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Navigating The Many Water Heater Replacement Choices | Harvey, LA

Navigating The Many Water Heater Replacement Choices | Harvey, LA

According to real estate professionals, the type of water heater your home has can help it stand out in a competitive market, and even lead to a faster sale. That points out the fact that homeowners are installing a variety of water heater replacements these days, units that correspond to their needs. Factors can include a larger family, weekly schedule that needs lots of hot water on a specific day, a desire to reduce energy use or carbon footprint, and the size of the home. At bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans, there are three major types of water heaters that we install and service. First is the classic tank-based type, updated for better efficiency. Hybrid water heaters are tank-based, using a backup electric heating element but heat pump technology for everyday heating. In LA and throughout the country, an increasingly popular type of water heater is the tankless variety, providing a steady flow of hot water on demand. Let’s talk about what’s right for your home.

Tankless Really Does Keep on Flowing Hot Water

When you think about it, you may be paying a lot on your energy bill just to keep a 40 gallon tank of water hot in case you need it. Tankless water heater replacement clears some space since it doesn’t use a tank, and supplies hot water on demand, virtually endless in quantity. To do that, it uses more energy as it heats the water, but then the tankless water heater goes idle until you next open a valve or turn on a shower. When you decide to make the change to tankless for your water heater system, you’ll probably need some work on your electrical circuit or gas supply to meet the requirements of the tankless unit. You’ll also need proper venting to the outdoors if you’re using gas. For larger homes, larger families, or just the convenience of showering and running laundry at the same time, you can select a higher flow rate to supply what you need. With hot water amounting to about 20 percent of energy use according to the Department of Energy, when tankless is right for you it can really make a difference on energy use. Homeowners and elsewhere with tankless often feature it in real estate listings.

Localized Tankless Hot Water

In addition to water heater replacement, the on-demand concept of tankless hot water is available in smaller units for bathrooms and kitchens that our plumber can install. They are excellent for raising the temperature of that sink’s hot water for specific hygiene needs so baths, showers, and kids’ bathrooms don’t have scalding hot water. These aren’t replacements for your home’s main hot water source, but worth mentioning as part of your hot water system. They’re also helpful if, for example, your kitchen is a long way from your water heater. Instead of drawing a large quantity of water through the pipes before hot water flows, these small units can provide quick hot water locally.

Hybrid Tank-Based Hot Water

From heat pumps to geothermal, using compressor-based systems to transfer heat in for warming, and out for cooling has become a popular way to save energy. It’s highly efficient because the electricity used is operating the transfer, not doing the real work such as the heating element in a water heater replacement. Hybrid systems use this compressor technology to gather heat from the surrounding air and warm your hot water to the right temperature. As a backup, they usually have an electric element as well. If you’d like to stick with a tank-based system, this is an excellent alternative to standard designs. For maintenance and any repair needs, it requires trained personnel who understand its operation. The control system that manages operation on most hybrid water heater replacements keeps you ahead by identifying many issues proactively so you can call for service. Maintenance to keep the tank in good shape is important, including anode rod replacement, safety valve checks, and tank inspections for corrosion. With a little more space above than a traditional tank-based water heater, it is an easy water heater replacement to perform, with great energy efficiency benefits.

Standard Tank-Based Hot Water

Government standards for most household appliances that use significant amounts of energy have been updated in recent years. If you elect to replace your current tank-based water heater with a similar unit, you’ll benefit from changes and also be able to compare efficiency ratings. Changes in heating equipment, insulation, and other components of these traditional hot water sources can also make even a quick swap a bit of an upgrade. You can also change the type of energy used to heat your hot water when it’s time for a water heater replacement. Our team provides skilled service no matter what kind of hot water system you have, including both gas and electric heating. In an emergency, you may be tempted to make a simple replacement in order to restore your hot water quickly. We suggest that homeowners whose water heaters are getting towards their end of service life, from 10 years to whenever tank condition, efficiency, and other factors dictate, take a look at their options so they’ll be ready for water heater replacement.

In addition to selecting the right water heater replacement for your home and your family, we suggest that you select bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans to install it in your home. They’ll provide a clean replacement or elegantly designed transition, the product of many years of experience. Our team of skilled plumbers provides water heater services for many area homeowners, with expert maintenance to keep them working beautifully for many years to come. We’re your trusted plumbing and home services provider for renovations, upgrades, urgent repairs, and more. Give us a call and prepare to be excited about your new water heater!

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