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Home Upgrades That Require A Plumber | Harvey, LA

Home Upgrades That Require A Plumber | Harvey, LA

Are you ready to renovate your Harvey, LA, home? Before you hit your local hardware store, consider the depth of your product. Most popular upgrades and improvements that impress future buyers and improve your happiness require more than a few DIY projects. Instead, you’ll want to contact professionals, including a licensed plumber. Here are a few updates to boost your home’s value and keep everyone happy.

Renovate Your Bathroom

Plumbing is one of the most complex and frustrating home improvement problems. Whether dealing with fixtures and piping from the mid-twentieth century or a loud modern look from the 1990s, a renovation can quickly become a nightmare. In the top five of dream upgrades in Harvey, LA is the bathroom.

Unless you’re experienced and know your way around the system, it’s best to leave this one to a professional. Plumbers have the knowledge and tools to get the job done fast with few problems.

You don’t even need to gut your entire bathroom. You can give it a whole new look without breaking the bank with a little work. Plumbing service professionals can help you install new toilets, sinks, and bathtubs. They can also add or remove water features like showers and Jacuzzis.

What if you want a half-bath or a second full bathroom? Most modern residences include at least two bathrooms, which is an excellent way to increase your property value. Plumbing service companies are also experienced in adding new water lines and drainage systems.

Redo Your Kitchen

Like the bathroom, the kitchen is one of the most popular home improvement projects. Unfortunately, it’s also challenging. Plumbing is a crucial component of any kitchen renovation.

You’ll need to know where your water lines are and how they’re connected before you tear out cabinets and appliances. Plumbing is often hidden in walls and under floors, so it’s sometimes difficult to find.

A professional plumbing service can help you redesign your kitchen with no nasty surprises. They can also help you install new appliances and cabinets. Plumbers are experts in drainage and water line installation, too. You won’t have to worry about a backed-up sink or overflowing dishwasher.

During this renovation, consider replacing your appliances and adding new water lines. Energy-efficient appliances are becoming more popular all the time. You may even qualify for a tax credit. Contacting a plumbing professional can help you get the most out of your new kitchen.

Add a Slop Sink in Your Washroom

A slop sink is an excellent addition to any home, especially if you have a laundry room or washroom. Plumbers can install a new sink and water lines without too much difficulty.

A slop sink is excellent for pre-treating stains, soaking delicate clothing, and scrubbing muddy boots. You can also use it to rinse off dirty dishes and laundry. This is an excellent time to upgrade all the lines to PEX to improve safety and longevity.

Do you want to move your washer and dryer to another, more convenient area of your home? Many older residents prefer the first-floor location. Plumbers can also help you install new water and drainage lines for your appliances.

Install Pull-out Faucets

Do you love cooking but hate lugging around a heavy pot of water? Pull-out faucets are an excellent addition to any kitchen that can help you make your favorite recipes easily. Plumbers can install them quickly and easily.

A pull-out faucet gives you the best of both worlds. You can use it as a traditional faucet when filling a pot or cleaning dishes. Pull the tap out and use the sprayer when you need to rinse something off.

You’ll save time and water with this fantastic kitchen upgrade. Plumbing professionals can also help you install a new garbage disposal to make clean-up a breeze.

Add a Water-Efficient Design and Products

Water-efficient designs are becoming more and more popular. Plumbing service contractors can help you install a new water heater, faucet, or showerhead. They can also help you add a water-efficient design to your kitchen or bathroom.

Water-efficient designs are an excellent way to save money on your water bill. They’re also great for the environment. Professional plumbing contractors can help you choose the best products for your home and install them quickly and easily.

Other popular ways to save include low-flow toilets and smart irrigation systems to keep your lawn and garden green without wasting water. Plumbers can help you choose and install the right products for your home.

Upgrade Your Plumbing System

Don’t forget the plumbing system if you’re considering a complete overhaul of your home. Plumbers can help you install new water lines, drainage systems, and even septic tanks.

They can also help you upgrade to a more efficient system. Repiping your house with PEX can save you money on your monthly water bill. PEX is also more durable and resistant to corrosion.

Plumbing professionals can also help you install a tankless water heater in specific rooms to improve hot water access. This type of heater heats water on demand, so you’ll never run out. But if you’re running out of hot water before your shower ends, you may need a new water heater.

You can include this as part of any home upgrade. A new water heater is an excellent way to improve comfort and save money on your energy bill.

Plumbers in Harvey, LA, can help you with any home upgrade, big or small. We can help you choose the best product and install it quickly and easily. If you’re in the market for a new water heater, garbage disposal, or another plumbing upgrade, don’t forget to call bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans.

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