule pipe winterization now:

  1. Water – Our first and primary reason to schedule pipe winterization is due to the water damage, which we mentioned previously. Water damage remains one of the leading causes of property damage in the country. More homeowners are filing insurance claims than ever before. Do not become another statistic.
  2. Flooding – While this could certainly be paired with other kinds of water damage, flooding is a little more severe than a simple leaking pipe. A full-blown burst pipe can lead to flooding in any room in the house.
  3. Fires – Yes, water damage can lead to a fire. If you have a leak or flooding in your home, when the water interacts with your electrical system, it can cause a blaze that devastates the area.
  4. Carbon Monoxide – Your furnace has pipes connected to it, too. These pipes can freeze and burst, leading to carbon monoxide poisoning within the house.
  5. Power Outages – Again, a water leak can wreak havoc on your electrical system. If the situation does not lead to a fire, it most likely will lead to a power outage or shorts in the system.

If you are worried about frozen pipes or burst pipes, schedule efficient pipe winterization with bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of New Orleans. Please call us at 504-291-6466 today!

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