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Have You Ever Thought About Scheduling a Drain Cleaning Service? | New Orleans, LA

Have You Ever Thought About Scheduling a Drain Cleaning Service? | New Orleans, LA

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Plumbing systems perform a critical function for New Orleans, LA residents. However, they tend to remain out-of-sight and thus out-of-mind until something breaks, which is an unfortunate state of affairs that should be corrected as soon as possible. This is because plumbing systems can benefit from maintenance in much the same manner as other systems. This means that interested individuals should consider scheduling drain cleaning service and other forms of maintenance on a regular basis.

How Often Should You Schedule Drain Cleaning Service?

There are two main methods that New Orleans, LA residents can use to schedule drain cleaning service. First, they can schedule drain cleaning on a predetermined schedule, with one potential example being one session on a biennial basis. Second, they can schedule drain cleaning service whenever they notice something wrong with their plumbing system.

Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, the first method ensures that interested individuals will provide their plumbing system with drain cleaning service on a regular basis but comes with a serious problem in that they may or may not actually be providing their plumbing system with the drain cleaning service that it needs when it needs it. Meanwhile, the second method means providing the plumbing system with the drain cleaning service that it needs when it needs it but comes with a serious problem in that interested individuals may or may not actually be capable of telling when it is needed. Having said that, there is nothing wrong with New Orleans, LA residents combining both methods by scheduling drain cleaning service on a regular basis while still being prepared to call in a professional plumber when they see a serious problem that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

How Do You Know that You Need Drain Cleaning Service Right Now?

Here are some signs that a drain could benefit from some drain cleaning:


Clogs are very common, so much so that most people will encounter them at some point. Unfortunately, clogs can be caused by a wide range of things, meaning that it is hard to tell how serious they are. Sometimes, interested individuals can handle clogs on their own. Other times, interested individuals will need to call in a professional, whether because they can’t solve the problem on their own or because they can’t reach the place where the plumbing system has become obstructed. Regardless, those who want to avoid clogs should be careful about what they put in their plumbing system. However, this isn’t a perfect plan, not least because there are other potential causes for clogs.

Frequent Clogs

Frequent clogs are much more troubling than a single clog. This is because they suggest that something has become lodged somewhere in the plumbing system. Even worse, obstructions tend to get bigger and bigger over time because they make it easier for objects to get stuck on them, meaning that it is common for frequent clogs to precede a total clog. Naturally, frequent clogs are a sign that interested individuals should call in a professional sooner rather than later, particularly if they are getting sick of having to resolve them on a regular basis.

Simultaneous Clogs

Simultaneous clogs are another example of a very troubling sign. Theoretically, it is possible that multiple drains have gotten clogged at the same time thanks to pure coincidence. However, it is more common for simultaneous clogs to be a sign of something much more serious with the plumbing system as a whole. For instance, it is possible that simultaneous clogs have been caused by an obstructed main sewer line, which is a huge problem because that is what connects a plumbing system to the local sewage system. Since main sewer lines are situated out of the way, this is definitely something that interested individuals should be calling in a professional for.

Bad Smells

Bad smells are a concern. For instance, it is possible that they are coming from something that has gotten stuck in the plumbing system, meaning that it will have to be cleared out before the smell will go away. Besides this, the smell of sewage is a very unpleasant one, meaning that this will have a real impact on how well the occupants of a building can put up with their surroundings.

Sewage Coming Out

On its own, water is very bad when it comes pouring out of places where it shouldn’t be. This is because water is a very destructive substance with sufficient exposure, meaning that it isn’t uncommon for it to cause extensive damage in flooded places. However, water cannot compare with sewage in this regard. Certainly, water can result in human health problems by causing environments that are suitable for the growth of mold and mildew. However, sewage is more than capable of posing a serious threat to human health on its own without considering the long-term consequences. On top of that, it can cause even more issues through exposure, thus enabling it to cause even more damage than otherwise possible.

Should You Handle Your Drain Cleaning On Your Own?

There is nothing wrong with interested individuals attempting to handle the easier forms of drain cleaning on their own. After all, they can buy a wide range of drain cleaning tools and supplies, which can be put to good use. However, when it comes to anything more complicated, they should call in a professional for not just the most effective results but also the most efficient results. Simply put, plumbing systems are complicated, meaning that removing obstructions lodged within them can be very challenging to say the least.

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