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Keeping An Eye On Your Water Heater: Avoiding Water Heater Repair And Knowing When It’s Needed | Harvey, LA

Keeping An Eye On Your Water Heater: Avoiding Water Heater Repair And Knowing When It’s Needed | Harvey, LA

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There are advantages to keeping your water heater well-maintained and inspected, from long service life to reduced risk of repairs. For tank-based units, maintenance and inspection also help avoid catastrophic failures from tank corrosion and excessive internal pressure. At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of New Orleans, LA, we provide care for most types of water heaters, including standard tank-based units, hybrid water heaters, and tankless water heaters. Whatever heats your home’s water in Harvey, LA, we’re the ones to call to keep it working reliably and repair it carefully when the need arises. We’ll come quickly for emergencies 24/7, and schedule repairs and maintenance work at your convenience. When it comes time to replace your water heater or switch to a different energy source or heater technology, our team can make a well-planned, carefully performed water heater replacement. Our goal is to eliminate the mess and cut out the stress while making sure you have reliable, quality hot water in your home.

Signs of Possible Water Heater Repair Situations You Can Watch For

Between our professional maintenance and your watchful eye, we can keep your water heater from causing big trouble. There are a few things that you shouldn’t wait to call us for so we’ll take care of any problems with prompt water heater repairs. That way there’s not a messy situation or the life of your water heater isn’t shortened due to unnecessary wear. For standard water heaters, discolored or odorous hot water can be a sign of trouble, in particular, because it may point to corrosion problems or anode rod deterioration that will affect the lifespan of the unit. Popping and bubbling noises from the tank should be checked out, and any discharge, especially a large amount, from the protective valve needs investigating and a possible water heater repair call to test and replace the valve if it’s faulty.

If you’re not getting the full amount of hot water, especially if you’re getting a lot of cold or warm water before the hot begins, that could indicate it’s time to check out the thermostat or heater, and of course, any tank leaks are cause for quick service in case it gets worse. For hybrid water heaters, tank concerns are similar, but compressor noises are also the reason for a water heater repair call, as well as error codes on the control module. For tankless water heaters, noises and discolored water should lead to a water heater repair call, as well as error codes on the unit and any leaks, which are less common with these units. Maintenance is especially important for tankless units, including regular vent cleaning and periodic sediment flushing.

Water Heater Maintenance and Proactive Repair Opportunities

Though water heaters seem like they just quietly perform their function without much need for service, there are actually quite a few concerns that require regular maintenance and inspection on these units. Keeping tanks in good condition is very important for the long life of a tank-based unit, and water quality can significantly affect the corrosion process in the tank. Keeping the anode rod up to date, usually replacing it every few years, ensures that the water quality isn’t affected by the growth of bacteria in the unit, and also provides a chemical balance that reduces corrosion and prolongs tank life. Regular inspection of the tank and anode rod is wise, and checking the temperature and pressure relief valve is essential to avoid risks related to overpressure in the tank. With regular care, our water heater repair team can also track your unit’s expected lifetime and help arrange a timely replacement to avoid a messy cleanup from water heater leaks and bursting.

Hybrid units require some additional care and inspection for the heat pump that supplies most of the heat for the water and is similar to an air conditioner in the technologies involved. The backup electric heater that kicks in when the heat pump can’t pull in enough energy should be checked regularly as well. For tankless water heaters, water heater repair and maintenance are typically minimal over its long life, but it’s important to keep up with essential maintenance and address any possible problems that arise promptly to keep the unit in good shape. In some cases, lack of maintenance can actually cause a tankless water heater to stop heating water until a water heater repair technician performs the needed care such as vent cleaning and sediment removal.

Urgent Water Heater Service

Hot water is essential for our modern lifestyle, both for comfort and also for hygiene, cleaning our clothes and dishes as well as showering. If your water heater isn’t providing enough hot water at the right temperature, usually 120 degrees F, a repair call is in order to check it out. The problem could be in a thermostat setting, heating element, burner or pilot light for gas units, or other components of the water heater, and in many units, there are multiple heating systems positioned to heat the upper and lower portions of the tank. For hybrid units, error codes, usually accompanied by an alert tone, indicate a need for service. If you reset the alert tone, don’t forget to call us, too. Your tankless water heater may provide an error code that you can tell us about when you call, and if it needs a repair, besides lack of maintenance and heater problems, control board and sensor issues can cause failures that our team will address promptly, 24/7 if you need it.

Your Water Heater Repair Experts in Harvey, LA

For maintenance and repairs for all types of water heaters, look to bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of New Orleans where our skilled plumbers can keep your hot water system in good repair for long service life and lower risk of tank leaks and other damage. We look forward to serving you in Harvey, LA, so give us a call today.

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