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How Shower Habits Can Affect The Septic System And Result In Calling A Plumber Near Me | Timberlane, LA

How Shower Habits Can Affect The Septic System And Result In Calling A Plumber Near Me | Timberlane, LA

Can long showers affect your septic system? Long showers are not bad for the septic system per se. However, they can be a part of a more extensive water use problem that could damage the septic tank. Your water usage habits could be why you call a plumber near me in New Orleans to come for septic tank repair or even pumping. However, your septic system might be fine if you can balance that high water use from the long showers by using less water for other household tasks.

You see, a septic tank has bacteria that break down the wastes. However, this valuable bacteria population might decline if there is a high concentration of chemicals in the wastewater flowing into them. You might want a plumber near me to pump the tank and reintroduce the bacteria whenever this happens. Overloading the septic tank will undoubtedly result in many severe issues. Because the water from your shower is wastewater, you might assume that the septic system will handle it naturally.

Although a properly functioning septic tank should handle the shower water just fine, it will start struggling when you use the shower for an extensive period. For instance, washing the laundry for a long time or taking long showers will only hasten the damage to your septic tank. A plumber near me recommends that you take moderate showers to ensure the tank can hold it without strain.

How Long Showers Impact the Septic System

In most instances, a malfunctioning septic system is not caused by only a single bad practice. It usually results from a series of continuous bad practices for some time. Hence running several gallons of water through the septic system in a day may not do any damage. Depending on where they are placed, septic systems are made to accommodate a particular water flow. As a result, an industrial sewer system can discharge more water every hour than your septic system designed for residential usage.

However, various issues could arise if a sewage system is designed to hold excess water than intended. It usually ends up back in your bath or on your lawn, neither of which is particularly enjoyable. Long showers should be no problem for a house septic tank with proper setup. However, when lots of people take long showers for longer periods, draining the water gets difficult and results in many issues that will need the attention of a plumber near me in New Orleans.

Can a Septic System Be Overwhelmed?

The septic or sewer system is not failsafe. If you have used the tank for years comfortably without any repair or maintenance, that isn’t a sign that your septic system cannot be damaged. It means that you have made a serious mistake, and the septic tank may already be damaged. If you cannot recall when you had a service visit by a plumber near me in Timberlane, LA, now might be time to have it inspected and serviced.

What Can Damage the Septic System?

Several things can severely damage the septic system installed at your home, including:

Excessive Water Flow

This fact is the foundation of the widespread belief that long showers ruin septic systems. Overfilling the septic tank with water will cause several issues. Every drop of water consumed in a home travels via the main pipe and collects in your septic tank. Even if you do not spend a lot of time in the shower, this makes it feasible to overflow your septic tank. This makes it clear that controlling the volume of water used in the home daily is the greatest method to prevent a septic tank from overloading. Having a plumber near me in New Orleans install water limiters or restrict access to hot water can help with this task. Most people won’t want to take longer showers because of this.

Failure to Pump the Septic Tank

During the daily chores, solid waste will find its way into the drains and won’t percolate into the septic system. This kind of waste clogs your drains and sewer system. As a result, there won’t be an efficient water discharge. However, some waste will find its way into the septic system and the tank. The bacteria in the septic tank break down the waste to ensure that it doesn’t fill up fast. However, the tank might fill with time. For this reason, you are recommended to have a plumber near me in Timberlane, LA come for septic tank pumping after every 1-3 years. This duration might change depending on factors like if your area receives heavy downpours.

Flushing Solid Wastes Down Your Toilet

Some homeowners use their toilets as their garbage disposal units. This will likely cause various problems even in your septic system. The only thing that should go into your toilet should be toilet paper and fecal waste. Anything else will result in clogs that might impact the functionality of your drainage system. The last thing you want is a clogged septic system, resulting in sewer backups into your home. Besides a change of habit, you should also have a plumber near me come over for routine maintenance.

Using Strong Cleaners

Spontaneous breakdown by microorganisms like bacteria is crucial for a septic system to function well. Consider killing bacteria indirectly by routinely flushing antibacterial cleansers and disinfectants down your septic system. While occasionally using antibacterial soap or bleach is okay, you must use caution because these products have the potential to change the equilibrium of the microorganisms in your sewer tank.

Taking too long in the shower will harm your plumbing, especially the sewer system. However, with routine maintenance by a plumber near me in Timberlane, LA and your change of habits, your septic tank can serve you for quite some time. Contact us at bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans for any plumbing service.

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