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How Drain Leaks Can Ruin Your Home’s Plumbing And What To Do | New Orleans, LA

How Drain Leaks Can Ruin Your Home’s Plumbing And What To Do | New Orleans, LA

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The plumbing system of your home is an unsung hero working forever under constant pressure and usage. However, only when we encounter problems, we tend to take notice of the same. One common plumbing problem that most homeowners face is drain leaks.

No one likes the annoying sound of the drips of leaky drains or runny pipes. At first glance, it may seem like a minor problem coming from under your kitchen sink, but it can soon grow into a bigger problem if left untreated.

When pipes corrode and degrade over time, it can cause drain leaks and lead to endless problems. They start out as small drips around bathtubs, showers, drains, sinks and toilets but quickly cause a mess for you and your home.

Why Should You Fix Plumbing Drain Leaks?

Here’s how insignificant or minor drain leaks can eventually spell more problems than you can imagine:

  • Increased Water Costs

One of the most common problems with leaky drains is that they tend to increase your overall water consumption. The worse the leak, the more it will waste water and increase your costs. It’s vital to fix leaks before it’s too late.

  • Mold Outbreak

Drain leaks in pipes located behind structure walls provide a safe haven for mold to breed as it thrives in a damp and dark environment. This can pose a danger for local homeowners in the following ways:

  • Structural Damage – As molds continue to thrive, they can compromise the structural integrity of your home.
  • Airborne Mold – The growing mold releases many spores into the air and leads to low-quality air around your surroundings, posing a respiratory health hazard that can be detrimental for people suffering from asthma or allergies.


  • Pest Infestation

Apart from mold, spilled water pools from leaky drains can serve as hotbeds for pests and insects like termites, ants, and rodents. Once they conquer the space, it can be difficult to exterminate or eliminate them. Especially leaky drains in your basement can lead to intrusion of termites, which can eat through structural beams and end up costing thousands of dollars in structural repair.

  • Contaminated Water

Leaky drains can cause holes in pipes, slowly making way for contaminants to spoil your water supply. If the pipe carrying drinking water has a hole, it could cause severe illness for people who consume it.

  • Flooding

The worst possible problem that could occur with untreated leakage is flooding in your home. All it takes is one pipe to burst and a deluge of water can leave your home messy. This can further increase your cost to fix water damage from flooding. It’s highly recommended to keep it from bursting into a bigger problem in the first place.

Common Signs of Leaks to Watch For

Fixing leaks sooner than later can help you save money and reduce water wastage, thereby keeping your home in New Orleans, LA, safe and healthy. Therefore, keep an eye out for warning signs of a leaky pipe in your home, basement, or yard. Here are some common signs of leak to watch out for:

  • Dark and Wet Spots in Walls, Floors, or Ceiling

These spots can be subtle yet suggest that something bigger is going on behind the scenes. It could just be a slightly dinghy spot on a white ceiling or an outline of a watermark on the wall. If you notice any such signs, contact an expert plumbing service to inspect and fix the drain leaks.

  •  Musty Smelling Rooms

Water that stagnates in one place under a leaking pipe produces a terrible odor. It can be due to the mold and mildew growing inside the walls, vents or under the floor. It’s not normal for rooms to smell that way, and the reason is probably leaky drains.

  • Foundation Cracks

It’s natural for your homes to age too, and this can explain those little hairline cracks in the ceiling or wall. However, if you notice a sudden crack, this could point to a leaking pipe drain that undermines your home’s foundation. Don’t let it sink; get to the root of it by seeking the attention of expert plumbers on call.

  • Skyrocketing Water Bills

Your water bill typically goes higher during the scorching summer in New Orleans, LA. But, an inexplicably high bill is something much less fun – drain leaks. It may increase each month gradually or you may get hit with a steep bill in a single month. In either cases, if you don’t get it fixed right away, it can drain your resources further.

Steps to Fix Drain Leaks

  • Step 1: Identify – Locate the source of leakage after looking for the above signs and identify the problem.
  • Step 2: Turn off the Water Supply and Faucet – You don’t want to work with pipes that still have water in them as this can impact the efficiency of the repairs.
  • Step 3: Call the Professionals – The process of fixing leaky drains may require careful detection of the root problem and then applying the right solution to fix the leaks. It’s vital to call an experienced and credible plumber and not resort to a temporary DIY solution that further causes damage.

Problems with Drain Leaks? Get it Fixed Soon by a Leading Plumbing Company 

A leaky drain can do significant damage to your home and your budget. Fortunately, there are clear signs to look out for. If you think you may have leaks, our team of specialists at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of New Orleans, LA can come to the rescue. We offer 24-hour emergency service in all areas of the New Orleans, LA area.

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